WARNING: Do NOT Delete ANY Characters!

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  1. AltF4Fun

    The packup is the same data as the one that got deleted,just a copy.Even a monkey could copy paste it back in there from a backup server.Either they tell us what the problem is,or they simply dont have backup....
  2. Clonecenter-resident

    On a positive note, we now have a solution for all those people wanting SC refunds. Bonus points for rampant abuse causing SOE to prioritize this issue due to lost revenue.
  3. DJStacy

    Sorry to hear that about your character yeah that sucks.........
  4. Cheesybend

    I did it when I was pissed, so no excuse, but was surprised that when I posted a ticket to retrieve the victim of too much sauce they couldnt get the poor little guy back to life.

    I miss him so much,sniff, but hailing from yorkshire missing the firkin cash i spent on him more.
  5. DirArtillerySupport

    What's worse is some people unlock all of their weapons via certs sometimes at 1000 cert points a weapon. This would be very profitable for Sony since it takes so long for a person to do this they would be more likely to buy their weapons back rather than go through the grind again.

    Personally I would start the grind all over again but only because SOE has a monopoly on modern combined arms MMOFPS...if there was another game...I might consider another grind instead of repeating yet another that could possibly be lost. First thing I would do is find out if the company has the ability to restore deleted characters or errors made by the account holder. People with kids? Lock down your machines.

    SOE was not always like this...if you made a mistake in PS1 like say...leaving an outfit by accident...which was easy to do I did it myself. You lost all of your outfit points which gameplay wise means absolutely nothing but in-outfit prestige. All you would need to do was contact a CSR and they would restore it. No questions asked...but then again they already had my subscription money..what were they going to say? No?

    So right now right this minute there is someone working at SOE that can restore a PS1 character for a 10 year old game that probably had it from the beginning...this is progress?
  6. roDDo

    Here, "they" means customer support. And they are probably right in saying that they cannot do anything, because they have no access to data. Unlike developers, who can't be bothered it seems. Depending on the backup strategy, you character might also be gone after the next backup cycle.
  7. Cl1mh4224rd

    I'm sure they do backups, but it's another issue entirely to be able to restore just a single character from that backup. Apparently they don't have a process in place for that sort of thing.

    Oh, for ****'s sake. Be quiet. You clearly have not even the most basic clue about this issue. The solution is only simple if you think the problem is simple.

    There's a difference between "conceptually simple" and "technically simple". This issue is the former, but not the latter. That makes it easy for ignorant folks like yourself to act all indignant and offended by someone else's apparent incompetence, but to them, you're the fool.

    Yes, this needs to be fixed. Yes, it needs to be fixed sooner than later. But enough with this "a monkey could do that" nonsense.
  8. MissTiger

    Funny you say there is no backup, a couple of months ago, a fellow I was in a platoon with told us support was able to restore a character he had deleted the month before. And he had deleted that character on purpose. I don't recall the situation or date, I definitely remember that happening.
  9. Josh Developer

    Going to get the right folks looking into this.
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  10. TheRealMetalstorm

    thank you! finally, the devs are now aware of the issue.
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  11. PS2Freak

    BRAVO! Thank you so much. You know, profile backups are really needed. character progression (things what one cant buy with SC) backup/restore must be an option for further happy customers.
  12. PS2Freak

    and please more thumb ups for Josh!
  13. Jokkie

    o_O This shouldn't even be an issue. o_O
  14. Collateral

    This appears to be an OLD issue, I'm struggling to understand why this wasn't looked at sooner. It's not exactly a minor bug.

    That said, I appreciate the response from Josh.
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  15. Kite Carling

    This is as scary as hell. There should be multiple backups.

    I know an EVE online character that was resuscitated after a six year gap!
  16. AltF4Fun

    I never claimed its simple,I wanna know what makes it not simple.I guess its a comunication problem or not be able to get to that server.i simply claimed,its siple to transfer data from server to server.Its not my fault you never learned something like that.Its even more simpleminded to offend other people on forums based on their oppinions.If you cant handle other peoples thoughts,dont come to a forum.
  17. ItZMuRdA

    I heard about this, even though I was able to delete a character successfully a few days ago. Very sorry to hear it is happening and I truly hope SOE not only gets it fixed but finds a way to restore your characters as is.
  18. RobotNinja

    Hilarious after months of this being a known issue and support openly acknowledging it it still isn't fixed and they refuse to restore player accounts deleted this way due to their own inept programming even though they actually have the ability to do so.
  19. Cl1mh4224rd

    That you think this is how they (or any company) would do backups—a simple copy and paste from one location to another—speaks to your ignorance, not SOE's incompetence. Your comments indicate to me that you simply have no idea how databases work.
  20. Zorro

    You should have done this weeks ago. Fixing this bug must be top priority, or people will just leave.