WARNING: Do NOT Delete ANY Characters!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Collateral, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Gisgo

    This is unacceptable and im not being ironic...
    Losing your character by mistake is THE worse thing that can happen in a MMO game, i cant believe theres nothing they can do.
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  2. LiBeRtY76

    Thats crazy. I myself have deleted both alts on my account with no problems , is it a hit or miss type of thing?
  3. Arquin

    There is no known specific trigger for the bug. It can happen at anytime and probably has a fairly high chance (Relatively to the damage) of happening.
  4. RageMasterUK

    Holy sh...:eek:

    And I thought lack of an ADS sensitivity slider was a serious thing...

    ... I feel for ya bro.
  5. PS2Freak

    that is why we need to go Vocal about it. and keep the pressure. i feel the pain of those who lost their accounts.
  6. Collateral

    That's a very good question, it looks to be seemingly quite random but I can't confirm that. For me it was the first time using the character deletion tool.. and the last.
  7. Izriul

    Don't be so silly, I'm sure Sony are great at keeping valuable data safe and away from hackers.
  8. PS2Freak

    i can only say, i feel with you, this state of thing is unacceptable !
  9. AltF4Fun

    Jeah,especially these super safe PSN Sony ServersXD
  10. Darzok

    Thanx you for telling us i was getting ready to delete my NC alt to make him on another server would of been well mad if this had then wiped my VS and TR given there levels and the SC spent on them.

    I am sorry you had to find out the hard way but again thanx you for the warning.
  11. Streetfighter

    Please join my fail train of SOE:

    Don't focus on the real problems of this game > They don't refund deleted chars (while it was their fault it got deleted) > Main char can get wiped when deleting an other > performance of the game > always failing GUs (putting in new stuff while the old one is bugged) > obvious balance problems > Twitter / Facebook / reddit are used to communicate to the community while the main forums are ignored > incompetent management decisions by Higby, Smedley and the other bunch of "experts"
  12. Laraso

    Wow... I read about this problem a month ago, and it's still an issue?
  13. Voraen

    Bugger!! Feel sorry for those who are experiencing this problem :confused: .

    I deleted an old TR character at the beginning of this week and created a new TR one. After creating the new character, i logged into it and played for a few minutes. Returned the next day and all my characters where still available.

    My only hickup during the whole process was that it took almost 2 days for the new character to appear on the PS2 player page and 2 purchases i made with station cash on the new character where not deducted from my balance. This issue occured after some error i got when trying to make the purchases. SOE said it was fine and allowed me to carry on so got two 50sc items for free.

    I'm on the Briggs server if that makes any difference and cant say i have come across anyone in my outfit or server that has experienced this issue.

    GL in finding some sort of resolution to all this.
  14. Collateral

    I initially came to the forums expecting a sticky from an official SOE rep notifying it's customers of the risks involved, but absolutely nothing. It's pretty dire, I honestly believe they don't give a damn.
  15. roDDo

    Where from do you all get the knowledge that SOE does not have backups? I'm actually pretty sure they have backups. Complete backups of the entire character data base that is. In case anything were to happen to that server, they need to be able to recover everything. It's just that this case was probably deemed very unlikely and that means it has to be done manually. So customer support has no tools available to pull characters from these backups.
    Remember: having data stolen is not the same as losing data.
    Nevertheless it's absolutely ridiculous that they should completely erase a character on deletion instead of marking it as deleted, and the wrong one at that.
  16. Arquin

    Then there is absolutely no justification for NOT EVEN TRYING TO restore character data deleted by A BUG.
  17. DoomMaze

    I heard about this, only from the forums....its totally unacceptable that there is no warning from SOE. This should be added to the warning on the character delete screen, the fact that it is not, is a disgusting lack of respect to players imo.

    I love this game and think the devs do a great job, however, somewhere in the decision making tree there is a level of incompetence that needs weeding out and removing. Whoever is responsible for building this game from scratch without having character restoration on the list of inclusions and a test server, needs to have their position seriously reviewed!!. This isnt wonderful hindsight, SOE have been involved in enough MMOG's over the last 'decade' to know that character restoration is absolutely essential if you care about your playerbase. As is a test server!!!

    To not have these two things in place, right from the word go, is inexcusable for a compamy with SOE's resources and experience!!
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  18. roDDo

    It seems they consider ESIs (Empire Specific Income-Generating Items) much more important.
  19. AltF4Fun

    But he already posted that they told him,there is nothing they can do.If there is backup,why should that be the case then?
  20. RedDominion

    It boggles my mind that there are no character backups (or at least no process to restore a character from backup).