WARNING: Do NOT Delete ANY Characters!

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  1. Collateral


    I'm posting this here as I am this stage unaware if the following problem is a bug, or an entirely different issue. I've personally experienced, as have others a disastrous problem when deleting an old character. SOE customer service reps claim it's a "known issue", yet fail to notify it's customers in any way, shape or form.

    The problem

    During the deletion process, users are asked to enter their characters name and hit DELETE. There's somewhat of a delay and the character seemingly is wiped. However after leaving the game, logging out of ones account and logging back in, main characters are missing, deleted in fact. As previously mentioned I have experienced this myself only recently, onto to be told there is absolutely nothing they can do but only refund SC's I purchased.. how lovely of them. SOE support claim they are unable to carry out a character restoration and send you on your way.

    Just to clarify, NO I did not enter the wrong character name, this is a KNOWN issue that users are discovering the hard way. If you are considering deleting any old avatars, think twice! It's absolutely disgusting to say the least, I'm not a massive gamer but I was enjoying my time in PS2. Doubt I'll be returning anytime soon.

    There's another thread on it here

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  2. Accuser

    That sucks... a lot.
    Character restoration should have been available at launch. If something were to happen to SOE's character database without a backup system, this entire investment could be lost overnight.
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  3. BraSS

    wow that sux, feel bad for ya bud.
  4. Shockwave44

    They're able to keep track of their money but not certs. Makes perfect sense.
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  5. Fiatsu

    Jesus, i was this close to Deleting my TR guy as he was merged to my NC guys server.
    If i lost everything i would go ape ****.
  6. PS2Freak

  7. spacyman

    You should send in a support ticket or something. Because this really shouldnt happen.
    Bump for acknowledgment and bump for sympathy.
  8. Sparks

    This bug is still around after months? Was thinking of deleting a VS toon to create an NC one again, guess that's not gonna happen any time soon then.
  9. PS2Freak

    i send support ticket. Service says - they are only Service. they suggested to write in on forums , roadmap.

    i did it right now in some of roadmap discussion topics. i advice everybody to do it too. we cant allow they have no backups of our profiles.
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  10. DuckSauce

    I thought this was fixed, and it's pretty distressing both that it is not fixed and that SOE cannot restore characters.

    I love this game; I play way too much and I spend way too much money on it. But if I lost my main character I would find another game to play before trying to grind tens of thousands of certs just to get the things I already had.

    It's pretty crazy that SOE hasn't addressed this; anyone who suffers this bug is very probably lost as a customer.
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  11. pnkdth

    No character backup? Seriously, SOE, you've done enough MMOs by now to know how important this is.
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  12. Feydakin

    Wait... they don't run regular character backups? Seriously?
  13. Zakuak

    That is crazy scary!

    Yeah no doubt what if they lost some portion of the data base that had characters, the game would ghost town over night IMO. Does the server track out characters or is all that info saved/handled client side? Sure would make it handy for hacks if it's all done client side eh?

    Does the server know I have 5k station cash( or certs whatever) or is it my client telling the server I have 5k station cash? That could get ugly.

    Something somewhere has my characters data, why is this not backed up?
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  14. Sparks

    Yup I know the "best" result somebody actually got after this bug was getting all of his bought stuff with SC back on a new character but it was still goodbye to his BR and certs.
  15. AltF4Fun

    We had some problems with missing weapons and attatchment last week in outfit,and the defs said,they will look into it.Without backups,that wont end good......
  16. SirJMD

    I was thinking the exact same.. that seriously sucks.

    I wonder what happens if the server with the characters dies - everyone back to square one I guess?
  17. Arquin

    Yeah, I have alts and i'm afraid to delete them for this exact reason.

    It's astounding, this needs to be put to very high priority by all common logic.
  18. Stromberg

    thx for the warning, i'll spread the word around in my outfit and bump it up here.
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  19. Lord Robert

    Profile backups now please.
    Just like those professional MMO's you've heard about that other companies make.
    Lets get this done. Its kinda important.
  20. AltF4Fun

    They sure have a tripple backup of your bankaccount and credit card.Even the smallest IT buisnesses have some backup servers to store their data if the main server crashes....
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