"Warming Up" in FPS

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  1. andy_m

    T'other way round for me. After about 45 minutes I can have a K/D of around 30 and then I make some stupid school boy errors which reduces it to 10.
  2. illithic

    Your alt-account has a KPM (kills per minute) of 1.38. Cykael's alt-account SpookedYam8 has a KPM of 1.71. IPLAYTF2 has a KPM of 2.25.

    You might not have played on a 2x xp weekend but you certainly used some sort of xp boost.
  3. BetterFasterStronger

    No, actually never. Wierdly this comes from a person with severe ADD.
  4. CNR4806

    Speaking of which, SPM (and the in-game scoreboard) really needs to only count base exp gain to become a noteworthy stat.

    As of now it's almost completely worthless because of how easy it is to inflate the hell out of it. You can probably tell a bad player from an exceptionally bad SPM (just click on my sig lol), but a high SPM means jack ****.
  5. MarkAntony

    You have just described the start of most of my play sessions!
    I'd say I have a warm up at least 50% of my sessions. But I've started to do a short warm up in VR and that helps a bit. I really want moving targets in VR though.
  6. cykael

    Indeed it should and I believe I read on reddit that they might be changing it to be like that soon.
  7. BlueSkies

    And here is one of your characters that wasn't only played on the double XP weekend




    @OP: Occasionally have this, but not sure if its a "warming up" or just that for a few minutes my mind is still on whatever BS from the day and not really focused on what I'm doing.
  8. TheBurningLegion

  9. Matt879

    I usually do better at the start and start getting worse after a while, I'm not sure why. If you have a difficult time the first 20 minutes, just play HA to get that health advantage. It should make gunfights easier while you warm up.
  10. LT_Latency

    Yes, it takes a while for you muscle memory to kick in on how fast and how far to move your mouse to aim correctly
  11. Linedan

    Actually, yeah. I almost always get off to a bad start--and with my NC's lifetime k/d being 0.78, a "bad" start means something like 0:7 or 1:10. After a little while I start to do a bit better. I try not to spaz out too bad when I get on one of those horrible streaks but it's tough. It's not like I'm very good at the game but I do have enough pride that I don't like to be bringing the epic suck.

    I also have longer cycles. There's weeks where all my NC guns feel like they're VS-accurate and there's weeks where I can't hit the broad side of a Galaxy (this week, for example). I've never figured any rhyme or reason behind it. I guess it all evens out in the end.
  12. Leftconsin

    I can't effectively play if I have not been awake for several hours. I notice that too with other tasks. If I've been awake for less than 3 hours and , say, watch Jeopardy! I can't answer anything.
  13. xCable

    Spm>KDR because spm means you are doing a lot more than killing. Support helps a ton. I have crappy stats but don't care as much as others. I still highly enjoy the game. Thanks.
  14. Posse

    On live play? No, my performance on live play depends more on my decision-making than on my twitch skills. On competitive yes, I need the warmup, everyone needs it probably.
  15. Cransoon

    You know, that's a really good point I hadn't even considered. Since my schedule these days has me working in the afternoon or evening, I tend to play first thing after I wake up and get dressed, etc. Maybe I should try doing something else to wake myself up before logging in.
  16. Liberty

    For live play, warming up usually means picking a "Not terrible / easier" fight to start out. Defending some base to dust the rust off at a smaller fight with similar pops. I definitely need to do it after I've been out of game for a few weeks because my aim/ tracking goes to crap really quick when I don't play regularly.

    On the flip side, people also usually have a peak performance window where for the first 45 minutes to hour of gameplay they tend to be at their best and then start to slow down a bit lowering your overall performance. While the extended gameplay can definitely help with muscle memory, you probably won't do as well as you did in hour 1 as you are doing in hour 4 of your marathon.
  17. NinjaTurtle

    I have good parts of sessions and bad parts. The start or the end doesn't seem to matter.

    It seems to be whether I am in the mood to **** around getting into proper flanking positions or whether I am too lazy and just run head first into people
  18. Alarox

    A high SPM is achievable if you ignore dying and play overly aggressive. Or if you play certain kinds of support.

    A high K/D is achievable if you play overly cautious to avoid death.

    But great players can have high K/D and high SPM.
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  19. Atuday

    .8 kd and just over 300 SPM seems to be the sweet spot while I'm playing as a support. 400+ SPM and 3-1 k-d if I go all out c4 fairy, but that isn't as fun as it sounds.
  20. Tona

    I do experience a warmup period of around 15 min to get to where I feel normal.

    I usually circumvent this by going to the shooting range and shooting things with various weapons with different fire rates and stances to "Zero" my aim so to speak.