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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by iostreamz, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. iostreamz

    Will the Warden kill on a head-shot ?

    Also what is the general opinion on the accuracy and TTK of the Warden at long ranges.

  2. Quor

    The Warden will not one-shot kill anyone on headshot unless they are already weakened. I believe it's 3 shots for headshots, 4 or 5 for body. The only one-shot kill guns in this game are bolt action sniper rifles (the Warden is a battle rifle).

    I've heard some heavies like it a lot. It's harder hitting and more accurate than LMG's, but others prefer to upgrade the SAW and use it for longer range engagements. Depends on whether you want reliable accuracy + higher damage or higher magazine on a generalist weapon.
  3. Dakkaface

    The Warden does not kill on a headshot. 3 headshots, 4-5 body shots is about right. Refire rate's pretty good, and there's some CoF bloom at longer ranges, but I've gotten more than a few long range kills with it, and bullet drop is manageable. Get a scope with some kind of marking like the 3.4x scope with the chevrons and compensating for bullet drop is a breeze - take a moment while firing to sight in by firing at a mark on the wall at the approximate distance you're aiming at and you can tell what the drop is and which marking you should actually aim with at that distance.

    You will have issues dropping enemies instantly at long range, but you'll get a lot of assists and it's good for finishing wounded enemies. At mid and close range you can slamfire enough rounds to dunk most enemies without making a bullet silhouette of your target like the uncerted SAW does. Though it suffers from a lack of upgrades it's still very good with not a lot of extra certs put into it.

    Warden's not the best HA gun, but for folks mainlining Engineer, it's a great replacement for the terrible SAW on their heavy when they need to pull a rocket launcher.
  4. Erendil

    All 3 BRs do the same 250 damage (500 on a HS). At close range 2 headshots will kill if the target doesn't have any nanoweave, otherwise it's 3.
  5. Darkian

    Other then the bullet velocity being slower then most of the LMG's, the only thing I don't like about the Warden is the lack of ammo choices, I would love this gun with High Velocity Ammo.
  6. Vytality

    As a BR17 HA who used the Warden for most of my career so far, I can say this: the shots that show up at the top of your screen as "HEADSHOT" are OSKs. I have got plenty of them on snipers. (boy does that feel good) But it takes 2-3 hits to the head to kill, or 5 to the body. With compensator, 6x scope and forward grip, it takes about 2.5 seconds to get 5 aimed shots off. ( I know that because I made a 5 shot macro for my G500, and the shortest split time between shots to allow the gun to get back on target is right at 0.5 seconds.) I find the bullet drop is minimal as far as I can render enemies (usually around 400m). It does drop some, but I usually find myself overshooting the target a lot. My rule of thumb has become (like in RL), first shot is aimed on the target. You can adjust if it hits low. Accuracy is real good, bullets go where you point it. This gun totally sucks at CQC unless the enemy is AFK. I use my EM6 for that.

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