War Report 25

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  1. HadesR

    What a train wreck :rolleyes:
  2. Ganelon

    Move the format to 24vs24 again and you'll see a lot more competition.
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  3. Latrodectus

    Man, it's pretty hard to pick out what was the most shameful part of this display. The organization was awful, as was the communication. Having a member of one of the outfits being one of the commentators who are feeding information to the teams is also pretty bad. Not to mention trying to force the contained nature of eSports/MLG onto a game that's most defining feature is its uncontained gameplay is like trying to force the square block into the circular hole. Yet despite all of that, the most cringe-worthy aspect of all of this, for me at least, was the exaggerated false enthusiasm and patronizing from that Jax clown. I mean maybe it's not fair to view him in such a light, as I'm not really sure what I would do if it had been me sitting in the hot seat when everything started to go to sh*t and the episode isn't even a quarter of the way through. Still, overly hyping the small skirmish between a handful of Skyguards and an entire platoon of the other undefeated outfit really shows how hokey and worthless this whole MLG thing really is.

    Bad form guys. Really, really bad form.
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  4. W0rthy

    Tryhard outfits like NUC just doesn't get it.

    Let me break it down for you, and you'd better "get" this unless you want to play 2 hours a day to collect 500 usd in prize money at some "big" tournament with 10 teams or whatever. And having it split between all your members;

    What you are doing is cheesing, and cheesing is not interesting to watch, nor does it make you the best team.

    For those who do not know what cheesing is, it originates from the starcraft scene (atleast to my knowledge) and is called cheesing because it stinks;

    Cheese most often refers to an unexpected strategy that relies in large parts on lack of information and/or psychological impact on the opponent. Cheese build orders typically revolve around an early attack that, if undetected, is more difficult to defend than execute.

    Exactly what NUC does. And because it's more difficult to defend against it than execute it.. they can proclaim themselves easy winners of the events. In this case.. mass air to warpgate to kill galaxies and potential enemy air, whilst they get mass maxes to whichever destination is target destination and ghost cap it, or otherwise using every underhanded method to get an easy victory.

    This obviously is made even worse by horrible event organization and communication to the other team.

    Here's why you shouldn't do it;

    More competition, interesting moments and more action = More viewers
    More viewers = More interest = More money = Bigger prizes.

    So.. When you instead of promoting FUN, INTERESTING and INTENSE matches.. with the extremely few teams that already are in this game with regards to playing "super serious".

    CHEESE your way through every single match you play.. well then you might say you're the best. I'd say you're dead wrong because things go differently if you allow an actual fight to take place.. but guess what that's not even the issue!

    This is the issue;

    Nobody wants to watch a bunch of arrogant clowns cheese their way to victory by gatecamping from the start, and ghost capping the rest of the event. Why? because it's boring. It's not engaging to watch, there are no interesting moments, the commentary is beyond horrendous.. and the net result is.. It becomes boring. Viewers even become frustrated at how pathetic the team is doing these things, because they just robbed whichever many minutes of their lives watching NUC jerk off on their own chest. Not very appealing.. sorry..

    Boring = no viewers/loss of interest in playing/participating = no "great prizes" for MLG tryhards..

    But this kind of behaviour is also hurting the game and community itself. Here's why;

    Planetside 2 has A LOT of potential to be a competitive game with all its facets to it. Has to be in a way that it's done outside of the live servers for casual/organized players. But yeah.. so many different strategies you can do. Especially when the facilities hopefully become more and more complex and perhaps use vehicles and aircrafts as necessary parts to secure/defend a facility, rather than just to lockdown the spawns.

    So i have to congratulate Jax and NUC.. it takes a LOT of bad commentating, bad organization, bad camera movement, tremendous unsportsmanlike conduct.. and overall a great effort in absolute disingenuous and biased buffonery to make such an amazing game like this look THAT much of a complete bore.

    If i had watched this before i played the game i would have gone.. wow this is so ridiculously boring man.. where's the action and the cool moments... I'm just going to get completely camped everytime i play this game and it doesn't look like it's very fun either.

    So you guys who are so interested in making this game competetive, perhaps you should get your head out of your you know what and look at your own behaviour.. Thanks.

    TL;DR stop cheesing in showcase fights meant to make the game more appealing to a wider audience, it hurts the appeal of the game and makes the ones doing it look like a complete *******..
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  5. Nerd Mode

    NUC is to blame. They also killed JFK, piloted jets into the WTC, conducted mass killings in Bosnia, advised Saddam Hussein, put that stain on Monica's dress and they probably have Bill Gates, Obama and FEMA on their roster. So evil.
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  6. Bulltahr

    Hate to say it, but watching that made me feel ashamed to be TR. And Win looked completely oblivious to the cheezing by his platoon.
    We all have a long, long way to go............................................................
    I though Jax managed to hold it together pretty well, apart from poor base choices (I.E. right next to the TR warp gate......)
    All in all a huge mismatch. I would have been really keen to see DA take them on, or one of the other topgun outfits.
  7. GSZenith

    most ppl win vs you in infantry fight since you lag when you get shot having 20fps in smaller fights -_-
    oh and tied with zoid again 5-5, stupid vulcan and marauder got me twice :( ops.

    edit: checked again 6 me 8 him stupid vehicle kills should have their own cat :( guess i gonna hunt down zoid again.
  8. Monkeydmomo

    We, Zaps, simply are getting tired of playing the same content over and over in other words the game's getting stale. There is not such thing as mlg.
  9. NinjaTurtle

    Whilst I agree what exactly can be done about it? Players are free to join whatever outfit they like providing they meet that outfits requirements.
  10. soeguud

    And killed ol' Obi-wan Kenobi, and torched Alderaan, and stabbed the EMPRAH so Horus could sucker punch him. Painted every 'Murican banknote in existence green too.
  11. IPLAYTF2

    so does this amazing nuc outfit even have any good infantry players. all the ones i've looked at have garbage weapon stats to where they are probably playing inside of a dumpster like the trash they are
  12. pntballa18

    We also beat up the homeless, cripples (only the vietnam vets though!) and old ladies:

  13. DeusExForever

    Did that guy on the left get into a fist fight, or all these "elites" sporting black eyes?

    Seriously, PS2 is about entertainment, not literally looking like the basement dweller or junkie. *** players look better after a game!
  14. Redzy

    Marauder Harassers, on Tech Plants and Amp Stations at the A point. They would get them inside Bio Labs through Gal lifting, too, but alas they nerfed Gal lifting abilities many GUs ago. :(

    Anyway, don't know if NUC is to blame, but surely this was organized in such a way that I'd be ashamed to be part of such a mess.
  15. Posse

    Don't even bother looking at your killboard lists, the kills recorded there get deleted after some time, so keeping track of any 1v1s is pointless. In fact, zoid appeared both in my top kills and top deaths some time before (I think it was 7 to 5 or something like that), now he doesn't appear in either list.
  16. GSZenith

    it is just some fun on the side doing zoid hunting :D, trying to ram daddy with a scy still working on it :/

    zoid is decent, mercid is decent, elusive1 is a good sniper, shreo (something like that) is decent bert is a good HA and thats about it rest are just around average to slightly above, the thing NUC do well is teamplay and stick together most other outfit just put a waypoint and ppl can do as they please and run around or something along "sundy @ waypoint someone destroy it" "lets get to c" and 1 by 1 they run.
  17. AuxiMoron

    Nothing! It's too late. NUC has killed off any chance of this game going competitive because they can literally beat any single outfit put up against them, because they've attracted all the good players from the other outfits/factions. They may not have meant it, but no one else is to blame.
  18. DeadliestMoon

    You know the devs are optimizing right now, don't you think you are being unreasonable with wanting new content right now?
  19. Chewy102

    I remember my fights against NUC as them in vehicles or MAXes. Once those are gone I can't say much about their infantry strength as I plainly don't recall any of it. All I recall is Marauder/Vulcan usage, ESF runs, Lib attacks, and MAX play. NUC either bugged out of infantry fights or they just couldn't put up a fight to remember back when DVS was running a platoon a night.

    NUC is good, I just can remember them being good at ground pounding.
  20. pntballa18

    We have a lot of good players but to say we have ALL of them? Ridiculous. We're not some group of invincible super-gamers. We just play together a lot and are "tryhard ****ers" as some people have put it. Hell this is my first PC shooter and I'm far from the only one in NUC who can say that. There are groups who, if they decided to merge their outfits, could at the very least give us a run for our money, and could potentially kick our ***** so badly that W0rthy would be hard for a week.