Want to know what PS2 without farming tools is like? Take a look at PS4

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by WorldOfForms, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. WorldOfForms

    One interesting thing about the BR unlocks is that at least as of last night, there was not a MAX, MBT, Harraser or Liberator to be seen. Just footsoldiers and Sundies with a few ESFs and Lightnings sprinkled in.

    I'm a proponent of combined arms, but I have to say it was a lot of fun without those things. It might get MORE fun once people unlock this stuff, but for now it was refreshing to play the way a lot of the FPS purists want the game to be.
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  2. Hatesphere

    The real problem isn't with the tools themselves, just how easy they are to pull. When anyone and there mother can pull maxes and tanka all day long you start to see the spam. Give it time, the ps4 version will slowly catch up as people play more
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  3. Liberty

    Like Hatesphere said, the problem isn't really the force multipliers themselves. It is a combination of a resource system that allows you to essentially spend your entire career inside a vehicle with superior firepower/survivability over the average unit and that the base design / redeploy system allows these force multipliers easy access to low risk high reward infantry kills from relative safety.

    If you fix base design and redeployment, then you can let people pull vehicles to their hearts content and let them fight other vehicles and the occasional infantry push from a base. (Maxes could still use a bit of tweaking but the recent tank mine changes and AMR have helped somewhat) . Or you can fix the resource system so that pulling superior firepower comes with a significant cost that can't be easily mitigated.

    Personally, option 1 would be much better but require a significant amount of work. (That is unlikely to happen this late in the game)
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  4. Rockit

    They can't make a lot of money like that though. They need everyone having access to everything to keep the cash shop hopping.
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  5. Diilicious

    the biggest farming tools are infantry wars themselves to be honest...

    especially when you watch an equal number of players smash into each other,equal in numbers but one side is vastly more organised and competant. you just watch your guys getting farmed over and over and they dont seem to care, they just respawn and go and die again, and again and again.

    if there was nothing but infantry combat in this game, i personally would have left a long time ago.

    no common sense to pull a tank and find the sunderer, nope, lets just all get farmed for the great pleasure of the opposition.
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  6. Goretzu

    Infantry only PS2 would be fun for a bit then not fun forever I suspect.

    PS2 needs a fully finished and functional resource system, it probably still needs base better designed for combined arms (most bases are still too easily farmed by Air and to a lesser degree vehicles, but equally perhaps there should be bases, as SOE once mooted, where Air or Tanks etc. play a bigger role in taking and holding - sort of reverse biolabs).
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  7. FieldMarshall

    I think the problem is that the resource system is in "phase 1".
    Phase 1 is a nice way of saying "It's a half-way done feature that doesent work, but we put it in anyway".
    Its not finished, so everyone gets to spam everything.

    I hope whoever is developing it sees this, because this thread is an example of someone who has just accepted that this is how its going to stay.
    That cant be good.

    Releasing something in phases works in theory. But only if you move past the first phase within a reasonable amount of time.
    The result (i think) is that people join PS2, play a few months, get fed up and leave.
    Without ever knowing that the broken system they play with is actually not how its supposed to be.
    Because you never get any official word or updates on the status of phase 2.
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  8. teks

    Skilled infantry farm more then anything else. I don't get frustrated over tanks or libs. I get frustrated over skilled BR 100 heavy infantry who I stand no chance against.
  9. skull4squadron

    Thats my frustration right now in ps4. Most ppl playing it like its TDM. Don't bother looking at their map to see whats going on and get spawn camped over and over because they just keep clicking respawn :(
  10. FocusLight

    There is not BUT. You are either in favor or you are not.

    The PS4 version is a castrated mess where so many options for what you can pull is locked behind Battle Rank. You can't even pull a COMBAT MEDIC BR 5 IIRC, and infils are behind BR 3. Sunderers? Not even sunderers are available from the start, YOU CAN'T EVEN PULL A TOOL TO HELP THE FACTION SPAWN ON THE BATTLEFIELD without hitting a higher BR first.

    Well, at least the HA is available from the start, along with the LA, so you have some mobility and some AV options when people start to run Sundies your way.
  11. Kirppu1

    This is the reason why this game needs the resource revamp to be completed. The game could be a FPSMMO with RTS elements, which is my wet dream
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  12. stalkish

    So much agree with this.
    Someone posted a while back the total kills made in game by all items, care to hazard a guess as to what made the vast majority of kills.....?

    So sick of hearing, tank spam this, max spam that, lib spam is bad,etc etc etc. Maxs only get about 6% of the total playtime on all servers (also according to tables posted) i fail to see how 6% is 'ridiculous spam'. I also run AP tanks a lot, and tbh i struggle to find these massive tank zergs, wish i could, i used to get 100s of kills off those zergfits with no clue or awareness :( .

    I think your right, players cant see when they are being farmed and continue to be farmed over and over again. Then they cry OP since they falsely believe it isnt their fault.
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  13. MarkAntony

    I couldn't come up with a better example of a false dichotomy if I tired.

    Let me just offer one more of the hundreds of other options available to prove you wrong: "Combined arms is a good thing but right now pulling vehicles and maxes is too easy"
    Here is another one just for fun "Combined arms is a good thing but it is too hard to pull maxes and vehicles.
    And since I am on a roll "Combined arms is a good thing but right now x dominates and needs to be brought into line."

    See how many option there are?
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  14. GameScout

    what server? My lib was up at 9pm EST last night.
  15. GameScout

    People don't seem to care when an infantry is sitting above their spawn farming them, but when a scythe does it. OP. Hell it's easier to hide and farm with infatry than it is ESF if anyone.. anyone at all.. pulls AA lol.
  16. MarkAntony

    strawman argument.
    I never mentioned scythes, spawnrooms, farming or anything else you talk about. frankly if you are not gonna reply, use or even mention anything I say then don't bother quoting me.
  17. Haquim

    Yes, I never understood that....
  18. Bape

    PS4 version IS SO DAM fun. Glad I took a year off the PC version. It started a little rough for me since im using a controller but dam after 3 hours I been constantly getting 25 kill streaks it not even funny.
  19. OldMaster80

    I wonder how ******* long do we still have to stress this. How long before devs understand this must jump on top of their "to do" list IMMEDIATELY. This had to be completed months ago, and now it's big ******* problem because many players got used to the fact they can spawn tanks, Max and Liberators all day. And they will hardly accept to change their way of playing.

    The game wasn't supposed to be like this, and in the beginning it wasn't, when we had aquisition cooldown timers and 3 resources.

    Spawning force multipliers should have a relevant cost. It should have a downside, but instead it has none. I'm mainly a Lightning and Valkyrie pilot, and I use a lot medikits and grenades. But I cannot remember the last time I ran out of nanites. Since they changed the resources system and removed the aquisition cooldown I can basically spam Lightning twice as fast as before and my C-75 Loadout makes usually my KDR to take off to the sky.

    As many pointed out the problem is not with the ability players have to spawn farming tools, but it's instead in the fact these tools are almost for free: nanites regenerate too fast even without a subscription. Vehicles and explosives have no value, players are not encouraged to use their resources wisely because they are virtually infinite. And there is no fight for resources at all, no way to increase the resources pool, no way to steel auraxium to the enemy, no way to affect resources supply in any way.

    This system is not finished, we've been telling this for a long time and they ignored us for years.
  20. FocusLight

    I may have miss-read the OP's post and technically not responded to what he said, but my point about Combined arms and so on stands.

    I was under the assumption he said he was in favor of combined arms but that it was good that it was not a thing for the new players on the PS4 version of Planetside 2.

    Saying you are in favor of combined arms but applauding the lack of it is still mutually exclusive statements, your examples are completely different topics.

    "Combined arms is a good thing but right now pulling vehicles and maxes is too easy." Stated opinion. Stated opinion. <- One of your examples.

    "Combined arms is a good thing but I think it's good that the new PS4 players don't have combined arms. Stated opinion. Conflicting stated opinion. <- What I believed the OP said.
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