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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Luperza, Nov 15, 2013.

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  1. Luperza Community Manager

    One soldier, one shot, or one epic battle can change the course of the war for Auraxis. In honor of the one year anniversary of PlanetSide 2 on November 20th, post your best “one” themed stories, screenshots, and videos for a chance to appear in our anniversary player spotlight feature!

    Submissions are due by Sunday, November 17, 2013. Be sure to include your name, server, and Outfit for full bragging rights.
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  2. DJPenguin

    DJPenguin, NC Waterson. 58 killstreak within a half hour while attacking a tower. The TR engineers weren't kind enough to drop ammo the entire time i was there and i was left with nothing but the Mag Cutter.

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  3. BigIronRanger

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  4. VSDerp

    I think it should be me.
    why ? well im clearly the most important derp in this community and im just fabulous on the battlefield. DERP OUT
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  5. Lazaruz

    So many spotlights, you're wasting precious electricity..! And the VS are the only ones that have access to batteries :(
  6. daniel696

    One image that shows what Planetside 2 really is, the transit congestion that always happen with a entire zerg pushing foward.

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  7. Dingus148

    NotBob, Briggs TR. No ranking on the leaderboards, leader of a better-than-pubbie, rather average outfit.

    He wears a Commissar hat, spouts Republic propoganda constantly, and executes friendlies with a Commissioner to motivate the rest. He leads his outfit on death marches across Indar because SHUT UP AND OBEY THE CHAIN OF COMMAND, PROVE YOUR LOYALTY THROUGH MARCHING. That's why.

    His character is infamous and welcomed at any fight. Not through effectiveness of any sort, but rather because he ensures a good time for the forces of the Republic. Even if you lose badly, the "post-defeat executions (to improve morale)" are funny enough to lift the mood of everyone involved.
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  8. Bulltahr

    BIR, do you have a blog? Or anything similar? Streaming on Twitch for example?
    I'd love to follow you around for a while, but I don't think I would be able to keep up.........................
  9. NotBob

    (From the other Post )
    NotBob, Briggs, The Bohage [BOH]
    The air was filled with the low buzzing of magriders. The spandex clad horde was approaching the facility. TR high command had deemed it too valuable to be lost. The defenders has been slipping slowly, losing morale and being hit hard from all sides.

    Not for long.

    BOH had been mobilised.

    20 pods came screeching down from the heavens, within them were some of Auraxis’ finest warriors. Moulded by the flames of war and led by a living legend, the Glorious Commissar NotBob. Tales of his relentless pushes and his acts of valour inspired the men under his command to almost suicidal pushes. The man was brutal, cunning and loyal. Just what the TR needed in this hellhole.

    The thud of drop pods kicked up a wave of dust. The stalwart defenders rushed to the walls, ready to man the defences. The final pod landed in the centre and a dashingly handsome man dressed in the uniform of a commissar casually walked from the already deconstructing pod.


    “Sir, we have reinforcements inbound!”
    “Don’t you get it Jenkins?! We can’t hold here! We are overrun! There’s nothing we can do! GAME OVER MAN, GAME OV-“
    Before the panicked squad leader could finish, a commissioner round burst through his throat and left him gurgling on the ground. The entire squad fell silent as they saw who had arrived.

    “Brother and Sisters. It is time we fight back. For too long have the alien scum threatened our way of life. Stand fast and know that you shall be the righteous judgement upon them We shall take back this world no matter the cost, for our success require the greatest of sacrifice. Be true in your aim, and smite them!” A cheer arose from the defenders as they turned to face their opponents. There was much work to do.

    The first Magrider turned the bend and began making its way towards the entrenched defenders. “Striker unit, begin targeting!” commanded NotBob. Twelve men brought their rockets to aim. The floating behemoth came ever closer to its demise.
    A barrage of red explosives flew towards the foolish tank, obliterating it completely. More tanks began to flood into the firing arc.
    “Fire at will! Aim for the sunderers and strike down the infantryman! This day shall be ours!”

    The ordinance of the republic was too much for the initial wave of vehicles, unable to dodge the hailstorm that rained death upon them, many of the large techno-abominations were abandoned. Those who tried to flee were gunned down by the sentry guns and rifles of the defenders.
    Unfortunately, the Vanu commanders had decided to release their ace in the hole. One of the cultist’s favourite tactics was the use of the combat drug ‘Zerg’. It made the user lose control of higher functioning mental abilities and made them terrifyingly stubborn. When used in large groups, it became a nigh unstoppable juggernaut which drove deep into the enemy territory. 200 foot soldiers came sprinting around the bend and rushed towards the facility at insane speeds.
    “There’s too many! We can’t do anything! We’ve got to ret-“ The bullet penetrated the terrified soldiers skull and sprayed the area around it with a fine red mist.
    “ANYONE WHO FALLS BACK SHALL SHARE HIS FATE! HOLD THE LINE!” The Commissar growled. There could be no mercy upon the battlefield and those who break shall compromise the unit. Failure was not an option. It was time to bring the fight to the xenos scum.
    Stepping up onto the wall that was being used as cover, NotBob turned to face the rapidly approaching enemy. The ravenous horde trampled over their fallen and continued their relentless offence into TR territory. Taking a deep breath and activated his Nanite Systems voice amplifier.

    “Enemies of the Terran republic, hear me! You have come here to die; our ancient and time tested combat doctrines grant us invincibility. You cannot win. Our soldiers shall strike you down. Our war machines will crush you under their treads. Our mighty guns will bring the very sky crashing down upon you! So, continue your advance, for it matters not! We are the Terran Republic, and today we shall stand victorious! We shall lift high the black banners of vengeance, for it is not yet our time to die!”
    Turning to the men at his back, who were already beginning to engage their foe. “Storm their ranks. Spare none of the heretics! Follow me into the pages of history! This day will be remembered for eternity! LOYALTY BEYOND DEATH!”

    Rushing forward, roaring and screaming, the Terran combatants launched into a combat frenzy. The bullets flew through the air, slaying the vanguard of the horde. As the two forces clashed, the cacophonous roar of galaxies. The red aircraft all had a decal of a flaming wombat, an ancient Terran marsupial known for being ferocious when dropped. Soldiers clad in red fell from them, landing unharmed amongst the horde of spandex. Terran Republic LMGs ripped through the ranks of heretics . Victory had been achieved.
    NotBob locked eyes with Pudgeinabowl and nodded his thanks to him. A buzzing in the Commissar’s ear alerted him of the next conflict that required his skills. There was no time to waste.

    He had a planet to free.
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  10. BigIronRanger

    Sadly no, I don't have the hardware components or the internet necessary, I would love to if i could though.

    Blogs lol i have a very hard time writing down my thoughts in a manner that makes sense and when i do i pop a membrane in the process.
  11. Fredfred

    Kittenrainbow, Connery,

    Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow. Translations for the mortals: This one time on Auraxis, I murdered exactly 4498 TR and VS soldiers with ATV mounted weapons resulting in 4 auraxium medals. Here is my cat poop: proof:

  12. Nenarch

    Sunday 17th.. your not asking too much now are we?

    I'll check later tonight if no-one can do better, I'll post one of my 100 kill streaks without any revives.. Thou that's standard.

    I'd give the reward to someone who can go toe to toe against 5-10+ guys in same room.. and has vid about it. As those are rare, especially if requirement is having it recorded.
  13. Phazaar

    I'd like to propose Miller NC's Zuhkov for the spotlight. He's been a constant theme of Euro NC since beta, and is truly the pied piper of zergs. He has probably done more for new players and pubbies in the game than any other single player or outfit; almost never not being at the head of a full platoon of pubbies.

    I don't think there's an outfit leader on Miller NC who wouldn't describe his efforts and support as invaluable, and since this is about 'one', I think he's probably the most memorable person to most of us. Leaderchat was depressing in his absence.
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  14. Nyscha

    Pitolia, Vanu Ghosts, Ceres EU.
    (NC alt is Gineras, Ceres EU)

    Okay let see some funny things I've done..

    I was playing with a friend and I saved his life from a sniper with a SMG by SHOOTING the snipers bouncing betty which then exploded in the snipers face and KILLED him as we run around the corner and my friend almost died from it.


    And then playing on my NC alternate character and catching a prowler behind a energy shield (I captured the base) and then pronounced the spot as the "NC National Zoo" where you can observe a rare prowler in his cage.

  15. Selentic

    can we have a memorial for ironfist, inventor of the reverse maneuver?
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  16. RHINO_Mk.II

    What happened to him? Watching his stream in Beta was what got me interested in the game.
  17. Selentic

    He smoked too much :(
  18. NinjaTurtle

    That knife streak :eek:

    Penguins need nerfing
  19. RHINO_Mk.II

  20. SharpeShooter

    Awesome and funny kill :)

    Name: Sharpe

    Server: Miller

    Outfit: BRTD
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