Want insult to injury? :D

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  1. the pestimist

    Yay im learnding.
  2. the pestimist

    If NC were real they would win with the sound of their weapons and they have shields VS have cloak TR have lockdown
  3. DemoniWaari

    That depends what you call a "muzzle flash" :p. As wikipedia puts it "A muzzle flash is the visible light of a muzzle blast, which expels high temperature, high pressure gases from the muzzle of a firearm", so if you consider this as a muzzle flash then technically railguns would not have muzzle flash. But railguns usually have this almost rocket like combustion coming from the rear of the bullet. This is caused just from the same thing that you said, the projectile goes so fast that the air around it is ignited due to the VERY high friction, so one could say that this is the muzzle flash of a railgun. I'm not sure whether arcing happens in railguns, but if it does then that might also give a raise to some kind of a muzzle flash, though it would be pretty small if the velocities of the bullets are in the order of a few hundread meters per second.
    By the way this "Gauss technology" is a bit different than railguns. Gauss gun (or coilgun as it's usually known as) just has coils around the barrel where current runs through and this induces a magnetic field that pull the bullet forward, and then when the bullet goes through the coil the next one is turned on and then it pulls the bullet etc etc...
    Railgun on the other hand uses the projectile as a part of the loop which the current flows through (well actually it doesn't have to be the projectile which the current flows through, but the princible is the same). Now that the projectile is part of the loop, current is put to flow in one rail and through the projectile and back along a second parallel rail (hence the name) so the projectile completes a circuit and has current flowing through it. Then something awesome called the Lorenz force says that if current goes through stuff that is in an electromagnetic field (which is induced by the current), that stuff happens not to like it and wants to get away as fast as possible, so a force is applied on it and then stuff, aka the projectile, goes boom! Now we just got a cannon that has a projectile velocity in several kilometers per second. Awesome!
    So coilgun = magnetic and railgun = electric and magnetic.
    Yay go physics!
  4. Matthew Clark

    Muzzle Flash: That bright light telling everyone where I am whenever I happen to the pull the trigger.

    Both fall under "Accelerated Physics" since both can propel objects to some pretty intense speeds (Like Mach 15 out of the barrel) and I would not want to be behind the wall these things were being pointed towards. However, the difference between Gauss and Rail technology is pretty interesting. I would say Rail is a bit more powerful though.
  5. Anvildude

    Rail is definitely more powerful- however, due to the high amperage flowing through the rails and projectile, along with the sheer friction, Rail weapons tend to destroy themselves- the rails burn up, essentially- in much less time than conventional firearms or even Gauss weaponry. Instead of replacing bullets after every clip, the NC would be replacing Barrels.

    And why don't the NC say "I need Batteries!" when calling for ammo, like the Vanu?
  6. Yousho

    Not trying to be cheeky or arrogant here bud, but eh...there are 22 documented states of matter, and many, many more hypothetical ones. Plasma isn't always hot and fire isn't a plasma, although an EXTREMELY hot flame might heat air enough to produce plasma, it still wouldn't be the flame it's self. As for lightning and electrical sparks - we simply don't know enough about them to call them "plasma" we know plasma is likely involved, but we don't know whether it is the result or cause of these phenomena, or whether they themselves are examples of plasma. Also neutron-degenerate matter still obeys the Pauli Exclusion Principle, so the atoms aren't technically occupying the same "Space" or the same energy level, but that would take me forever to describe.

    Anyway sorry If i sounded arrogant, I really didn't mean to! :)

    Onto the topic at hand:
    Dear SoE, please just throw a bone to, or more precisely at, the division between people who want to snipe, and people who want to infiltrate. Either these need two separate classes, or a toggle-able perk, or even an item that takes up your primary slot that lets you sacrifice your primary weapon for actual stealth.
    Yours truly,
    ~The Internet.
  7. Anvildude

    Hrmm... Did not know about that. Got any links to relevant articles?