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  1. Crazy Ivan k19

    playing at Ymir bio lab and i just saw 2 HA go straight up a building on the east side. tried to go up it too but i cant.
    i know you jump/climb some walls but come on. am i missing how to climb up these buildings or what is this?
  2. FateJH

    It's essentially just spamming jump while pushing against a vertical surface. You need 100+ fps to pull off the maneuver due to the way it leverages collision detection.
  3. Crazy Ivan k19

    ha! got it. its the palm tree
  4. Gundem

    Just as a quick FYI, it's been cleared by the devs and is NOT considered an exploit.
  5. CaptCran

    Or, they're using the Catlike implant.
  6. Demigan

    Which is why its a bug exploit. Abusing framerate to achieve something like this is extremely unfair vs all players who cannot pull it off and it kinda defeats the purpose of the LA in these places.

    Its no different than being able to move through terrain or abuse that trick which allowed an LA to run around with MAX health and armor or even recreating the bug where it looks like your character is still lying on the ground after a revival.
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  7. Liewec123

    with high FPS you can climb pretty much everything,
    wrel did a video on it back in the day. :)
  8. BartasRS

    There are numerous ways to get into odd placed in Biolab. With Catlike 5 it's even easier.
  9. stalkish

    I dont even.........
    F u c k i n g devs.
    In other words, 'we cant fix it so carry on' :rolleyes:.
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