VX6-7 Or Serpent?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by RayDrazon, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. RayDrazon

    The title says it. Which carbine should I get? I'm a close-mid range person.

    From what I hear, they are almost the same as one another. What I want to know is what their differences are and which one is better for which situations.

    Also, I have already bought a shotgun (Nova) for my LA class but I still haven't gotten a carbine yet; figured that it's about time to steer away from the default.

    Please post and comment below. Thanks.
  2. VKhaun

    VX6-7 is better hip firing when moving. (Smaller starting CoF/penalty while moving.)
    Serpent is better DPS shooting ADS. (Idential CoF stats, same damage, but higher RoF.)

    Do they get the same attachments? I'm not at home to check. I would definitely go VX6-7 for advanced laser sight because I know that gets it (I use it), but if the serpent also gets the advanced laser sight I would go that way. Hip fire is fine at close range if you have the advanced laser and it's really more about shooting first... but ADS past 20m like down a tower stairwell or from building to building you will WANT that extra dps.

    I use the GD-7F on NC and VX6-7 on VS, and both are overkill up close. I didn't even bother with softpoint on NC and I will probably take it off on VS. People just vanish in front of them when hip firing because you shoot while the other guy is bringing up his sights or kill him before he can turn around with the crazy RoF. Things get sticky when you match ADS vs ADS at short-medium and the other guy has a better gun for it. Thus my philosophy has turned sharply from pure CQC to now where I'm trying to get the best ADS gun I can that still has the advanced laser sight.
  3. Soylent

    Yeah they get the same attachments.

    I asked the same question a few days ago. They seem to be very similar guns with the exception of rate of fire and reload time. The question is do you want to sacrifice the reload time to get the higher rate of fire.

    Also, the VX6-7 like most other guns pulls to the right when firing. The Serpent is the only VS gun that pulls to the left.
  4. VKhaun

    If that's right, then I would use the serpent. Advanced laser sight is plenty of hip fire capability from either. Higher RoF will make the serpent better ADS. Going to have to get me a Serpent next time it's on a good sale.
  5. rambo50

    I would go with the VX6-7

    better hipfire, way better reload time, only slightly lower rate of fire

  6. RayDrazon

    Im getting mixed answers now... Damn, I hate it when this happens.
  7. Skiptis

    Levelcap talks briefly about the VX6-7 vs. the Serpent in that video at ~4:20-5:00.

    VX6-7: short reload 2.15sec / long reload 2.7sec
    Serpent: short reload 2.65sec / long reload 3.8sec

    I run with the VX6-7 (fairly certain the Serpent was already released when I got it if it matters) and I don't feel that a higher rate of fire than what that gun has would bring me any tangible benefits. I suspect it might even be worse because it means going through ammo even faster (which also increases the risk that you run through the entire clip and leaving you with a long reload) without necessarily hitting anything. At short ranges the VX6-7 already outguns pretty much everything but (auto) shotguns and at long(er) ranges you already need to control your fire to the extent that a higher RoF would usually be wasted.

    Either way the longer reload of the Serpent would definitely be a disadvantage at close ranges, especially since as LA you're often in a position where you're surrounded by enemies and can never guarantee safe spots. Running with the VX6-7 I feel that the reload time is just short enough to allow you to duck behind a corner and finish the reload before someone gets to you.

    If you often run in a squad with people nearby who can cover you in those situations you might get more use of the Serpent than the VX6-7 but in a typical solo (or typical LA) situation I'd go (well, I already am but you know what I mean) with the latter.
  8. pnkdth

    The TTK of the serpent is what sold me on the gun. I prefer hit and run tactics, and as such I can get 2, maybe three, per clip, and run off. In essence, that extra RoF save me more often than the reload gets me(and when it gets me it is because I've overreached anyways).
  9. RayDrazon

    I've just bought the Serpent and I have to say I enjoy it a lot.

    The reload speed is a bit annoying but not as much as I thought it would- the biggest detriment of this gun would be the recoil to the left. I guess only time will solve that. Overall, loving the fast rate of fire ;D
  10. FnkyTwn

    They're both great guns, but I stopped using my VX6-7 after I bought the Serpent. I put Advanced Laser on it, and usually I run with the NV scope because it tends to make it easier for me to concentrate on shooting in the right spots, but I also use the OG4 scope and single fire mode to mess with Infiltrators.

    Long story short: I feel that for my playstyle the Serpent puts out a lot more damage in a shorter amount of time, and when its 1v1 that generally gives me the win. The VX6-7 takes slightly longer to kill, and then i'm still stuck reloading.. and honestly it doesn't matter what gun you're using, if you get caught on the reload without cover, you're dead.

    The Serpent lets me quickly and easily put HAs down with their shields up while they're shooting me.
  11. jak

    I've converted from VX6 to the Serpent. I have more success against HAs with the Serpent and since it seems that there's about 70% of the population using HA, it helps. To be totally honest, though, I don't really notice when I forget to check my selected loadout and it's gotten me back on my VX6 (loadout 1 is VX6, 2 is serpent).
  12. Jadith

    I was not completely sold on the Serpent until I got the laser sight for it. The higher rate of fire gives it a slight edge over other carbines, although it takes some time to get used to the odd recoil direction.

    Have tried giving each a free trial? The best judge is you, in this case. Try before you buy.

    Also, do you have the Solstice SF yet? If not, it is a solid gun that can be modified for close, medium, and long range engagements. The under-barrel attachments can be a bit buggy, but if you can only get one gun, get the SF.
  13. ghnurbles

    I would recommend the VX6-7. The short reload is more important than a small difference in RPM.
  14. Veri

    The VX6-7 Seems to mow down well with hipfire.
    Anything long range for get it.
  15. Skadi

    Better hipfire, i thought the ENTIRE point of the serpent was superior hipfire?
  16. Krona

    LA, the serpent is nice since it's only downside can be negated.

    Engie, the VX, since you can't negate the serpents reload time.

    Important note, do not EVER empty the serpent, stop shooting at like 4-1 rounds. The short reload on it isn't TOO bad, the long reload is insufferable.

    The hipfire for both of them is the same, I have both with adv laser sights.
  17. ViXeN

    You should never empty any gun. You should be reloading after every kill if possible.
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  18. Krona

    I do, IF POSSIBLE. The point is that the Serpent punishes emptying the gun far more than most guns.
  19. ViXeN

    I'm currently using the Serpent on trial and I have to say I like it so far. Its absolutely lethal in cqc, the reload time is decent and even the long reload isn't as bad as I expected. The shift to the left when you fire is a little weird but it only took about 5 minutes for me to adjust to it.
  20. Corezer

    VX. the serpent has a 5.625% increased fire rate, the reload helps keep you in the action.

    both VX and Serpent suck at long ranges, get a manticore, best pistol in game by far. Same as a mag shot, but with no damage/bullet drop.

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