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Discussion in 'Engineer' started by RAS, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. RAS

    So i've been using the vx 6-7 since closed beta and its one of the best vs carbines BUT it needs a bigger clip .

    i've got the soft point ammo on and to be honest there isn't much differance in stopping power and it takes most of the full clip of 30 to kill 1 enemy ( no i don't miss) i'd like to see the clip raised to 50 or higher please to put it in line with other empire guns of the same class or at least give the vx 6-7 users a fighting chance against more than one enemy before having to run off to reload
  2. keqe

    You understand it has one of the best dps of all weapons in game? also, it reloads super fast compared to other faction's weapons. I could live with 40 ammo with it (nerf accuracy then, I played with it in beta and it shoot 800 rpm full auto without serious recoil or spread). 50 ammo or more, it would be a LMG then lol
  3. Goodkat

    VX6-7 is about killing one guy very fast. If you want to kill 2 or sometimes even 3 enemies with your 30 shot clip, use the heavier hitting but slower firing and reloading Pulsar-C
  4. Bubblewrap2

    VX6-7 is probably the most deadly 1v1 gun in the game in close range IF you hit someone. Without a smaller ammo clip for its huge rate of fire and accuracy, it would be completely imbalanced. They already felt the need to nerf it noticeably by adding a recoil drift. I highly doubt they are going to add more ammo without nerfing it even further.

    Also, this type of balancing for high rof weapons is common across all factions, so you're not a unique snowflake as VS...

    Soft point ammo is actually a detriment (-5%) in closest range. It only adds value at mid but makes long range virtually useless, btw.

    Tbh, with the dodgy hit detection and lag in this game, I find shotguns significantly more reliable than VX6-7 in close range (especially if you're going as far as to cert soft point on an already CQ weapon...).
  5. AuntLou42

    I also use the VS6-7. I think the small clip is it's downfall and well it needs one otherwise your asking for a nerf hammer. So I have no complaints w/ the small clip.
  6. Baconpuffs

    I'm not sure why you aren't seeing better results with the softpoint. Your upgrade may be glitched. When I upgraded it, I noticed a solid reduction in kill time when on target. Hit markers before when single firing were also much greater than required after the softpoint ammo upgrade from my findings.

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