Vulcans. What?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Azzarain, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. Jeslis

    Epic quote is epic.
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  2. Botji

    You failt to see a lot it seems.
  3. Botji

    "Vulcan is wortless outside of close range, you cant hit anything with it because its so slow and has so much bullet drop."

    The FPC is both slower and has much more bullet drop than the Vulcan is mainly used for long range combat against the same targets the Vulcan is supposed to fight.

    Only the blind "fails to see" the logic im going for here.
  4. Vixxing

    Vulcan on Harrassers are like a SCAT-MAX with ZoE... (without armor penalty offcourse)
  5. Mxiter

    The difference? COF and Bloom on an automatic weapon.

    Arguing than vulcan is better than FPC at range is just absurd.
  6. Jachim

    Why don't they use the annihilator anymore? Is it because the TR got a better one and they started sobbing like little babies that someone got something that is better than their toy? It's still effective as hell. Go watch the plethroa of youtube compilations showing the NC/VS demolishing TR/etc with annhilator gangs. It only takes 1-2 more people in an annihilator gang than a Striker gang to be just as effective.
  7. Jachim

    Here we have a Forumside Warrior trying to say the Vulcan is overpowered because it doesn't have as high bullet drop as a.. MAGRIDER?

    Apples and Oranges man. Compare it to something at least vaguely similar, like oh I don't know the Enforcer, or Saron? Oh hey, do they have lower bullet drop than a Magrider? NERF PLZ.
  8. Mechlord

    Resist values, for your convenience:

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  9. Botji

    Im tired for now of fantasy arguments and putting effort into my posts so here.

    FPC is a crappy long range weapon because it has bad velocity and bad bullet drop. You cant hit anything with it so it doesnt matter what the damage is.

    Vulcan is a good long range weapon because it has high velocity and little bullet drop, you can hit your target and deal damage.

    Then we have the Saron and im going to use your argument here, it is a crappy long range weapon because: COF, Bloom and Recoil on a semi-automatic weapon.

    Longer list of negatives than you, I win.
  10. Flashtirade

    I don't believe you know how consensus works. People don't just stop using weapons because someone else's got buffed/nerfed. People stop using weapons because they are perceived to be bad, ineffective, not worth the effort. If the annihilator was in a state that could be considered competitive, then people would use it and maybe some of the heat the TR get for the Striker would be diverted, but it's plainly not. It takes forever to get a lock and hits like a tissue. That is the consensus that most people have gotten after using the weapon, not after staring at patch notes.

    And all of the YT videos out on the Annihilator are really old. The weapon was much stronger back then, and surprise surprise it got nerfed.
  11. Botji

    Im not sure if people actually try not to understand just to be a pain in the *** or if everyone really have such a hard time following my logic.

    Me: Vulcan is op because of X
    TR: Vulcan is not op because it has so slow bullets and high bullet drop you cant hit anything outside of CQC and we cant just hold down the fire button because the COF gets larger.

    Me: Vulcan has higher velocity and less bullet drop than FPC, its easier to aim the Vulcan than the FPC at long range.

    I am comparing the FPC with the Vulcan because the Magrider is considered to be a tank that you should snipe with and the Vulcan is considered to be the worst weapon at range to justify its clear CQC dominance. Strange then that the Vulcan is actually easier to aim and hit targets at range than the FPC.

    Having no bullet drop doesnt matter if the shot is so slow it takes several seconds to reach the target, the effective range of the Saron isnt much longer than the Vulcans because of this. Its the same for the Enforcer, sure Enforcer and Saron can hit targets way past 400m if they sit still but they have to be afk or disconnected for it to matter, otherwise they will simply start moving and your shots taking 2+ seconds to reach them is far from "effective". If they decide to go behind the nearest cover there is also nothing you can do about it from 600m away so what is the point of that again?
  12. CrashB111

    A Shotgun with both the accuracy of a Semi-Auto and the one shot kill potential of a pump action (alt fire is technically 3 shots but don't argue semantics here, its a one shot) isn't better than the other options? You heard it here first folks!
  13. KAHR-Alpha

    And just how long does it take to destroy anything with a vulcan at range if you fire it like a semi-auto weapon... ? :rolleyes:

    Seriously, stop that, your argument is grotesque.
  14. CrashB111


    Is the Spandex cutting the blood off to their brains, only they can understand their logic.
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  15. Van Dax

    People said x, he disproved x. You say y and then laugh at how much of a moron he is when the same argument used to disprove x doesn't disprove y.

    *cough* apples and oranges man.
  16. Jachim

    Soooo are you trying to say that the Vulcan is good at range? Because your video showed how laughably long it takes to kill something with it at range...

    And what you didn't show is how much faster the Saron and the Enforcer could do the same thing...

    It's admirable that you posted those videos, they show just how far fetched your claims are.
  17. Jachim

    The TTK on the current, nerfed Annihilator is not that far behind the Striker, and if used in groups will still just as effectively obliterate armor. And no, the YT videos that I'm talking about are not really old.

  18. LordCreepy

    Saron/enforcer & vulcan are as fast as vanguard ap - you won't get any faster av projectile unless you lock your tank in place.

    And the magrider a sniping Tank? The good magrider crews on Miller seem to do well better with stealth,flanking - impressivly good actually.
    You can hit targets on range with the vulcan - Nobody is denying this. You just can't do it with either reliable acc.(Holding the trigger) or dps (burst fire)

    I do drive all kinds of ground vehicles and the vulcan just isn't the "mother of god uber weapon" everyone wants it to be.
    There is a reason no one puts it on a prowler unless its a suicide melee setup.
  19. Goretzu

    The spread is tighter, but the damage per pellet is lower; 130 vs 112 (reload is longer too), and vs PA it only has 6 pellets like the other shotguns vs 10 or 11 per shot.
    Also if you're using the triple shot your RoF drops a lot over all due to the automatic pause after each triple shot (so average TTK and DPS isn't higher).
    So it doesn't really outperform either pump action, the semi-autos or the auto shotgun, and it cannot equip slugs. It is instead more a different option (a shotgun that stands up to the other in shotgun range, but has a little bit more range, but less damage per pellet). You heard it here first CrashB111! :)

    The JH is different to the other shotguns (it has a slight longer effective range), certainly, it is not better than them in their range though.

    The Striker on the other hand is just a flat out upgrade of the Annihilator in almost everyway, as indeed was the PS1 JH, which not only was the most powerful single shot shotgun, but also had a triple shot that was near instant (the PS2 JHs even now is not).

    Do you understand what we are talking about now?
  20. KAHR-Alpha

    Except people have never said you couldn't hit with it at range, only idiots think you can't, people said it's bad at range, and that point still stands, yet he was obviously trying to disprove the former to hint that the latter could also be wrong.