[Suggestion] "Vulcanize" Anti Infantry Mines?

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  1. Ronin Oni

    About as much as a frisbee toss.

    Both types have their uses....

    For your typical AI mine use though, where you want to trap a choke, claymore is best hands down.

    BB/PM mines are best tossed into a pack, most often near a sunderer or the like.
  2. Movoza

    There is no need to make the factions more like copies of each other. Some weapons perform better in this scenario, others in that scenario. Some weapons might perform better, but better performance is no reason to give it to everyone. Only when it is clearly over performing it should be balanced first. Creating slightly different carbon copies is a last panic solution when all other things fail.
    The mines might seem very different in performance, but their stats are difficult to read due to how they are used. Some of the highest KPH are found here due to the difficulties in showing usage. I expect this thing isn't necessarily over performing.
    I say no to more copies.
  3. Shatteredstar

    We are down to complaining about claymore?

    I find the NC mine the most annoying myself because it is really really unobtrusive. The VS mine is unique looking enough that I can often notice them, claymore has a high enough profile I can check for them more easily, the NC mine though on some terrain is seemingly invisible I swear.
  4. SavageBacon

    I don't think these really need much attention given how little impact they have on a fight. The claymore does a bit better... Ok whatever, it isn't impacting the game in such a way that TR have more victories as a result of this item's performance.
  5. Liewec123

    i don't want every faction to be the same i'm happy that each faction has something better than the other 2,
    proxies and betties aren't useless, claymore are just a lot better, and thats fine by me :)
  6. Crayv

  7. xSalt

    If your post was entirely sarcastic, which I now gather was the meaning of /s. Then either don't make the post or finish typing the word sarcasm.
    Because no, /s has no meaning to me, it is simply a slash followed by the letter s, for all I know you put that at the end of every post because your name is Sam.

    And regardless, people will read your post and take it seriously, as I did. Further fueling these pointless nerf threads.
  8. Flag

    If you see something written that you don't understand, google is but a few clicks away.
    Should you want to fill those holes that is.

    That said, as a sarcastic statement it seems to hold true for a lot of the resident TRs.
  9. _itg

    Like TR did with Fractures and the Striker?
  10. Vaphell

    "vulcans on prowlers are not useless, Saron or whatever is just a lot better and that's fine by me" said nobody ever.

    funny that when the AP mine situation was originally reversed and it was the claymore that was garbage nobody was buying such a justification. To make things fair the mines that already had to be placed in plain view got blinkenlights and the delay, the instagib mine placed around the corner or in the elevator shafts for maximum lulz lost the only means of countering with caution and skill.
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  11. Liewec123

    don't get me wrong, if something is terribad then i'll rightfully ask for a buff (Mjolnir)
    and if something is preforming much better than it should be then i'm all for nerfing it a bit,
    but i don't see claymores as being gamebreaking and i don't see proxies and betties as being underperforming.
  12. Campagne

    I'm not sure if this is still accurate or not, as it is quite old, but this is a damage model of the two type of AP mines.


    Bouncing Betties/Proximity Mine
    --Dark blue is kill range against max flak amour
    --Blue is kill range against non-flak amour
    --Light blue is non-lethal damage range

    --Red is kill range against max flak amour
    --Orange is kill range against non-flak amour
    --Yellow is non-lethal damage range
  13. Horrida Messor

    All DBG need to do is either
    A) Remove flashin "Hey it's me, AI mine, I'm here!!!! Notice me, Senpai!!!" lights from PM and BB
    B) Actually make claymores green lasers BLOODY VISIBLE TO VS AND NC - and yes thouse lasers a effing non-exitant for enemies on motherefffing ULTRA settings!!!!!
  14. Vaphell

    i kind of see them as being gamebreaking because as a frequent infil user I don't roll with a blob of medics often so I can't afford to feed kills to AP mines needlessly. I depend on my eyes and caution, ie a widely understood "skill". God forbid you attempt to sneak into a TR base without flak armor, there is no "skill" that will save you. VS proxies? I die to one once a month, maybe and in almost every case I actually registered them before the explosion but my brain just didn't react in time. Dark purple triangle with 3 neon green blinkenlights? What the hell were they thinking...
    Claymores can be used to gib people traveling in elevator shafts (just place them in the middle floor entrance of techplant elevator shaft and wait for certs) and to mine jumppad landing spots due to the longer range (other mines are autoexploded for being to close). Just place them outside that area and they still get triggered.

    Oracle of death shows clear advantage of claymores so AP mine balance is not a case of different but more or less equal.
    in pretty much every category betty and proxy are trailing by approx 20-30%. That's not noise.
  15. Alan Kalane

    Let's just throw away "vulcanize" all the Empire Specific stuff, balancing those is not worth the hustle.
    The grass will always be greener on the other side, and nerf threads will always be there...
  16. asmodraxus

    Problem is the lasers are visible on a Claymore only if your TR whilst the lights on BB / Proxmines are visible to all, hence Prox/BB are less usefull
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