Vulcan Op or Up?

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  1. Mxiter

    That's for vulcan-H.

    Where are prowler vulcan stats?
  2. EliteEskimo

    Vulcan is UP on Prowler because it is all these things at once.

    1. Vulcan on Prowler has no longer range utility and mediocre medium range utility while having powerful CQC utility. This is due to uncontrollable COF, damage drop off, and projectile drop. Its competitors have decent CQC utility, great medium range utility, and some long range utility.
    2. Vulcan has a spin up time and long time to dish out its DPS, meaning using cover while fighting to avoid damage is impracticial and if your enemy is using it means the Vulcan is extremely ineffective unless you want to continue firing while they are behind cover. Or else you have to deal with a wind up speed again on top of a reload time.
    3. The Vulcan has very little stealth potential if you want to keep a low profile, it's also not a good hit and run weapon and it's long sound duration attracts a lot of attention.
    4. The Vulcan has no pin point precision meaning if the enemy is hulled down most of your bullets will hit the ground in front or the air directly over the enemy. Other weapons if you are skilled you can still hit hulled down vehicles by hitting the small part of the top of the tank which is exposed.
    5. The Prowler has the least escapability capacity of any tank, but the Vulcan's elements heavily encourages the Prowler to get up close where it is most likely to die and where anchor mode is suicide.
    6. It has almost no utility with the special ability.
    7. It has horrible AI capacity outside of close range, which is not where you want any tank to be in regards to infantry.

    1. The Vulcan isn't highly underrated on the Prowler, if a weapon has high utility, and is competitive to pull over the Halberd it will be pulled. Every week I'll do tank convoy ops with my outfit, anyone is free to choose what their secondary is. Almost no one ever pulls the Vulcan, what do around 2 dozen TR tankers, some with several hundred hours, not know about the Vulcan that you do? The Vulcan isn't under rated, it's not even close to being competitive with the Halberd.

    2. If someone has invested several hundred hours into a certain playstyle it's a very safe assumption to make that they have experience in what they are saying. If you want to know about the quality of my gameplay, ask me what it normally consists of, or one of the many people I've gunned with.

    3. I've never "QQ'd Hard" about C4, and the arguments I've made to support my opinions regarding it is lengthy. You don't necessarily need to use a weapon to know it's OP, I've never used Raven maxes. But I know their OP as heck because I deal with them as a tanker on a every day basis. People make this claim a lot, pre nerf rocket pod users said this to me, 900 meter range AV turret users said this to me, the list goes on. You deal with a weapon being used on you enough, numbering in the hundreds of times, you get a fairly good idea of how the weapon functions.

    4. Oh you know of a player that thinks Vanu bullet drop is on every weapon? That's nice, I'm sure we all know people who defy basic logic, common knowledge, and widely available information. I don't know how that applies, because the Vulcan being not UP on the Prowler is not common knowledge, or a widely supported opinion.

    5. This argument of the Vulcan should not able to be versatile because it would make the Prowler too powerful is an extremely weak one. The Halberd is one of the most versatile weapons in the game, it's a very useful and powerful at all ranges, has much better AI capability than the Vulcan, better Alpha strike, can be used with cover, peeakbo fighting, can effectively hit hulled down vehicles, ect ect. If a Vulcan with more medium range utility is scary you, I encourage you to shout from the rooftops that the Prowler's Halberd should be removed because by almost every account it's already much better than the current Prowler Vulcan. It is the best AV weapon in the game, is more versatile than the Vulcan would be even with buffs, and... CAN ALREADY BE USED ON THE PROWLER:eek:

    6. Look at the times in CQC of the MBT Vulcan against the other secondaries, it's not a massive difference in TTK, a noticeable one but hardly ridiculous.

    7. I play with a Stealth AP Halberd load out most of the time as of late, if I'm planning to fight around or within a high amount of infantry I'll use proximity radar. I flank a lot, it's one of the only ways you can truly make tank combat satisfying or make a difference in a big game like this. Shelling bases or rolling with a zerg is mind numbingly boring and does little to help your faction.

    8. I have very little time in a Magrider, but that has absolutely nothing to do with this. This thread is about the Vulcan.

    9. I've had experience using the Vulcan through every step of its long list of changes. The reason why I use choose to use it so little is the Halberd outclasses it in almost every category, puts you at much less risk to use, and still plenty powerful close range.

    10. Your exaggeration of how a Vulcan Prowler makes you feel so powerful is pretty humorous, as you could accomplish the same thing, killing Magriders just as well if not better, and die much less using a Halberd.
  3. Blueink

    Vulcan is an OP joke on a stealth Harasser and anyone defending it either has no idea or is just trying to protect their precious crutch, then again that is not surprising people even defended ZOE when it was out of control.

    It is ok maybe a little UP on a Prowler as getting in close is a lot more difficult and tank battles generally are at range. If you get in close with it you deserve to be rewarded.
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  4. _Kettenblatt_

    Vulcan on Harasser is OP.
    Every Harasser goes to close combat and can destroy an Magrider (front) 5 seconds earlier than the other faction.

    Now it gives an update for Raven, to bring it closer to fracture. But where is the update for Vulcan to bring it closer to the other factions Harraser AV-weapons? Curious! :rolleyes:
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  5. dstock

    I'd like you to put any AV weapon into that sentence and tell me it isn't true.

    If you're gunner is experienced, even the Bulldog is an OP joke on a Stealth Harasser.

    This may come as a surprise to most of the know-it-alls posting here, but the old 60-round Vulcan was ALSO a 1-mag kill on a Lightning.

    PS, chartguy, you highlighted MBT secondaries when making your comparison. I can understand your confusion, though, since none of the TR secondaries (MBT or Harasser) made it on the leaderboard in any category, save for the Vulcan-H, whereas the Saron and Enforcer made it on every single list, and the Saron-H makes an appearance in the Harasser list. I'd go on, but it's obvious your posts aren't intended for discussion.
  6. Dreez

    Doesn't prove a thing.

    Enforcer's projectiles travels like artillery, has bulletdrop and low travelspeed. Vulcans projectiles has no bulletdrop, travels instantly
    and is VERY forgiving against missing a few bullets. Hitting moving targets with a Vulcan is just point and shoot, while you have to
    be lucky that your target is moving when you lead them with the Enforcer... Try hitting a dodging Harasser with an Enforcer, then try hitting it with a Vulcan,
    the Vulcan will do a superior job. THAT is what makes the vulcan superior.

    Is the Enforcer better at stationary targets.... yes by 1 second TTK... whoopii.

    I would take the advantages of the Vulcan anyday over a 1second faster TTK.
  7. dstock

    Have you ever played this game? That's not fair, let me rephrase: Have you ever tried the Vulcan? Reading your post, I'm going to guess no. To both questions.
  8. Blueink

    If a Bulldog tried to nail me in an AP lighting I would thank them for the free certs.

    So remind me which of the other Harasser AVs get that close and rip a new one that quickly again?. That's right none of them because unlike the Vulcan H driver/gunner who despite the frail platform knows they can get in, destroy the target and turbo off with the others you generally do not have that confidence so you sit at a bit of distance trying to pick them off instead. Defend it as much as you like but as I said above anyone defending it either has no idea or is just trying to protect their precious crutch (is that you with 6k Harraser kills btw?).
  9. Foxirus

    Our weapons already DO rival the Vulcan. The difference is that the weapon itself is ALOT more forgiving when it comes to missed shots.

    Miss a a few shots from the vulcan? Not a problem, You have probably only lost about 5% of your overall DPS. Miss a single shot from the Enforcer or Saron? You probably just lost about 20% of your overall damage.

    Combine the ease of use with the fastest and most maneuverable vehicle on the ground? Yeah.. Its gonna look OP as ****.
  10. dstock

    Wanna dance? :)

    Remind me which of the other AV weapons have to get that close to be effective? None of them. The last time this argument came around, people said the same basic thing, 'Vulcan Harasser is outkilling the other Harassers.' This went along for a few weeks until someone pointed out the average vulcan harasser's lifespan was roughly 1/2 of the other factions.

    I'm not saying it's fair. My stance from the beginning was that this was a mistake by the devs, and this should only reignite the argument that the Harasser and MBTs need different weapon systems. The issue was always the range, it is currently the range, and it will continue to be the range. Truth be told, my favorite Vulcan variant was the 60-rounder with spin-up time and CoF bloom, and my logic is because I could effectively engage targets at >100m, by sacrificing DPS output (read: shooting bursts). Granted, the AI potential was hilarious, and that was partly how I was using it (Amp Station defense).

    I take it back, my first comment was actually that the expanded mag was going to lead to pilot QQ, which has been surprisingly absent. I guess I need to spend less time in the Walker.

    Oh, and yes. I think I'm only around 5500 Harasser kills. Well, on my main character ;) It's not like I don't have a full-certed VS Harasser, and an NC one that's almost max...
  11. Dreez

    I don't really care how you reason. A weaponized buggy should NEVER kill a tank faster then a tank does.

    Right now, they do, from all directions, due to the long reloadtime and overall bad TTK on Tanks.

    Put both scenarios next to eachother. Tank V Tank and Harasser V Tank. The Harasser will kill its target faster.
  12. Palbuddy

    You and EliteEskimo missed the most important point:

    That video showed the old potiential V-H power over one year ago.

    Doing the same with a Enforcer or whatever? Never-ever, in which PS2 world do you live?

    I know the amored forces in the video weren't prepared or properly manned.
    They just got shredded as 2nd or 3rd line of an attacking faction.

    But fact is:
    One or two focused (or even more) stealth Harassers can flank and pop up from any unpredictable angle or direction
    in no time, killing your and other armored vehicles inclusive and especially all defending infantrie in seconds.
    If not, they have the opportunity to bail out with Darda style warp speed for repairs - rinse and repeat.

    If you folks are too young to know Darda-Cars:

    The broken and generally derp vehicle physics of a Harasser combined with a kinda "OP" gun in management and power of a V-H is just a joke at this moment and everyone with more then 3 braincells is.....
  13. MahouFairy

    Of course the other counterparts can't. They are meant to be used from long range, sacrificing damage for range and etc.

    Lastly, please get used to the fact that tanks with no gunners die.
  14. Dreez

    Why should a tank with no secondary gunner be considered dead ?.

    A Buggy hit by an Anti-tank AP-round should be dead then as well , fact?.
  15. MahouFairy

    Because in this game, not having a secondary gunner means you miss out having a halberd to assist you in taking down vehicles (I love using halberds to take down Harassers that think they can boost away). It also means there is no one to watch your @$$ for fairies or sneak attacks.

    If you want that, how about a burst of Vulcan instantly shreds a tank? Because that's how real miniguns work.

    The most OP thing in this game is teamwork. Remember this.
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