Vulcan Op or Up?

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  1. player16

    the prowler vulkan works at more than that range and it used to be the range prior nerf if do not remember wrong now for me it works well the prowler one i do not have one for the harasser and the thing is i am not going to buy it with so many people asking for a nerf.
  2. Palbuddy

    TL;DR whole thread

    But is the V-H too OP now because got accidently overbalanced again for no reason as an easy to use gun mounted on a thing, which is able to fly by fast like a stealth satellite in earths orbit with unpredictable options for a "zigzaggin in all dimensions" movements inclusive tank abillities and abnormal physics - which are also too OP for it's given class generally in my opinion?

    Yes, yes of course. Because it feels like a Déjà vu right now:


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  3. d3adline

  4. Flag

    Uh, the mag is the overall biggest tank.

    Frontal profile of the prowler is almost the same as the mag (prowler more boxy, mag is wider).
    And because you brought up shooting under the mag, the same shot, with relation to how you aimed at the profile would hit the ground in front of the other tanks.
    Or if you argue that it wouldn't, a shot that would barely overshoot a prowler/Van would then hit the mag.

    Which leaves the mag as the tank with the widest horizontal profile, from any side. And even with the whole "shot coming from the camera" change from way back, the mag still has the lowest mounted gun/camera, making use of cover harder than for the other tanks. Oh and no turret (tunnel vision ahoy).
  5. PrimePriest

    Just wait till we get buffed Enforcer from PTS. I'll be hunting those Vulcanites who think "hurr durr, they say my gun is OP, so i don't need to be careful" with pleasure. :p
  6. Flag

    Damage numbers have yet to be tuned, as far as I know.
    Hold on to your horses for now.
  7. Pikachu

    Im morw curious about the AI capability. Being able to make 2 follow up shots so fast. I bet skllled aimers are going to snipe infantry good and forumside will makr it nerfed.
  8. EliteEskimo

    What I saw in that video was 4 high BR/ experienced people working as a team in highly certed harrasers utilizing flanking against a lot of low BR people with stock vehicles that were very disorganized. If they had run into any 2/2 AP tanks they would be shredded. All harassers regardless of loadout die ridiculously fast against 2/2 AV set up MBT's. I dislike videos like these because you could do this same sorta thing with the current Enforcer ML85. Not to say that the Vulcan on the Harasser isn't excellent, but sometimes people need to be aware of the situation that enfolds and why it enfolded the way it did.
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  9. PrimePriest

    Well honestly I'm not particularly excited for this buff. If they insist on buffing Enforcer I think reverting back to old 10-shot magazine would be the best. This "Vulcan 2.0" bollocks has lots of potential to go terribly wrong. But far it looks like it will rival the Vulcan in burst alpha.
  10. Tbone

    I understand just fine cause i use it all the time when i am forced to close in with it cause of those things i just mentioned.Which is ok with a harasser.Maybe stay on med range but thats all.But who want to go cqc with a tank which is med to long range where the vulcan is very inaccurate
  11. Flag

    Not once did I call the current live G30Vulcan (prowler) to be OP, I said it was fine (as in not needing buffs - which it seems to be getting anyway).
    Only the G20Vulcan-H (harasser).
  12. Janky

    Both vulcans need to either have the fall off on their damage increased, their rate of fire reduced, their clip size/reload speed reduced or just their overall damage reduced.
  13. Ianneman

    Lots of mad n00brider users in this thread, and they're the only ones arguing that Vulcan is OP.
  14. Compeer

    LMAO the Harraser vulcan doesnt matter if you miss....miss one shot with the enforcer and your done....

    which is why you see most times a vulcan harasser meets an enforcer harasser ..the enforcer runs away..or tries...why because harrasers are hard to hit when blasting all over the place.

    the ease of use is what makes this gun so damn op.

    who cares how long it takes to kill at one uses at that range..not all the they blast up and then peal you to death...

    if the other guns were as forgiving then yer it would be fine but its just not practically have an automatic shotgun that kills EVERYTHING with ease has a huge clip and extreme fire rate.

    the other harraser guns currently arent even remotely scary.

    Honestly the tr have the only really reliable harasser weapon.

    Why did they not make the harraser like the Valk and not have empire specific weapons.

    Give us all the vulcan. take away the other crappers leave em for the tanks.

    We all want to have weapons that ven the noob whos gunning for you can do well with.

    You guys got the best weapon AND its the easyiest to use all around.
  15. Liewec123

    you're the first TR player in this thread who can admit the truth :)
    all of the others are like "yup its totally fine!" lol
  16. dstock

    Remember when Harassers were coming out and (most) everyone agreed that ES weapons were going to mess with the balance?

    Also, magrider pilots, go get some water. You look dehydrated, your salt levels must be high.
  17. gartho33

    gez... is this fight still going on?

    Yes the Vulcan-H is Over Performing... but to keep this kind of argument going is more than a tad moot with the new dev team...
  18. MahouFairy

    Every single enemy vehicle they engaged didn't bother to even have a gunner. The VS tanks hunting them down came one at a time. Any fraction vulcan counterparts would have accomplished the same thing.
  19. Hydrologist

    Salt? Where?

  20. SanPelicano

    Why didnt you show us the first one minutes of the video? You know where Calisai was ambushed by a stealth harasser and died in 6 sec, without a chance to fight back...

    There are critical spots and tactics, where only the magrider can do nothing against Vulcan H harasser.

    Not to mention Calisai is one of the best driver with 29 d playtime in magrider, probably in a full certed magrider + a dedicated gunner... Not a good example, if we fight with statistics, averages and situations.

    I do remember when PPA was the same for 1.5 years and nobody complained abouth that. And suddenly after the sauron nerf it becamed the MOST OP thing in the game... So Indirect nerf/bufs can make things OP or UP? interesting which means that balance is flowing... The game never will be balanced perfectly.

    Answering your question:
    No, i dont remember. Vulcan - H was performing good before the Prowler Vulcan buff. It was OK. Then SOE buff it intentionally and makes it really powerful. They saw it can oneclip MBTs or its killing potentional is ridiculous in PTS and despite of this they took it into the live servers.

    Actually some tr also agree that vulcan- h is too powerfull.
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