Vulcan Op or Up?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by The Red One, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. The Red One

    i dont think we need the nerf or buff anything harassers are only good for taking out a single target, plus its speed that makes something OP in these games. Think about it how long can a harasser survive if it was as big and slow as the prowler plus its made for picking off damaged tanks, think about it this way:
    Vulcan harassers can destroy big slow targets like tanks but they cant counter a group of 5 infantry
    Tanks can destroy infantry because of their damage and accuracy but cant hit a moving harasser
    Any infantry can deal a good amount of damage to harassers without being hit because they are small and sneaky
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  2. Tbone

    Well if it would have dmg drop off,cone of fire and bullet drop all together like the vulcan well i would say sucks to be you.
  3. gartho33

    I say wait till the new tank changes hit... with the new "balance" of armor we may find that things sway in favor of some other weapon. Both NC and VS are getting revamped reload options, and if managed correctly will never need to fully reload. Not to mention all infantry AV options are being pulled down to 200m...

    let the change hit, then pool your data, don't change one thing just before a major shift in power to only have to change the one thing again.
  4. Meeka

    Once the tanks get their upcoming buff, the Vulcan will be perfect, right where it is.
  5. ATRA_Wampa-One

    We had them, it was the Orion/SVA-88 at release, ZOE, and PPA.
  6. FieldMarshall

    Based on the replies after that post, nobody bothered to watch it sadly.
  7. Syphers

    Which is what you just did downplaying having the best lmgs.
  8. Flag

    You obviously don't seem to understand how strong the Vulcan is. Your loss should they ever give the other empires something like it.

    I did mean within the ESAV category. Probably should've clarified that.

    Or you're completely missing the point.
    For your example just there, it would mean NC and TR could get some improvements to their LMGs so it's more even, assuming you want to balance infantry by class and not as "infantry". If the former, sure. If the latter, then comes the question of what to do with VS Carbines and ARs. And Pistols. Or you could try the "empire wide" method, in which case you'd get a big fat "suck it" for the fracture and LMGs, as a start.

    But that wouldn't be fun, would it?

    So back to the point. Balance the 3 ESAV according to their platforms, and towards each other (and halberd). You don't make one of them flat out better than the other just because another empire has better carbines or what have you. That's stupid.
  9. Syphers

    If thats how you mean it alright then fine. Balance wise I'd rather remove the 0.75 ads and up the orion mag to 75 or something like that, the + ads coupled with the overshield is a major advantage over regular infantry.
  10. Rhumald

    When a Vulcan herraser a weapon can take down an undamaged, fully charged and fully certed deploy shield sundy in just one clip, plus a few from the next there's a problem. Deploy shield sundies are supposed to be a team effort take down, they give up everything else for that.
  11. Huishe

    Harasser's vulcan op, prowler's vulcan up
  12. Freedom Fries

    I don't know if I'd say the Vulcan is overpowered. But it is certainly very strong, definitely nearing the edge. The harasser version that is. As a lightning pilot, I'm almost always running stealth flanker python AP.Which requires racer(AKA slow as all hell turning speed). So if a Vulcan harasser flanks me(very easy to do) I'm toast 10/10. If they attack my front, I'll win in a stand up fight as I only need to land 3 shots. Unless the enemy crew is smart, if so they'll know to duck into cover after doing some damage,use their double repair speed then come back guns blazing. The whole argument that a 150 harasser should always beat a lightning is a load of crap though. My vehicle costs 200 more resources to begin with.
  13. Xasapis

    You kind of described a worse SVA-88 than the current. Extra bullets alone won't cut it. Maybe if Orion becomes Anchor, then we could talk ;)
  14. KoS-1

    To the OP: let the buffs to tank hps, along with the enforcer and saron changes go into effect. Then reopen the discussion about what is UP or OP.

    Frankly the Vulcan isn't a pain or big deal, unless there are multiple ones bearing down on a target. When I run my NC harasser, keep distance, hit target and boom goes the harasser. Then on to the next one.

    Really it's not hard to counter, all it takes is teamwork, less Rambo on peoples part.

    Total BS. A Vulcan can't do what you describe.
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  15. EliteEskimo

    Vulcan on the Prowler is UP and needs a COF Buff and the vast majority of the time you're better off using a Halberd. The Vulcan on the Harasser is Powerful and a very valid choice over the Halberd.
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  16. RHYS4190

    I agree with poster, people really should shut up about the Vulcan, NC has the enforcer and the canister which now after they fixed it actually pretty good. and the VS has it own stuff.

    problem is people who play this game are just constantly whinging about every thing, it ok to do it occasionally if it really needs to be said but people are just going completely over board.
  17. Rhumald

    If that's true, I need to start reporting people.
  18. Ballto21

    What i think TR are forgetting about the vulcan is it has easily 5x the rate of fire as the saron or enforcer, 9x the clip of the enforcer, 15x the clip of the saron, for doing barely less damage per shot than either. So having effectively 10x the dps, rarely having to reload, being godly against infantry, is ridiculous to say the least. I would propose instead of nerfing the vulcan, add more damage per shot to the Enforcer, and either more damage per shot to the saron or increase default clip size. Also bring the ******* ppa back to the 50 shot default and splash damage its worthless now.
  19. Chal

    The vulcan on the harasser is very strong but on the prowler it doesn't fit the usual playstyle. For stealth flanking it can work on the prowler but drivers who choose to play like that are few and far between.

    Personally I wouldn't change the Vulcan-H at all. I've faced it at varying strengths and I enjoy ground combat in general much more when it's strong. Having harassers flying about adds some extra threat and variety to battles.
    I'd rather have the occasional vulcan-H to the rear death when I mess up or get outplayed than for them to get nerfed and hardly be used. (like when the Vulcan-H 2013 got "ZOE'd")

    If balance calls for any change then the saron-H and enforcer-H should be changed to short-mid range weapons to encourage VS/NC harasser crews into the the same high risk/high reward rambo playstyle that the vulcan harasser is perfect for.
  20. Ballto21

    For that to work on the Saron or Enforcer you would have to:
    Up damage per shot
    Up firerate
    Up clipsize

    Now i want this to happen, i dont want the vulcan or anything nerfed, i want the VS and NC to get an all around buff, and the TR too for their weakpoints. I think all the factions need weak and strongpoints, but when you have nc 20% less effective at range, tr 20% less effective at cqc, and VS 15% less effective in almost everything without surprise buttsex or luck, theres a problem