Vulcan Op or Up?

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  1. The Red One

    Everyone keeps complaining about the Vulcan but from how I see it it's actually good the way it is
    Really it's the only gun that can do decent damage at medium range expecially against magriders and sunderers it just has a problem with long rangel combat. It's also the most easy to use AV weapon cause it has a fast fire rate and large clip so it's okay if you miss a few shots,while the other faction weapons require better gunners.
  2. FateJH

    Are we talking about the Prowler's Vulcan or the Harasser's Vulcan?
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  3. Flag

    That I'd say is true regardless of which variant you're talking about.
  4. tf2hero

    Vulcan for the harasser is fine, most of the nerf calls come from people who get flanked by a harasser and hit them from behind.
    but when it comes to the prowler Vulcan strap a dual fracture on it and it's good 2 go
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  5. Flag

    I wonder what TR would do/say if/when NC and VS got a weapon that rivals the Vulcan.
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  6. axiom537

    Personally, I'm ok with it. I think each faction should have a unique weapon, that stands out. especially, since they may have a weaker weapon elsewhere, where another empire shines. It's ok for each faction to have a weapon that is top of it's class, as long as it is not more then roughly 10% more effective then the other factions equivalent weapons.

    I think this is a prime example of this in action, Yes, the Vulcan on the harasser is a beast, and top of its class on the harasser and has some carry over versatility vs low flying Air craft but it is much less effective on the Prowler. The NC have the Enforcer, while not as strong on the harasser as the Vulcan, it's still reasonably close but on the Vanguard it's more effective then the vulcan is on the Prowler.

    I would say the same about the NC Raven Maxes and the VS PPA'a (prior to nerf), yes those weapons are top of their respectable classes and even have a bit more versatility outside of their intended role, but they are also compensation for being weaker elsewhere. Again, I think it is OK for a weapon to outperform its counterparts as long as it is not excessive, <10%-15% and that empire doesn't also dominate AV,AI or AA in other faction specific weapon systems.

    The only real issue I see is resource cost differences. The harasser is really damn cheap at 150 and it gives a lot of AV potential, at that price, but I really do not think it is that much stronger then the enforcer or the VS PPA, which I think both work better on their relative MBT's.
  7. d3adline

    There is quite a lot of equipment in both the VS and NC's arsenal that outperforms the TR's equivalent in the same magnitude. Because asymmetrical balance.


    And if a Harasser is driving up your *** und unloading, you've lost because you got outplayed and not because of the Vulcan. And if you spot him and aren't able to gun him down before he kills you, then that's a L2p issue.
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  8. Mxiter

    The same thing VS would say if NC/TR would have access to orion/betelgeuse or magrider.
    Same for Ravens ect...

    Back to OP:

    Since real facts and not biased (pro or cons) feelings:

    It's OP on harassers and UP on prowlers.
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  9. Onhil

    In my opinion the Vulcan is UP on the Prowler as the Prowler is well a little more long range type of tank than the other two, but can still hold it's ground pretty well up close.

    On the Harasser on the other hand I find it to be a little OP and no I'm not saying this becuase I get flanked by a Vulcan Harasser, but with the Magriders turn rate it's actually pretty hard to hit a full speed Harasser sweeping trough the fields specially if hes turboing trough. In my mind a Harasser that can hold it's ground against a ful manned MTB from an angled front approch is a little BS. Yes I'm not the best tanker around, but I know what to do in most situtaions.

    So what I will say buff the Vulcan on the Prowler a little bit and nerf the Vulcan on the Harasser a little bit
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  10. axiom537

    Good points, but it's hard, because it is the attributes of the harasser that make it OP and not the weapon itself.

    I also think it actually sorta balances out the prowler fairly well. AP Lock Down Prowler is the most deadly vehicle in this game at range, put a halberd on it and its crazy good at range. However, if you think your going to have fast moving harassers or even some up close fights, then you have the Vulcan for that close in fighting, that may need to prowler to be less reliant on its lock-down ability and get mobile.
  11. Flag

    It's a bit different.

    HA = HA
    MAX = MAX

    MBT != MBT
  12. Flag

    To limit it to vehicles, no. VS and NC don't have something that equals the Vulcan H or the P2.

    Yes, I know the TR MAX is lacking for ranged weapons, and TR has some rather meh infantry guns.
    The way I see it those should be treated separately from vehicle balance. Don't make something silly/OP because something else is meh/UP.

    To use an example from the recent past. With the pre-nerf Banshee, was nerfing it the right thing or should other TR gear be sacrificed in it's place? Same with the Vulcan (at least on the Harasser). Do you neuter it, or in this case buff the other ESAV guns to it's level?
    Btw, you should come on VS from time to time and get in the Mag/Harasser, and then "enjoy" the "fun" that are Vulcan Harassers.
    That a harasser is rivalling 2/2 prowlers as realistic threats means there's something wrong with the dune buggy.
  13. FBVanu

    The H-Vulcan is overpowered by accident, since SOE didn't consider the connection when they changed the Prowler Vulcan.

    For anyone to say " Oh, yeah, NOW it is as it was supposed to be.." or "That was intended".. --no, not really.

    If a puny little dune buggy has that much fire power to take out armor with one clip.. there is something fundamentally wrong with the common understanding of the word balance.
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  14. Syphers

    asymmetric balance nonetheless
  15. MAXArmar

    When I'm in my AP lightning I lose it to Harasser's probaply 7 or 8 times out of 10. Getting snuck upon or missing one shot usually causes a loss. If I'm in my Viper lightning I don't even try to put up a fight though. Am I okay with that? Well yeah, Harasser is a 2 or 3-manned vehicle, lightning is a solo vehicle.
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  16. The Red One

    to me both the prowler vulcan and harasser vulcan are ok the way they are if i use my vulcan harasser and charge towards a enforcer i end up killing the enforcer and the enforcer also kills me
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  17. The Red One

    yep from what i have seen while gunning a prowler vulcan or a harasser vulcan they depend more on the driver being able to get closer without getting killed while the other empire specific AV weapons are longer range so they depend on the gunner's aim more than the driver's skill
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  18. Reclaimer77

    The Harasser finds bad's roaming around without support and quickly dispatches them. Working as intended.

    Don't nerf the Vulcan, buff everything else. The last thing we need is to nerf counters to vehicles!
  19. The Red One

    if they were to nerf the H-vulcan and buff the P-vulcan it should be a range buff/nerf cause even though most harasser drivers get close to take out a vehicle, i keep my harasser a good distance away from MBT's and lightings that way i can dodge all their shots (as long as a dont crash) and still kill them once my gunner has gone though two clips, i dont have a vulcan on my prowler but i have gunned for people with vulcan prowler from what i seen the prowler vulcan is only useful for taking out a single enemy tank(just like the harasser vulcan) at close too medium range.
  20. Flag

    Most people who cite that has no problems when it's their stuff being the "strong" one in a category, but not when others have the advantage.
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