Vulcan new sound, 60 rounds and precise well this is TR.

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Nobalification, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Nobalification

    New G30-G20-Vulcan sound, 60/1000 rounds, only one attachment type (optics), precise, minimized spread (COF), but in this update i dont show broken T2 Striker where Striker can´t lock on.

    BTW: Sorry for worst winter background sound ever.
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  2. Headcapper

    I read the thread in gameplay & discussions. So, we have double the ammo and mag size now, but damage drops off at 100 meters instead of 300 meters? WTF really?

    We want a weapon that can work on medium distances! Might as well make it a massive knife than since the range sucks balls! We want longer range damnit!
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  3. Ash87

    I kind of wish they preserved the 300 m range but left the 75m damage dropoff... it's not like you can hit anything at 300m with the vulcan, even with the tighter cof.

    Still, 60 round magazine... that's going to get on people's plums.
  4. gigastar

    Its probably still a work in pogress.
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  5. FischiPiSti

    Hope we get some more visual and sound feedback of the ROF, so far it seems its constant even tho the ROF increases over time
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  6. Sworaven

    It's still ****.
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  7. Ranik

    Basically yes. Unless they plan on nerfing the **** out of the Saron / Enforcer. It will remain that way if they launch it as is.
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  8. WarmasterRaptor

    I like the new audio though! :D
  9. Narfwak

    Is the fire rate significantly increased? That sound effect is the noise a gun that fires thousands of rounds per minute makes, not hundreds... and given that the magazine is still hilariously small for such a weapon I'm guessing not.

    Either way it's still dumb. We're sick of getting an empire specific weapon with an effective range against armor as short or shorter than the effective range against infantry of all the anti-infantry specific weapons. Given how the saron and enforcer now rule long range and skirmishing combat on both harasser and tank platforms it seems ridiculous to do a redesign of our weapon and make it the same short range nonsensical bizarro-gun.
  10. AnuErebus

    Now they just need to double the magazine capacity again, double the fire rate, cut the damage per bullet in half and we've got ourselves an actual minigun for the prowler. After that maybe they can make a few tweaks to make it not rendered useless past a few meters.
  11. Skadi

    Great, my face impacting my desk broke my new glass desk.

    As a note while im cleaning this glass up, anyone else smell a saron nerf coming to make way for a new set of ES tank secondarys for soe to sell us in the old ones places?
  12. Nobalification

    what vulcan need? ofc ROF. Our empire is specific about ROF but not. Vanu guns and NC guns have better ROF than ours and better recoil than ours. What about magazines? why NC and VS thinking the 15 rounds in magazine is very good. Yes maybe for Carabine but not for LMG, Vulcan or mosquito guns. Vulcan need 1300 or 1400 ROF ITS A VUUUUUULCAN. 200 rounds in one magazine. Saron can pew pew ik sniping infantry but our vulcan cant do this. We have WORST technology ever, we have worst guns ever, OMG TR are Special Military with worst technology than Africian Military in 2012. . . SOE pls do right thing for TR.
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  13. badname123

    To hell with 60 rounds! give us 300 rounds! i want to spew red tracers with a 1000+ RPM bullet hose. people will come flocking to TR to use this gun if SOE makes it cool like a minigun should be.

    I think it can be balanced with 300 rounds because of that huge damage fall off. or not el oh el.
  14. Venomoroth

    this must not go live at any time for following reasons:

    - the sound and rpm doesnt match. the vulcan has stillt the same rpm as before (800rpm) but a placebo sound
    - the damage on range was ultra nerfed
    - cof is still pretty bad
    - mag size upgrade is useless now - i have certed it to maximum and so wasted thousands of certs. thanks alot!
    - kill time vs infantry is still ridiculously bad
    - bullet velocity of 300m/s is a bad joke

    What TR needs is a weapon which can acutally keep up with the ultra buffed and overpowered Saron HRB and Enforcer ML85.

    This is what the Vulcan should be like if SOE doesn't nerf Saron and Enforcer:

    - no spin up time
    - instant kills infantry
    - ultra tight cone of fire with almost no bloom
    - no damage falloff
    - splash damage

    Sure, this sounds ridiculous and overpowered - but that's what Saron and Enforcer are like. Both guns are perfect all-range-anti-everything killing machines. Please give us an accetable counter.

    I don't understand why SOE always gives us TR's some weird and useles crap. Anchor Mode for the fastest tank, suice mode for our max, uncreative and boring Striker, Vulcan....IT'S ENOUGH!:mad:

    Edit: This would be acceptable for me:

    - Boost RPM to 892rpm (armistice niveau, so it should be possible)
    - smaller cone of fire, less bloom
    - damage per bullet stays at 120
    - damage falloff like the current vulcan design (not the test server version)


    The Vulcan would be better on close ranges and had a chance to kill infantry with a better DPS. The damage falloff would make it pretty even to Saron and Enforcer on Mid Range, but a bit worse on long range. I could live with that.
  15. Ayre

    That sound is ******* awesome. Glad TR is finally getting DAKKA sound effects.
  16. Venomoroth

    no, it is not. it is a ridiculous shame. why would a gun that fires 800 rpm have the sound of a weapon that fires multiple thousand bullets per minute? they made it to create a feeling of having a powerful gun - but give us only crap.
  17. Naithe

    Technically nothing wrong with it. Placebo is a strong thing.

    Still the current sound, and the Vulcans rate of fire, are way too much out of sync. its like watching a dubbed movie, where someone screwed up with the lip sync.
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  18. WarmasterRaptor

    More noise = more powerful! Ork logic! :D

    But still, the sound itself is interesting. But I totally agree, the weapon doesn't deliver the awaited effect for such sound.
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  19. Pudgeinabowl

    Still a piece of junk.
  20. Jeralamo

    ranged damage decreased because its not meant to be better than a walker.
    if a prowler has a decent gunner you can forget trying to strafe that tank. also I'd think that with the prowlers speed the vulcan would be perfect for it. TR Blitzkrieg!! :D