[Suggestion] Vulcan needs some adjusting (aka nerf the Vulcan)...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ZZYZX, Dec 27, 2014.

  1. Nody

    You mean how TR were crying over the PPA (which is now have 50% users as the TR and NC versions and perform 50% or worse in any given stat from KPU to KPH)? Or how about the fact the Vulcan-H was actually performing pretty much on spot with the the Enforcer or Saron before the buff and now is clearly over performing (and has been confirmed will get nerfed by Smed)?
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  2. breeje

    well if its confirmed then this discussion can end
    i would liked it more if the PPA and an NC equivalent was buffed
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  3. NoctD

    Your math is meaningless - because you totally fail to account for different resist values, the DPM/DPS figures don't matter at all. Also the potential accuracy to hit given COF and Vulcan bullets is much less than the accuracy of guided Ravens, which have incredible range on them as well.

    Ravens need a nerf period, no to ways about it, they are just silly.

    Vulcan-H is also silly - it should get changed to have a 60 round mag.

    Bottom line - both Ravens and the Vulcan-H are just too good and need to be toned down!

    Also the Proton PPA and Banshee will need to be buffed because both of them are now worse off than their other faction counterparts.

    The NC have it far too easy in this game - and SOE has been rather unfair in their treatment of both TR and VS players alike, constantly pandering to the NC uber bads that just cry about everything.
  4. PoxLUFC

    I've listened(read) all these forum posts about nerf this, buff that etc and to me the only way everybody will be content is either to give every faction exactly the same weapons/vehicles and so on, or just continuously buff weapons to suit what ever faction screams the loudest.

    personally I was gutted after the last nerf of the Vulcan(remember when everybody cried it was too op?) I'd certed it 2 days before the nerf, spent 1000 certs and since then have never used it, what a waste, now I'm thinking about getting it again, everybody is screaming for it to be nerfed, within a week of the alleged buff???

    20mm basilisk seems to be the NS/TR standard weapon at the moment, because the rest of them are absolute 'pony'.

    But hey, nerf it if it appeases the masses, after all, I've still got my ridiculously OP MCG.................................
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  5. Auzor

    A few points I feel:
    In terms of infantry weapons, balance isn't far of. 167 weapons have a longer ttk vs nanoweave, or at 11 m than 143 weapons with corresponding RoF. (exception: cyclone) . 143-652 weapons are screwed, yes. Nc: Beyond cyclone and jackhammer, all really close range options are 'Tr-flavor'. The anchor is good because of effectiveness at mid range imo.
    Yeah yeah, Ravens long range etc, but slow, slooow projectile. So quite some leading vs a moving target, especially a fast one like a harasser. Can't shoot and take cover. Nerf needed? Probably. Stop guidance after xxx m. But range is also the only thing that needs to be nerfed, if anything. One option is damage degradation, say the missile uses nanites for warhead and for fuel.
    However, let's not forget weapons like Av turret, lancer and vortexes. Raven isn't the only weapon with long range.

    Vulcan -h: yeah, too good it seems.
    Saron-h and enforcer-h deal less dmg than mbt variant. Harsher dmg degradation for a vehicle that can close distance very, very fast is not a terribly good balancing approach.
    In a sense, the halberd is also the most Nc weapon, one big boom. But, everyone gets it. How about the underboss and commie vs the 'rebel'.
    Sabr13 seems a Nc weapon.
    But, asked by one poster, everyone a haraser minigun, that road ends with nothing unique for any faction.
    Higher av muzzle velocity solves the issue, or a weaker harasser too.
  6. Cest7

    They were told by the community not to buff the Harasser vulcan and did it anyway... now its broke
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  7. NinjaTurtle

    If you are going to compare the Vulcan to any weapon it needs to be to other weapons that fit it's category.

    Ravens and Vulcans have nothing to be compared together against, they are used on different units completely.

    Vulcan - Enforcer - Saron - - Halberd are the equivalents
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  8. AlterEgo

    No need to nerf anything right now. I mean, sure, the H-version needs to be adjusted, but the Prowler version is very synergetic in a balanced way.

    Just make the Vulcan-H as balanced on the Harasser as the Vulcan is on the Prowler.
    Large magazines, overwhelming fire rates, and high accuracy stats are NOT befitting on a speedy, low profile vehicle. The Prowler version is balanced on a tank with acceptable speed, armor, and profile, so there is no need to nerf the whole thing.
    As a reward, please rebuff the Saron so I can use it again. Please:(
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  9. Maxor

    Since Ravens are meant to be a long distance weapon its mainly its insane TTK and pure damage it unloads on a target from that distance is what people hate. I've seen single maxes with dual ravens take out sundies and MBTs faster than vortexes or fractures ever could. I understand some people are still sore about the extreme ranges that lancer/vortex can reach but after 400m the damage of a full shot is so little it becomes no more than a nuisance. The bigger problem with Ravens is single max with them is more valuable than a duo of fracture maxes or triple vortex maxes. Its all about freeing up man power.
  10. Mxiter

    I have read the stuffs.

    Comparing 2 uncomparable things (like long range AV max weapon with close range AV secondary).

    You also havn't read the last sentance.

    It"s about rewards/risks.
  11. ZZYZX

    ...it's actually INCREDIBLY befitting, as demonstrated by the solo Harassers that are taking out MULTIPLE Vanguards and Sunderers while evading fire. There are a few who have realized how ridiculously potent this combination is, and they are getting a metric crap ton of kills with it.

    Harassers are difficult to hit. Combine that with a stupid-strong gatling cannon that shreds armor in seconds, and you're a 2-man wrecking crew.

    If it doesn't get nerfed, then I WANT AN EQUIVALENT WEAPON for the NC Harassers. None of this 1-rocket-per-second nonsense.
  12. bl33ping

    vulcans are meant for CQC. if you can't hit a harasser up close then you should probably l2p.
  13. ZZYZX

    What they're meant for, and how they're used, are apparently (1) two different things, and therefore (2) irrelevant.

    If you haven't been able to dominate a field of armor with a Vulcan-H, with worse than 3:1 odds, then it's you who needs to "l2p." Try gunning a Vanguard and let me know how easy it is to hit a Harasser on the move, that's both firing back at you and out-DPSing your "main battle tank".
  14. AlterEgo

    Two things can happen:

    One: We nerf only the Harasser version.

    Two, and the slightly better-sounding solution: Each faction gets an equivalent that is as powerful in different ways. For example, NC get a nearly hitscan rail gun, and VS gets a hitscan laser. I really like how that'll go, honestly:p
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  15. Tykune

    Vulcan is one of the very few things that TR has going for it. Please do not take that away, and stop whining. NC has plenty of toys that it can play with just as effective as the vulcan.
  16. d3adline

    You can have the Vulcan OP, if we get MAX shotguns, Ravens and the most ridiculously OP nosegun, the Airhammer to be common pool as well.

    Take away something that's good in the TR arsenal, but also take away your OP stuff. Sounds fair doesn't it?
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  17. Tykune

    Mosquito nosegun has the lowest DPS in the game when compared to other air vehicles. This is why they aren't usually used in dog fighting situations.

    Sad truth is sad.
  18. Bonom Denej

    Got killed for the first time by a Vulcan-H yesterday, got me from the back and I saw my Magrider's life going down so freaking fast I couldn't do anything. My gunner with a Saron couldn't properly aim at the Harasser since it was right on us and the damn thing couldn't aim downward, and by the time I understood what was happeing and made a 180° turn with my Mag we were dead...

    I'm not the kind of guy that screams nerf everywhere and I'm with a lot of people when aknowledging some tools my faction have are OP (pre nerf PPA, pre nerf ZOE and other stuffs here and there) but here, it was the first time in a year and a half where I was like "Holy nanites, how is that balanced ?".

    A two manned 150 ressources light vehicle shouldn't be able to kill a two manned FPC/Saron 450 ressources Magrider so fast and get away with it full life.

    Damn, for the rest of the fight against Prowlers and Lightnings, I was more afraid of Harassers than anything else...
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  19. Haquim

    Didn't you know that the TR trait is shooting 20% more bullets with 25% less damage?
    (Do the math, it means 10% less dps. And having both 20% would still be 4% less damage)

    I'm still amazed how they made the Lynx "more TR" by giving it 909 RPM - and actually managed to nerf it.
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  20. Tykune

    There will come a day, where TR will have their own developer that looks over the faction.. instead of -eh hem- biased ones.

    Some day, I guess... some day.