VS zoe... still a walking coffin.

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  1. GothicNightmares

    Dear DBG

    This may come as a shock, but, majority of players do not like dying very often. Especially when resources to pull a MAX is 450. I play NC almost exclusively but I do have VS/TR alts i play that are nearly identical BR. I just don't understand how you nerfe'd the hell out of the ZOE damage but in a straight up fight an nc max landing body shots with no slug ammo will still win against me. I feel like I speak for majority of the players when I say that ZOE still needs a redesign because there is no way I am leaving my charge behind for a death sentence.

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  2. Ballto21

    I used to use ZOE to plink away at tanks attacking my sundy from 75+ meters out

    never again....

    Even post nerf zoe could kind of work with either heavy squad support defending points or sundies and outdoor fighting.

    Now i m not sure how it will be useful at all without 30 teammates near you
  3. Prudentia

    if those 30 teammates are on the other side of your target you can active ZOE to tickle your target a bit and then atract fire by glowing like a christmas tree
  4. Mongychops

    Radical rethink idea:

    "ZOE redirects power from weapon systems to movement systems."

    Remove increase to damage taken

    Change effect from increasing weapon damage by ~1 tier. To dropping it by half a tier.

    With a few tweaks to values, this could make ZOE useful as an offensive ability. Fundamentally, the problem is that charge is so good both offensively (to breach a choke point) and defensively (to escape enemies when on low HP), and ZOE as a mobility ability just has trouble competing with charge, a superior mobility tool.
  5. Rentago

    I like the idea that they tried to give it a CQB purpose.

    Except I don't think people use a MAX to walk right up next to a tank, and if they turn on ZOE i don't think they'd survive long enough to see the benefit at 10 meters with something that make enemies kill you 50% faster.

    The issue is they have to remove the armor reduction from ZOE on the user, and instead of making it CQB make it benefit ranged combat or mobility.

    See if it benefits ranged combat you'll hear more complaining from scrubs, if it benefits mobility in terms of strafe speed it will just break the game.

    I still stick by what a lot of people have came to a conclusion to a year ago which was simply make ZOE give the max a sprint speed increase and a jump height increase, made for mobility to close gaps or escape by out running infantry and jumping over walls normally too high for infantry to jump. It would be balanced enough and unique enough for VS.

    Anything doing with increasing damage will just not work, because people will complain forever about getting sniped by blueshifts, comets, or vortexes. They already complain a lot, you'll just make their baby tears much louder and less tolerable. It isn't like they are really getting sniped either, they are hearing the dings of pot shots go off and being in the worst exposed positions while already on fire to begin with, and no one literally snipes with blueshifts though they are slightly more accurate.

    However ZOE and what it currently is, making the VS MAX which takes increased damage have to perform a role only a NC MAX would excel at, doesn't add up. Giving the NC the ability to shoot with the riot shield, while doing no damage past 10 meters would make more sense.
  6. AlterEgo


    She was a *****! She turned on me! She KILLED me! Multiple times, as well!
    She was NEVER innocent! I thought I could trust her after...

    After all those months. She was perfect, an angel. She saved me... multiple times, as well.
    She was always great. I knew I could trust her after the purchase...

    *Sobs loudly*
    No longer.

    P.S. I agree. HOWEVER, if ZOE is getting buffed, then the Striker MUST be buffed as well. They are complete examples of overnerfing in this game, so if ZOE is getting improved, so should the Striker. I tip my ancient Spanish hat to you, good sir!
  7. asmodraxus

    ZoE improved, when?

    Yay 1 less bullet to kill someone within 10m, now whats the fire rate of a Cosmos / Nebula again?

    If DBG call that a buff, what do they call a nerf?
  8. MrDuch

    To be fair I still think NC maxes need a nerf ...... they deal ssssssoooooooooo much DMG I am running away from them, especially since I always encounter more than 5 f them at one time..
  9. Auzor

    You play NC almost exclusively..
    but your VS and TR alts have near identical BR?

    "almost exclusively".

    Also: at what range was the NC max shotgunning you?

    Anyway: ZoE is getting a buff; which should sort it for anti-infantry power I think.
  10. Prudentia

    get it?

    slugs still work perfectly at 20+ meters

    and you don't want to get within 10m of enemy Infantry with a MAX... Buckshot NC MAXes are already a high contender for awkward design, but atleast they can stilll buckshot OHK you with ease out to 20m, but why would you active ZOE past 10m, when you deal more damage and take less damage if you don't? :confused:
  11. MAXArmar

    Look at it from the bright side, now you can spend the certs you were going to spend on ZOE elsewhere!
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  12. Deneme Shadows

    Well, I cannot say you are wrong there as pretty much the only reason for its existence right now is a cert deterrent. At this point they might as well just turn it into some sort of versatility device like a really fast movement speed buff. Hell, if this keeps up they might as well just give the VS max's jump jets again or a form of enhanced jump since they cannot get it right.
  13. Liewec123

    sucks for those of us who maxed out ZoE though, this change was actually a huge nerf to something that was already pretty terrible!

    looks like TR are the only one remaining with a decent max ability!
  14. Deneme Shadows

    At least the NC have a use for their ability as it can be handy when advancing in corridors, bridges, and such. The ZOE is the thing that when everyone sees now they might giggle a little.
  15. asmodraxus

    Unless there's more ZoE buffs in the pipeline here's the oh so remarkable changes in actual TTK's (against infantry) at point blank range

    337 RPM x 2 for duel weapons = 674
    11.2333 shots per second

    Pre ZoE 6 shots to kill
    Post ZoE 5 shots to kill

    0.534124629 Pre ZoE
    0.445103858 Post ZoE

    Blue Shifts
    366 RPM x2 = 377
    12.2 Shots per second

    Pre ZoE 7 shots to kill
    Post ZoE 6 shots to kill

    0.573770492 Pre ZoE
    0.491803279 Post ZoE

    426 RPM * 2 = 852
    14.2 shots per second

    Pre ZoE 7 shots to kill
    Post ZoE 6 shots to kill

    0.492957746 Pre ZoE
    0.422535211 Post ZoE

    337 RPM x 2 = 674
    11.2333 shots per second

    Pre ZoE 6 shots to kill
    Post ZoE 5 shots to kill

    0.534124629 Pre ZoE
    0.445103858 Post ZoE

    With an average TTK difference of 0.082607823 seconds with ZoE, I an so overwhelmed underwhelmed considering ping rates make more of a difference in reality
  16. Liewec123

    Aegis is not reliable enough and it has way too many bugs, some of which (like locking your weapons entirely until you redeploy at a terminal) are gamebreaking.

    but yeah ZoE needs to be useful, as does the shield!
  17. OldMaster80

    Great now the ZOE is in the same position as the Striker
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  18. Jovisfulmina

    Nope, those TTK seems wrong to me. Both arms shoot at the same time so you have to multiply the damage by 2, not the rate of fire.
    So if you go from 6 shot without ZOE to 5 shot with ZOE the TTK remains the same.
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  19. MahouFairy

    Well, the TR MAX lock down is a standing coffin.
  20. Arsonix

    lol are you actually serious?