[VS] Xen of Onslaught

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Dullard, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. vaxx

    Here, let me fix that for you. You seem to left out the most important one....

  2. ({x})Kyoji

    My signature has dancing Africans. Your argument is invalid.
  3. Badname3073

    How do you know they are Africans?
  4. ({x})Kyoji

    I know the commercial and im bi-winning!
  5. ({x})Kyoji


    My hero!
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  6. Daibar

  7. ({x})Kyoji

    Always fun playing in XoO.
  8. Total_Overkill

    "I hope I never see them again"
    —Every Terran Republic Soldier.... ever...
  9. Regis7575

    Your quotes are awesome total. I don't know how you come up with so many
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  10. DeltaGun

    "Bristle-faced and lipless, the regiments of the Terran Republic howl out their awful calumny as your footfall passes. Dun smoke fills the massive cavity of space. Oh machine! Oh divine engine! Oh Xen of Onslaught! Furnace hot the welter of your combustion, buckling the rancid air of heaven's arch and fusing the mould of the ground to glass. Daibar in his amniosis, drinking liquid data, broken by the beautiful agony of being so mighty, feels the burden of your great walk as surely as if he had carved the mausoleum plaques of your every last victim alone, by hand, until finger bones peep through eroded flesh. Oh purple god! The union is fierce, like a plasma maelstrom in black water, like a seething cauldron over fire, in which you boil and cook together, no start of one, no end of another, but both admixed, like an alloy. To be clutched by the Vanu! To feel the incendiary hunger ring in your marrow! Oh lucky man!

    Xen, do you ever really sleep? In the long between-times, in the silences wasted in loading screens and empty outposts, do you sleep then? When the rebirth vats reduce you to dormancy, is that sleep for you? Do you dream then, great engine? What do you dream about?"
  11. Total_Overkill

    Titanicus... to easy!
  12. Eskara

    First video I've ever made (very quickly I might add lol) so be nice :p Only just started using fraps too.

    Watch in 720p if you can :)
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  13. vaxx

    Very nice. Screw Bursters, huh?
  14. ({x})Kyoji



    GJ capturing Amerish and Indar today ladies.
  15. imb0r3d

    I'm glad he's on my team :)
  16. Daibar

    i agree, i'm happy that Eska is on our side.
  17. ({x})Kyoji

  18. Total_Overkill

    "Spandex shall be our armour
    Lazors shall be our weapon
    Indar shall be our reward"
  19. Zer010

    If you wear your pants with your ***-crack hanging out Xen isn't for you.
    If you whine and complain every time you die Xen isn't for you.
    If can't go 15 minutes without using the term "Well my Mom says..." Xen isn't for you.
    If you enjoy drama and constant guild politics Xen isn't for you.


    If you enjoy gaming with adults XEN IS FOR YOU!
    If you're old enough to fart dust, XEN IS FOR YOU!
    If you have to routinely cover your mic to yell at your kids, XEN IS FOR YOU!
    If you believe in unified goals and team objective XEN IS FOR YOU!
    If you want to be #1 on your server and feared by the NC and TR, XEN IS FOR YOU!

    The enemy fear nothing as much as a group of cranky old gamers that have nothing better to do than silently plot every meticulous detail of their final destruction and the total domination of their foes.

    10 years strong and building daily, Xen of Onslaught. www.xoohq.com/planetside to apply.
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  20. 660/12

    Special props and shout-out to the folks who joined our platoon last night. We enjoyed having you and hope you had a good time!