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Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Dullard, Dec 6, 2012.

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    Daddy needs a new page!
  4. Total_Overkill

    This place needs a bit more XoO memes! (... for recruitment sake)







  5. Daibar


    We have the strats, We have the fun, we need more active people.
    join the Vanu and get a nice trip down elmostomping-lane :)
    apply at
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    The last meme was golden.
  7. Regis7575

    The new buggy is awesome. Definitely fun to use in a team when everyone is communicating.
  8. UmbraUrsa

    Learn how to drive buggies everywhere!!!
  9. Regis7575

    We ran an open recruiting platoon on Sunday night and held camp connery for about 3-4 hours...epic defense guys. That's what keeps me logging into PS2 every day.
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    Always fun! Always! >=)
  11. chrisbeebops

    Tonight XoO fought alongside the rest of the fearsome Waterson VS to liberate Esamir from Terran Tyranny and claim it in the name of Purple. VS is lowest world pop by far? Like we care!
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    Yeah yeah!
  13. chrisbeebops

    Tonight during primetime XoO fought valiantly with the Waterson VS to free Indar from the grasp of the red.

    VS victory celebration? A sacrifice of over 100 galaxies crashing into the TR warpgate, with XoO leading the charge.
  14. imb0r3d

    Here's the video of the celebratory Galaxy crash into the TR warpgate on Indar last night:

  15. Nyxpip

    The impromptu max crash with you guys at NS Salvage ~40s before TR took it back was amazing. We literally just threw ourselves at the point thinking we were alone and about to die, and then we saw XOO maxes had come from the other side and trapped the, was great. Wonderful working with you all last night. :D Congrats on the cap guys.
  16. ({x})Kyoji

    indeed. :)
  17. UmbraUrsa

    We don't zerg!!!
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    True, that is a cute picture.
    but shouldn't we show the world what it looked like when you actually capped it?

    Time: 7:45am on 5/13 (Monday morning)
    World Population:
    - VS = 16%
    - TR = 62%
    - NC = 21%
    Indar Population:
    -VS = 17%
    -TR = 61%
    -NC = 21%

    i can cap a continent too if there's no one to fight.
    excellent job you guys did there :) i applaud your efforts.

    With skills like those, yeah, you got game!

    On a general note
    Now if you want to join an outfit where capping empty bases arent the thing for you, by all means.
    Post an application at

    because, numbers clearly aren't everything!