VS were never supposed to be in PS2- that explains faction traits crisis and lack of vision for VS

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  1. ZBrannigan

    it's achieved that admirably. except the gunplay is better.

    PS1 was the pioneer, balance wasn't perfect but better than now, due to not being able to be everything at anytime.
    if you had 4 points to spend you could get heavy assault OR a tank, but not both.
    when EVERY person in you're empire can pull the same thing at the same time yet it still needs to be balanced to the 1vs1 scenario. balancing will always be a problem, at least in PS1 if everyone did all cert HA the empire would be deficient in other area's.
    simple solution but 'fairness'(i use it in it's loosest possible sense, it's not unfair) and entitlement issues of the modern gamer knocked it on the head.
  2. MikeyGeeMan


    Reddit, read it, its very good.

    Faction traits

    Tr ammo
    Vs speed
    NC damage

    Nbd got needed because other vs in the forum and on reddit complained about the damage degradation over range...so they took away some of that range damage drop off and instituted bullet drop. Tada.

    The tr used to have highly accurate low recoil weapons with lots of bullets....not rof.

    If rof is such a faction trait , how come outside of the Lync with its nerfed damage the next set of carbines with rof is the serpent, vx7, terminus and gd7f. Why? Check the weapons out , I did...all we get are fast firing smgs...smgs of all things. Really tr gets ammo and that's it.
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  3. TerminalT6

    Nice job butchering the quote. Not saying VS is thoughtless, saying some of them think SOE was thoughtless for giving them any traits at all.
    You say that like they're born into VS... They had a choice. We all did.

    Point is, trying to sound like less of a ******* than I did last time, standing between two extremes, as the VS do, doesn't make you UP.
  4. Alarox

    Planetside Next was planned as a 2 faction game, but Planetside 2 was always developed with Vanu in mind.

    You're literally just jumping on opportunity to play the victim. It's the whole world versus you and your faction.
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  5. vanu123

  6. vanu123

    The VS trait isn't speed. Speed is TRs thing since the mossie and prowler are the fastest vehicles for their class.
  7. Jachim

    Oh right and you're not biased at all. :rolleyes:

    Don't sit here slapping me in the face and calling it a kiss. You're not letting people know anything, and basing all this off conjecture.
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  8. Jachim

    What speed? When other factions have faster guns than us what kind of 'faction benefit' is that? While VS Get better shield batteries, LA/Infil batteries???

    Where is the fairness in that???
  9. Mystogan

    Alarox, VS is not my faction. NC is. I have almost 4x time played as NC. I stopped playing NC (although I come back to Vanguard from time to time) becasue I had nothing else to cert there and I achieved BR100, I was in very good outfit on NC. I auraxiumed a lot of weapons and nearly auraxiumed my Vanguard. I

    I joined VS since I thought I will switch to something that LOOKS nice, becasue I was tired of garbage and "poor" look of NC. And lasers were nice change from bullets.

    And I can just clearly see having certed out all classes in NC and vehicles how much NV >>>> VS in terms of design of arsenal, clear faction traits, best diversity of weapon choice, accuracy and general more though and work was put in NC than in VS.

    You may be biased but I am not biased. I actually feel myself more suited to defend VS as a long NC player simply becasue I am not biased and I have tons of hours from other faction that I can judge.

    Did you notice that I never post anything about TR? Nor that they are OP or they need a buff? Simply becasue I am not playing them and I don't post things without checking them first. I don't play TR, I don't try to be smart I know anything about their arsenal, they feeling apart from overall traits that we all know. But I don't judge TR- I don't play them.

    Did you also notice I didn't even ONCE post anything about ESF, Libs and air general? Not only for VS but not at all? That is becasue I don't fly. I don't have even 1 hour in ESF. So I don't post in subjects I have no idea about.

    So, think before you post, ok?

    You may call it me against all world. Fine. But I feel it is better to step out and say what you think instead of sittnig there, being happy that other faction dont have so good stuff as mine and only post from time to time in forum "You are biased, you play victim" or thinking "Nothing can be done <shrug>". I am not that kind of person.

    Did I jump on opportunity? Yes- that is how you fight of any cause in life. You use opportunity to make difference, to make change. It is better than sitting quite and waiting for "miracle" to happen by itself.
    With that kind of attitude you won’t achieve/change anything.

    So don't call VS my faction. I am also catholic, I many times defend muslims (I actually read Koran)- does it make me muslim? Quite logic here.
  10. Gutseen

    TR is the only MILITARY faction in the game, so its main thing is to get in fast, go Black Ops, clear the place, wrap up like sonic and get to the next point.
    so TR's gear must be -
    1. Fairly cheap and most efficient (light compact weapons, or mid sized high caliber ones)
    2. packing high adaptability
    3. rly easy to use

    i aint seeing any of that
  11. NinjaTurtle

    All 3 factions are poorly though out ant their characteristics are all shallow and not really taken advatage of.

    NC have a bunch of weapons that stink of TR, GD7-F, Carnage and the Desperado the biggest examples. Why does NC even have these weapons?

    If TR is about ammo why do NC have 100 round LMG's?

    Why do all 3 factions share many weapons the exact same with simply re skins? Shotguns, Battle Rifles, Snipers etc?

    Wy do factions not have unique ammo types that improve their "faction traits"?

    VS are not the only ones, all 3 factions need a drastic redesign but that will never happen. Too much time has passed and to much money as been spent to make such chamnges now even if they wanted to make such changes
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  12. Mystogan

    True. I agree, but I feel VS are in worse shape than TR and NC in terms of traits. However I will support every thread about TR/NC traits/weapon changes/tweaks.

    I know long time has passed and I also now there are small chances for any major changes.

    However considering PS4 beta I think it is better to at least try, step out and try. I am sure it will at least give more chances for changes than doing nothing and waiting for changes to happen itself. That is why there is forum.
  13. pnkdth

    I blame every single TR/NC players who complained about bullet drop(this includes all of you bads saying/said "VS is easy mode").
    I blame every single VS players who whined about damage deg.

    That's it. There is no mystery here. SOE didn't "take it away form us." The PS2 community threw a collective hissy fit, and bam, the factions got streamlined.
  14. Eternaloptimist

    I'm not so sure about all this......a bunch of unusual weapons, a frisbee tank, that awesome default camo, a heat mechanism on trial with one weapon (and spandex, of course). Playing all factions I find that the VS trait tends to be how these factors combine to create a different tactical play style. And the need for a different way of fighting them. They are clearly the odd ones out compared to TR and NC and I like that, although TR is my personal favourite faction. They sometimes feel like the Eldar in Warhammer 40k - in more need of a balanced force as different units/types are so much more specialised that they have to support each other - kind of a meta trait rather than a weapon based trait. And did you see how I managed to say all that without mentioning bullet dr......doh!
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  15. maxkeiser

    All I can say is thank god the Vanu were included.

    They add great fun to the game. Great colour as well with all the lasers, purple etc. Also 3 factions makes for a great game dynamic, with the potential for a 3rd team to join an existing battle. Nothing better than fighting the TR and suddenly seeing a group of vanguards steaming up in your rear.
  16. I play by many names

    I know it will never happen, but really they need to completely revamp the faction traits. Ideally it wouldn't be universal either, as in NC wouldn't always have the hardest hitting for example. The perfect setup would be were each faction has completely different advantages and disadvantages with each type of vehicle and weapon. NC might like hard hitting LMGs, but high RoF ARs for example. TR might have the fastest ESF, but the slowest tank as another example. Would make the game more interesting and could lead to it being easier to balance and add new content to, since DBG wouldn't be so heavily restricted on what they could add to each faction.
  17. Windreaper

    Because asymmetric balance is problematic in practice. It creates a lot of pure game balance issues. Consider Gauss SAW vs T9 Carv at release. Both emphasize their respective faction traits but the latter was just more lethal in the hands of a new player.

    The player base does not want asymmetric balance. Hence all the "faction X has better MBT/ESF/etc" threads. If you play 100% infantry you're not going to be happy about your faction getting better tanks to compensate for your nerf gun.

    The factions were more different at release compared to now, so I guess the developers figured it was a bad idea at some point. The thing is, it's much easier to just give each faction re-skins of the same guns as it solves all balance problems and makes the player base happier.
  18. Vamperial

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet but the Alpha of PS1 and until stage 3 of Beta, VS existed as an AI faction. They were not originally though of as a Player faction. You clearly need a history lesson on PS1 and even PS2. Your taking what Higby said about advocating for MAXes and VS as they weren't originally intend. I don't think that is what he meant. I think, as other have said, their may have been a meeting or two during the early development that they needed to drop the VS and Maxes. All Higby did was argue that they were an iconic part of PS1 and they need to be in. The things that make them distinct are their disco balls and lack of drop because they use laZors. Whether or not that makes a difference based on whoever did the math is irreverent. This thread is just a bunch of speculation that the VS were put in half *****. I would say that the whole game was unfortunately created half ***** with the intent to finish it with in 6 months of launch. Now we are 2 1/2 years in and my subscription is done until they make an effort for content.
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  19. NinjaTurtle

    Players that can't adapt will always be unhappy.

    To me the MBT's are a good start. The Vanguard and the Magrider are both very good tanks but for different things.

    The Vanuguard is a beast in 1v1 head on battles and it's shield gives it the winning edge face to face. The Magrider will never beat a competent Vanguard crew when fightng like this, however the Magrider has it's own unique abilities that when used make it an arguably more dangerous tank.

    The Magrider requires a different playstyle and instead sho9uld be used for approaching at unexpeted angles and jumping quickily on the target before they can react. It's terrain climbing abilities + it's Magburber make it the perfect ambush vehicle

    I feel they can both be made even more different but here we have 2 tanks both very strong in their respectice roles and some players complain because they can't adapt to their weapons strengths. That should not mean **** it lets just make everything the same
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  20. MikeyGeeMan

    Right that's why we have anchor mode and lockdown, and the vs have hover yanks with a turbo boost and a max power that makes them run fast and increase their rof.

    Not seeing your point.