[VS] V10 or Parallax?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by LiquidGG, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. LiquidGG

    I have the V10 and saw the Parralax now in stores. Whats the difference? Both have HV ammo. V10 less bulletdrop and Parralax more dmg?!
  2. Crazycad

    More bullet velocity = less bullet drop. The Parallax has more BV than the V10 and a bit more damage, but about a second longer reload time.
  3. Wobberjockey

    for most intents and purposes, the paralax is the superior weapon
  4. Soylent

    Parallax does a bit more damage and has a bit faster bullets, with a slower reload.
  5. VKhaun

    The higher damage rifle also has the higher bullet velocity. (Parallax)
    The other high velocity option has slightly better accuracy.

    I agree with Soylent and Wobberjockey. By and large the Parallax is your best option. No one picks a bolt action to fire quickly, you fire it to place headshots and the Parallax is the best for that. It will hit a MAX like a mac truck, and it will still one shot HA's with nanoweave 5 with a headshot. I have never personally seen anyone survive any bolt action headshot, but I'm told it's possible to survive the V10 with nanoweave 5 on a HA, but not the Parallax (or faction equivalents).

    The V10 is for absurd ranges. If you step backwards and people start disappearing and their heads are smaller than your mildots looking through a 12x, you WILL notice the accuracy difference. Most players don't go to those extremes though. If you're going to put 8x on it and use it from a hill to a base wall or something like that, there's no reason not to get the Parallax.