[Suggestion] VS Update.

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  1. AlterEgo

    If DBG were to ever release one, I'd like it go as such. (Note, these are things I'd find muy special. You may not like it, but it's my world!)

    • Magrider now has 25% less HP, and 10% less armor on all sides. Size is made smaller, and the Magburner is now an omni-directional burner. At closer ranges, the Supernova will deal more range, and at longer ranges, the damage tapers off.
    • Lasher's splash damage scales with more people caught in the radius. Splash no longer affects the user or allies.
    • Orion's minimum damage range has been brought to 30 meters (if I got this right, it means the Orion will deal very little damage at average range), but allows for faster weapon switching and has its reload speed brought back to its pre-LMG nerf value.
    • Scythe now has a certification that ignores all A2A lock-ons indefinitely. The certification increases vulnerability to all small arms fire by 120% and A2A MG fire by 45%.
    • Beamer is now a laser weapon. Velocity is hitscan and it requires no ammunition, but damage is brought down to 100 at max and it will deal virtually nothing at average ranges.
    • Lancer now has access to scopes and can charge ALL of its magazine for one, incredibly high-damage and hitscan punch. Range has been reduced to compensate for tanks' inability to see a Lancer at long range.
    • ALL VS small arms' weapons no longer have bullet drop. Damage at range has been decreased for each.
    • VS MAX no longer has heels.
    • Spandex is barred from access save for female VS Infiltrators. Now, VS soldiers wear Auraxium-plated armor (with lighter colors, such as shiny teal).
    • Weapon models have been restored to Alpha stage models. For those of you who don't know what they looked like, check it out: http://images.mmorpg.com/features/6421/images/VS_Rifle_closeup_t.jpg

    Hope you love/hate these ideas! If I have the will and/or interest, I'd do the same for the rebel scum and fascist commissars. Comment below.
  2. Thardus

    What? No... just, no.

    Other than the Lasher thing. Make it a new weapon, make it a grenade launcher, and call it the Maelstrom.
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  3. AlterEgo

    You can take away my frozen fish, you can take away my transhumanist life, but you'll NEVER take away my Lasher!
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  4. WetPatch

    While i do think the Magrider does need a look at, i don't think giving it the same HP as the Harasser is the answer.

    I am all for making the largest and slowest MBT smaller in size though. I also used to think Omniburner was the way forward but the Magburner going in one direction is already a suicide machine.

    Its a shame Higby left before he implemented his plan of normalizing Magrider cannon velocity.

    True the Lasher is more of a pain to use than it is fun.

    Lancer doesn't have access scopes for a reason. Also wish it could mag dump but unfortunately damage scale would be op.

    VS small arms?

    Yes our weapon models suck.
  5. Thardus

    Well, you were saying to change the LasherX2. I'm saying keep the Lasher X2 as it is, but add a "New" weapon, a grenade launcher that creates AoE damage that jumps to more and more people the more there are clustered together. In Planetside 1, it was called the Maelstrom.
  6. gigastar

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  7. CorporationUSA

    A2A locks are no doubt annoying, but they are hardly as much of a threat as a rotary or vortek. I don't think anyone would use that cert line, unless A2A missiles were buffed. It would basically put you in a position where you are more vulnerable to both ground and air, which would make flying a scythe less effective.
  8. Ballto21

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  9. Necron

    Edited for brevity.
  10. FBVanu

    You want the Magrider to be weaker than it already is? Blasphemy... :eek:
  11. Atis

    you are crossing the line here.
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  12. AlterEgo

    By making our army more masculine and professional?
    When I think about it, that's actually worse than I thought...
  13. AlterEgo

    How? I mean, it'll be smaller, with less health. The omni-burner will help it out, and the cannon will be better up close but worse from afar. I mean, sure, one AP round from a Vanguard would be devastating. But the likelihood would be far less likely after such a change. As one guy once put it, the Magrider would be a fragile speedster.
    Or this, really. herehttp://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FragileSpeedster
    It's an interesting concept, actually.
  14. UberNoob1337101

    Eh, isn't that supposed to be the VS trait? Being fabulous and shiny while in combat?

    You can take away our Swagrider, you can take away our guns, but you won't take away our Almighty Beamer!!!