[VS][TR][NC] Mattherson only PTS outfit

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Negator, May 6, 2014.

  1. Negator

    Hi there, Im recruiting for an outfit which only plays on the PTS, and is restricted to Mattherson players ONLY, from any of the three factions. Our first ops night will be May the 17th, against opposing outfits from a different server. See below for information:


    Warning: Outfit structure still in the development phase. Outfit name and faction have yet to be determined.
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  2. penandpencilman

    You have the pennymang
  3. DistantPower

    Well we could simply call it 'Mattherson' with MATT as the Tag. However, if you desire to get creative we could for titles such as 'Mattherson Maniacs' or 'Matthy's All You can Eat'. Just throwing out suggestions ;).
  4. Posse

    That tag is probably used already :p
  5. Negator

    I'd link to a previous post to help clarify, but that info is on the reddit thread. It would also be against the rules for me to link to another forum post, as well as a closed topic.

    I wonder when SOE is going to close its PS2 forums and provide everyone a link to reddit.com/r/planetside?
  6. Negator

    updated times. check link please. If there are issues, post up on reddit thread.