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  1. SkrallisHC

    The Hidden Alliance is now accepting new recruits from VS. We are a friendly, organised semi-casual outfit run by The Gamers Revolution, a multi-gaming community. We believe in having fun and enjoying the games we play while maintaining that hint of seriousness that is needed to succeed in some games. We run regular events and operations all planned on our website and carried out using our Teamspeak 3 server. We offer a nice relaxed but organised atmosphere with the opportunaty for progression through the ranks for those who would like the opportunity to do so. People from all backgrounds and any part of the world are more than welcome.

    Outfit Info
    The Hidden Alliance
    Server: Miller
    Faction: Vanu Sovereignty
    Location: UK Based - Memebers from all other locations welcome
    Website: http://hidden-alliance.co.uk


    To join us you need to meet certain requirements below:

    • Minimum age to join us is 16 years old or over
    • Forum registration and use is mandatory as this is where events are planned
    • A microphone is encouraged (no matter what the quality) and Teamspeak use when on Planetside is Mandatory. (even though planetside 2 has ingame Voip, our primary methed of communication is Teamspeak 3)
    • Active member at least once or twice a week

    To join us, please visit our website and submit an application. Once your application has been accepted, you will be placed on a 3 week trial to see if you are right for the community. Don't forget the trial is also for you to decide if we are the right community you are looking for. After these 3 weeks you will become a full member, with all privelages and the opportunity to progress through the ranks.

    What next?

    If you are interested in joining, please visit our website, read the rules and about us pages and submit an application. If you are unsure, or would like to know more you can either comment here or visit our website, or contact me on these forums or ingame.

    Hope to see you in there soon

    On behalf of Gamers Revolution
  2. Jazman

    Very friendly community, nice relaxed atmosphere, lotsa fun to play with :)
  3. Balthier

    I'm new to ps2, recently joined this outfit, and i find it great! it's quite laid back and the community are really nice and easy to aquatint with. This outfit may be small but it has potential to be great. Don't be shy, join up, have fun and earn more Cp! xD

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