[VS] Systematic Gaming Clan (SYS)

Discussion in 'Helios (US West)' started by Specoprotive, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Specoprotive

    Here at Systematic were will strive to make the community represent the people. Never will emotions be brought into decisions just because you did not hit it off with a few members. There's other people who I bet you will get along with just fine. Our members strive to be the best person they can to benefit everyone and it shows in the game play and decisions.
    We are looking for good players that know how to fight as a unit. All are welcome, we will even school noobs.

    Come talk to us
    Teamspeak 3: ts01.aspnix.com:2006
    You don't have to join to play with us but if you like gaming with us we recommend joining.

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