VS: Solstice SF - Recommended modifications?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Moor, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Moor

    Hi all,

    i recently picked up a Solstice SF (mostly due to the grenade launcher) and am now torn about how to modify the gun further.

    ATM, I have the grenade launcher and a reflex 2x scope.

    What else would you recommend as mods?

    Thx in advance for your time and help.

  2. Lovefistt

    That's all you need in my humble opinion. Grenade launcher is good value, everything else just isn't worth 100 certs to me personally.
  3. grin

    The Solstice SF has considerable horizontal recoil. A foregrip would be pretty good for it.
  4. Gary

    Cant take it since he has the Grenade launcher which was the main reason for it :(
  5. grin

    Oh. yeah i forgot about that.
  6. Fenrys

    I plan to use it with a smoke grenade launcher and IR scope.
  7. Moor

    Thx guys!

    Ya it's a tough call. I <3 the grenade launcher and 2xReflex. I know i'll eventually get the IR scope for night ops.

    the key thing I think i'm lacking with this gun is close range burst. Not sure how that can be remedied without fouling up the ranged damage too much. Usually when I get killed it's due to a HA or me getting outbursted by another LA at close range.

    Softpoints could help but not sure if that will hinder the ranged damage a ton.
  8. Flarestar

    Compensator and softpoints.

    Compensator makes controlling the aiming point laughably easy even while blowing off the entire mag during movement.

    Softpoints reduce the bullet velocity but unless you're shooting something ridiculously far away you'll never notice.
  9. Xaielao

    I use Solstice SF for med-range 'death from above' style gameplay. So far I have a 2x reflex sight (saving for that C4 is a *****!) but I plan on going Soft Point, Compensator, Under-slung Grenade Launcher.

    With those upgrades it will be lethal at medium range, with amazing accuracy (IMHO it already has the best accuracy of all VA Carbines). The grenade launcher is just icing on the cake!
  10. xenoneo

    This guy has the right idea.
    Smoke is insanely useful and very underused.
    The under barrel gives 2 smoke grenades while the smoke grenade cert for LA only gives one.
    Using a infrared scope, you can see the enemies while they can't see you.
    It's super useful for mowing down a squad solo or simply getting through a choke point that's locked down.
    Truly, smoke and infrared is one of the least used combos, despite how strong it is.
  11. XANi

    And damage at range so might want to skip it for medium-range ops

    I get flash supressor but mostly so I dont blind myself at night...
  12. Pat22

    I thought about that too, except the solstice does not come with an available IR scope. In fact I asked my friends playing other classes and it seems infantry do not have access to IR scopes, only vehicles.

    The smoke grenade remains useful though. I like to use them to blind tanks while I fly onto them and deploy C4.
  13. xenoneo

    I have nightvision on nearly every infantry weapon I own.
    What may be confusing is they renamed all the attachments.
    On the Solstice SF, it's called HS/NV Scope 1x.

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