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  1. teks

    Laser sights. I'd never use a vx6-7 without laser sights because it emphasizes its hipfire accuracy to a level comparable to a SMG with a higher DPS and less damage dropoff. No need for a foregrip when I can accurately law down shots while retaining full strafe speed at most targets.

    In contrast I use a foregrip on the serpent.
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  2. R3dBeaver

    ok, i've seen WAY TOO MANY people with their laser sight going all over the place..... which is easiest way for enemy to spot you.

    so, questions:
    1. can the benefit still applicable even when turned off?
    2. is there still a bug that u turn it off but it's still showing to enemies?

    wait wait... why would u use Foregrip on serpent but not VX6-7 again? i thought those 2 are pretty comparable... and the only diff is VX actually got better hipfire accuracy... so to even it out, wouldn't putting laser on the Serpent is the better choice?
  3. Iridar51

    Applicable benefit indeed can when turned off be still.

    At least was a but there, that player required after each spawn to turn off laser sight after turning it on again, that make would sure that model updated external gets, even though model internal turned off laser sight would show all times at.

    Have fun deciphering.

    Putting a forward grip on a serpent would enhance already superior ADS accuracy, therefore somewhat increasing effective range, effectively making the Serpent more of a medium range ADS solution.

    VX6-7 has improved hip-fire accuracy, and it can be increased further by installing laser sights.

    Basically, this just plays to guns' strengths, while leaving their weaknesses as they are.
    Of course, nobody forbids you to decrease the small gap between these guns, by installing a laser sights on Serpent, and forward grip on VX6-7. Then you will get more mediocre, less specialized weapons.
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  4. R3dBeaver

    not a problem if i read it real fast. try it.

    makes total sense.
    great. now i feel like a moron.
  5. teks

    Because I own both of the weapons. The VX6-7 is moderately better then the serpent with a laser sight, and the serpent is a little better then the vx6-7 with the foregrip. Any time I'd consider using a serpent with laser sight the VX6-7 would be the better choice and vice versa.

    Laser sights aren't really an issue for being spotted. You can't turn the sight off, it only turns it off from your POV. The visual laser is honestly ******** and should go, but w/e. It doesn't bother me.
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  6. Iridar51

  7. R3dBeaver

    i dont want mediocre.

    i want specialties. everyone should want specialties. that's what's called making the best of what you got. what purpose is it to make one weapon "closer to another similar weapon"?

    coz u really want the other want? well save up and buy that one instead!
  8. AuntLou42

    I started w/ the VX6-7, have switched to the Serpent and 15k kills later haven’t looked back. Getting stuck on reload sucks but the chances are you would have got stuck reloading using either weapon. You just have to learn to not push while reloading and instead find cover. Your going to win more 1 on 1 battles with the serpent since rate of fire is king especially taking latency into consideration. Reload speed can’t be even taken into consideration if your already dead.
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  9. Iridar51

    Well, it's not someone would want one gun closer to another. It's just that guns parameters, such as effective hip fire range, effective ADS range, which are modified by forward grip and laser sights. However, there are more parameters - clip size, reload speed, various DPS levels at different ranges, etc. Those are also different per gun.
    There is also a matter of aesthetics and combination of recoil pattern, sound FX and weapon animation - things that define "the feel" of the gun.

    Different guns have different parameters, and attachments serve the sole purpose of slight customization of a weapon to what you intend to do with it. Jaguar with ALS (advanced laser sights) and SPA makes for a beast of CQC hip-fire machine, however, the same Jaguar with forward grip and nothing else makes a very decent medium range ADS solution.

    Same goes for another weapons. Serpent can be called an ADS solution too because it has inherently longer effective ADS range, however, when choosing and customizing your weapon you have to take other parameters into account. Serpent does have superior DPS over VX6-7, and if it's DPS you're after, you can use Seprent with ALS and SPA; it will have shorter effective hip-fire range than VX6-7, but superior TTK.

    I've also seen people using precision carbines, such as T5 AMC and Razor GD-23 with laser sights, with simple reasoning - "Carbines at range suck anyway, so I'm willing to sacrifice some of the ADS range in order to compensate for the gun's weakness - low DPS in CQC. With compensator, forward grip and 4x scope, I'm dead if I meet someone in CQC. With laser sights I stand a chance."

    If that's your way, feel free to specialize, but sometimes, if the battle conditions are constantly changing, you might want to just use a generic general-purpose weapon that would be not superb, but OK in all scenarios. I for one would choose one familiar weapon over changing loadout every respawn.
  10. Qasar

    I recently picked up the VX6-7 after getting Auraxium with the Serpent. So far, I can't stand it. I put it back down after 70 or so kills and moved back to working on Auraxium for the VE3 and NS-11C.

    Put another 100 kills on the VX6-7 and completely changed my mind. I had a break this time of using mainly ADS weapons for a couple of Auraxiums instead of going to it right from the Serpent. Had a much better experience. I think the problem was that they both pull in different directions, so it threw me off. Anyways, ya, people are right about the VX6-7. It's a beast.

    I'm going to put a foregrip on my Serpent next time I use it and work it a bit differently. While I had success with it and rather liked it, I see now that the VX6-7 is the superior hipfire weapon. But the Serpent would be best used for a bit longer range with more ADS while still retaining some hipfire usefulness.
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  11. Kurohagane

    I think a lot of you are underestimating the serpent, just compare the first shot recoil and how easily controllable it is in comparison to the VX6
  12. Ruvan

    Now I've got Auraxiam for both VX and Serpent, I won't touch either of them. The introduction of SMGs has made them completely redundant.
    • SMG have bigger mags.
    • SMGs have faster reloads.
    • SMGs are just plain better hip fire due to having half the hip fire CoF bloom.
    • SMGs have 0.75x ADS movement speed.
    Yes, theoretically speaking the CQC Carbines have better ADS "killing power", however, their inaccuracy due to high horizontal and super high RPM (creating more spray, equating to extra CoF bloom) mean there is barely anything in it, to be quite frank.
    • If I am fighting exclusively at shorter ranges I use a Advanced Laser Sight Sirius.
    • If I am fighting at slightly further ranges I use an Extended Mag Eridani (recoil pattern is a lot better than Sirius).
    • If I am fighting mostly at mid range I use a PDW. PDW is objectively better at mid range than a VX or Serpent, due to much longer max damage ranges and higher min damage.
    HV-45, the CQC AR, is almost in the same boat. It does have 0.75x movement speed, but it has a 2.5 SHORT reload. Stupidly long considering the Sirius has a magazine capacity of 50 and a short reload of 2.4 seconds and an Extended Mag Eridani has 35 magazine capacity (along with less spray) and a short reload of 1.74s.

    If I hadn't bought them back in the pre-SMG days, I wouldn't have VX, the Serpent or HV-45 now. In they're current state they're just not worth the money.
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  13. Iridar51

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  14. Ruvan

    As usual on these forums, people are only looking at DPS/TTK and take absolutely zero account of accuracy.

    PDW has less horizontal recoil even better you factor in a lower RPM.
    PDW has a much lower RPM, hence, you will get less bullet wastage that leads to higher CoF increases

    High TTK/DPS will do nothing for you if you can't actually hit the target.

    Serpent has such high RPM that you will need to burst fire at targets much closer in that either a VX or a PDW. Burst firing is effectively artificially lowering your RPM (hence TTK/DPS), so you will never be able to achieve the maximum advertised DPS.

    VX6-7 has a horrible first shot multiplier. Once you have reached the point where you need to burst fire it, the recoil pattern is horrible. Also the reason why I'd rather have a Serpent over a VX.

    PDW has none of these problems.

    Edit: also thanks for lowering the tone of the debate with your stupid little meme.
  15. deggy

    Not gonna comment on balance, but I LOVE my Serpent. I picked it up this weekend. Adv. Laser and SP Ammo with Ironsights.
  16. Iridar51

    As usual on these forums, people conveniently skip the point I tried to make, and reply instead to what they think I might have implied.

    My post is only related to the part I quoted, nothing more.
  17. Ruvan

    You missed the point I was making from my original post. I was talking about the PDW in comparison to the Eirdani and Sirius.
  18. Iridar51

    Oh. I'm sorry then. My grasp on forumside is slipping =(
  19. teks

    The PDW has none of those range problems...
    but its also far worse then the vx6-7 in close quarters.
    The PDW is a medium range hipfire gun, the only gun of its kind, and its not so hot close up.

    Outside of the CQC carbines effective range the PDW is better, but you making a huge jump from this statement to SMGs replaced carbines. Especially when you started the debate focusing on the sirius and eridani.

    The sirius and eridani have far less DPS and range then the vx6-7, and people pay attention to this primarily because it matters, a lot.

    Lets see how they compare versus the VX6-7...

    The Sirius
    • Cons
      • Twice the horizontal spread of the VX6-7.
      • 50% faster damage dropoff.
      • 45rpm faster rof doesn't make up for the DPS loss from 125 damage bullets.
      • significantly less velocity
      • longer reload time (despite what you said)
      • Worse ADS accuracy
      • Heavy recoil of vx6-7 takes practice to master, but the gun becomes very accurate once mastered.
    • Pros
      • more ammo
      • less bloom so those bullets can be sprayed better.
      • Easy recoil for new players, but the horrible horizontal will always damage accuracy.
      • lower multi allows better burst fire.
      • .75 ADS multi (which is kind of redundant on a hipfire gun no?)
    The eridani
    • Cons
      • 25 rounds per clip, which should end the debate on this gun outright.
      • slightly worse DPS b/c of slower ROF.
      • Twice the horizontal recoil of the VX6-7.
      • 50% faster bullet drop
      • Worse ADS accuracy
      • Far less velocity. 360 m/s vs 465m/s
    • Pros
      • half the vertical recoil.
      • Less first shot multi for better bursting.
      • .75 ADS multi.
    No sense adding the PDW, its an entirely different weapon. Within the typical SMG/CQC carbine range the PDW will lose. The PDW is a medium range weapon.

    Ultimately, SMGs don't actually have better reload, nor are they more accurate. Their DPS is lower, their range is lower, and they are poor when ADS. The only casewhere I take an SMG is with a LA so I can spray more inaccurate bullets while JJing over heads.
  20. Crackulous

    Necrothread much?