[VS] Serpent?!

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by MilkMan, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. yenchy

    Well this is absolutely natural as it seems the Vanus must have some old French origins :p
  2. grin

    I don't even know why they put it in. Its effectively the same as the VX6-7.
  3. Appleheart

    I trial'd the Serpent last night, and had a blast with it. Pun sorta intended.

    That said though, I do have the VX6-7 already, and I do find it hard to justify the cost of the Serpent when it really is so similar... How many of you guys who already had the VX6-7 have still gone ahead and grabbed the Serpent to replace it with?
  4. Prudentia

    well i loved the vx in beta and trial'd it after launch to check it before i save certs for it and after i trial'd the serpent i found the vx the superior weapon. Both have a splitsecond TTK with the serpent having the reloadtime of an LMG and when i'm jetpacking around or cqc supporting my squad with ammo and backside cover mines, i often have to fight 1-2 enemies and when my mag is emptied i just jump around the corner reload my vx and shoot the guy coming after me in the face. the serpent just lacks in those scenarios.
  5. Mockeryangel

    I own them both but I've not used them much because I play medic mostly, there's not a big difference between them really so there's not a need to get a Serpent if you have a VX6-7, gonna try get adv laser and reflex on them both and then compare. The Serpent's reload is noticeable disadvantage whereas the RoF boost is not so noticeable.
  6. Krona

    The thing has a TTK below half a second.

  7. MilkMan

    I feel like I should be using my VX6-7 from the hip instead of ADTS.
  8. Erendil

    Yes, you should. :cool: With the Advance Laser Sight you can accurately hipfire a target @35m or so, which covers just all but the largest indoor locations. The key to staying alive as LA is mobility, and the ALS on the VX makes that happen.

    For instance, the other day I was grabbing my LA loadout from the vehicle bay terminal at Regent Rock tower on Indar. Just then an NC walks in the west garage door. I was facing that way so I just took a step sideways out from the term and unloaded a hipfire burst to his face. Didn't even bother wasting time w/ ADS. He dropped instantly. The only time I've recalled killing someone faster is 1-shotting people w/ a slug-filled Nova or a bolt action.

    A hipfired VX is beastly in the hands of a mobile LA. That's not to say you can't also kill people w/ ADS if you want to. :D Say out to 75m or so. Beyond that its shot grouping starts to suffer a bit.
  9. MilkMan

    I'm always worried that the laser will give my position away, say should I be hiding around a corner or something!
  10. Grotpar

    I'm not convinced by the serpent.

    Kills extremely fast.
    But has a LOT of horizontal recoil, though it doesn't jerk randomly to the side, which makes the horizontal recoil manageable.
    Blows through ammo like crazy, one missed shot with the Solstice equals like 3 missed shots with the Serpent.
    Hipfire is great, however. Extremely small base cone of fire, could be fantastic with an advanced laser sight.

    This might as well just be a slightly more versatile shotgun. It's not gonna win any prizes shooting far away, but it's hipfire potential is very high.
    Unfortunately, it only has 30 shots and an extremely long reload time, especially when it needs chamber a bullet, which is one of the main drawbacks of the VS close quarters weapons, and it hurts.. It hurts a lot.

    My verdict: I'm sticking with the Solstice SF.
    I can't give up the versatility, ammo efficiency, insanely short reload time and grenade launcher as an LA.

    The serpent might be interesting as an engineer, though. Since you're not bound by ammo efficiency, and you do have that turret for long ranges. But that's irrelevant to this thread.
  11. Erendil

    If you hide on the roof they'll never see the laser since most people don't look up. :D

    Srsly, when I'm LA I'm either always on the move or I'm on a high-up perch where the enemy is probably not looking to begin with. There are very view times as LA where I'd be likely to be waiting in ambush on the same level as my intended target. But if you end up doing so, depending on the situation you might have the option of pointing your weapon down so the laser goes into the floor, or having your Beamer out until the last second.
  12. DEL1001

    I'm planning on grabbing the serpent after an auraxium on VX6-7. the serpent fits my playstyle more because I usually ads and it has better ads accuracerity and lower first shot multiplier. muzzle velosity is lower however
  13. R3dBeaver

    i have auraxium medal on the serpent and played around with VX6-7 in VR world and in PTS.

    it's not worth it for you. both are pretty much the same with VX actually has slightly better ADS and Serpent is better in medium range.

    might as well spend the cert/SC on something else.

    just my 2c.
  14. Paperlamp

    Should probably tell you most of what you'd want to know.

    I think it's the best VS carbine personally.
  15. Gheeta

    None of these weapons compare to Jaguar which is the best carbine in the game imo.
  16. ShumaKun

    I love serpent
  17. teks

    bought the serp after reading levelcaps crazy praise review. I don't quite see it.

    The serp is a great medium-to-close range carbine, and its really cheap, but none of its perks outweigh the vx6-7's hipfire accuracy.

    I like hipfire. I just burst at their face real quick, and hide before they can counter. TR's jag has .75 ads move multi. Serpent has a 1.00 I don't even need to ADS move multi.
  18. R3dBeaver

    depends on ur playstyle.

    im not a big hipfire player. more like medium-range, sometimes close. so most time i do ADS.

    Serpent's great for me.
  19. teks

    For sure, the difference between the guns is too small to even care. You want bullets. here they are.

    I do use a serp sometimes with the forgrip for slightly longer range encounters with occasional close quarters. Its got a dang good TTK
  20. R3dBeaver

    if not foregrip, what would u use? any reason NOT to use foregrip?