[VS] Serpent?!

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by MilkMan, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. MilkMan

    Anyone tested it out yet? I love my VX6-7, and I've already dumped a few hundred certs into it. Curious if I should pick this up once I get gold with the 6-7
  2. FallenArchon

    Same have the VX6-7 Max'ed out. just then tested the serpent have to go to work but so it wasn't a long test.

    VX6-7 and Serpent I believe has the same recoil except serpent pulls to the left and VX-67 pulls to the right (making a perfect V for Vanu). I think their both same same its just that serpent sacrifices Reload speed for more ROF. But more often then not I'm court reloading my weapon so I'll stay with my max VX6-7 because i got to focus on other cert gains and the ROF wasn't noticeable,

    I found the VX6-7 to be the better of the two.
  3. Oriius

    I got a serp, I would say if like FallenArchon you find getting caught reloading an issue, go for the VX6-7. If you already have the VX6-7 also i'd not bother with the serp.

    The serp is decent though, I have found it to be very strong in a 1v1 close range fight, and it's also very good when you are in a group (where the reload time is less of a problem)

    I honestly find the recoil on the serp easier to control, especially from the hip (this could all be in my head however), but honestly there isn't much in it.

    Just as a side note, I play an engi, as a light assault I think the slower reload could be more of a problem given the nature of the class.
  4. Novmiech

    I've heard its underwhelming - the new TR carbine certainly isn't "wow"ing me and leaves me asking - why did we need another carbine that's really not noticeably different.
  5. grin

    Serpent data's determined from in-game testing.
    BS dam - 5.72
    HS dam - 11.44
    Mag 30/150

    t/mag 2.15
    REL 2.70

    7 body shot
    4(3.5)head shot

    BS dam - 5.72
    HS dam - 11.44
    mag 30/150
    t/mag 2.20
    REL 2.20

    7 body shot
    4(3.5)head shot

    Less than 0.01 second difference in All TTK's

    Comparison to VX6-7 recoil and spread.
    Pattern Key:
    (Left - Uncompensated ADS recoil from reticule point, Center - Compensated ADS recoil, Right - Compensated Hipfire recoil)
    So... No real difference here except direction.

    Serpent has the same cert unlocks available for it including the soft point ammo.

    So... This IS the VX6-7 except its blue, and has a leftward pull instead of right.
  6. RoosterNE

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  7. grin

    Ooh spiffy :D Looks like most of my numbers are right. Recoil on the Serpent makes it better at single tap firing, but its COF stats make it worse at hipfiring. Has a slightly slower bullet velocity which is odd considering tapfiring recoil would make it better at range. and nearly a full second increase over the VX6-7 on the long reload.
  8. Moor

    Great info guys! Thx for sharing! With my much more basic "trial" of the gun it felt like the gun definitely fired faster, recoiled less, and chewed through ammo at an alarming rate! At close range it was pretty beastly! I have a fairly upgraded Vx6 already (2x reflex, advanced laser scope) so I dont know if this one is worth building up.
  9. Saodexan

    I'm not sure to understand what is the short and long reload time. Do we have 2 way to reload a gun ?
  10. Polarity

    In a way, yes. When you insert a new mag into a weapon, you have to rack the bolt to load the first round into the chamber to prepare to fire. So basically it would be, step 1 insert mag, and step 2 rack charging handle. Now the weapon is ready to operate. However, if you remove a magazine before emptying it and reload with, say 15 rounds in your mag, then after dropping that magazine, one round will still be seated in the chamber. When you stick a new mag into the weapon, you do not need to rack the charging handle because a round is already seated. Due to this, the steps then change to re-securing the old mag for reuse, and inserting a fresh, full magazine.
  11. Saodexan

    Oh yes I understand now :)

    Thank you !
  12. HerpTheDerp

    Speaking of which, isn't it silly how VS guns have long reload times at all considering they use batteries?
  13. xXGenesisXx

    Well its a @$#%% trying to find the +/- on the AA batteries while being shot at .
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    *engineer throws down a pack of C batteries down*

    *you try to figure out who the hell even uses C batteries anymore*

    "**** YOU ENGINEER"

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  15. ChironV

    This Christmas Vanu will be saying "I need Batteries" alot. After all Santa doesnt include batteries for toys. I think hes on the take from the energizer bunny.
    For a Vanu reload times are difficult because some batteries are bigger than others and a royal pain in the... Well you figure it out...
  16. Sandman2055

    You're not supposed to insert the batteries in there....no wonder they're a pain.
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  17. Sandman2055

  18. RoosterNE

    J/k - They were extracted from the game files... but not by me. They are available on one of the other PS2 boards as well.
  19. ChironV

    Well it must have been Science because it sure as hell wasn't English spelling. :p
  20. Krona

    It's absurdly overpowered, it's our version of the GD-7F and slightly better due to lower recoil and better accuracy. Best carbine in the game imo.

    Seriously the VX6-7/Lynx/GD-7F were already overpowered, this thing is just a joke. 850 rpm.

    It also looks boss. It's like iridescent teal.