[VS] Sentinels

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by KiddParK, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Quiiliitiila

    Bump, same question as before.
  2. Sarmane

    No not at all, joining us on the teamspeak is really the only thing stopping you/your bro from working well with our squads. :)
  3. TheWoodMaker1

    The sentinels are an amazing clan to speak to and organize plans to capture areas in the map. This is a must join clan!
  4. KiddParK

    On every night... we're currently retooling our shadow squad.. the cloakers FART team to run alongside the main force.

    by the time you see them.. it's usually too late.

  5. Obscura

    Nope, as long as he's in TS listening thats just fine with us!
  6. Lueyja2

    Bump for science!
  7. KiddParK

    Some no sleep nights due to the amount of fun and activity round here of late. Good times.

    good times indeed, and yeah, still here...
  8. xeroslash

    Bump for Sentinels!

    The VS may be outmanned on this server, but we are definitely not outgunned.
    Stop by out TS and make a difference!
  9. tgipier

    Bump for an awesome group!
  10. KiddParK

    the lattice is proving to provide huge battles... is there still a place for a smaller tactical squad in all this zerg? The drama continues and you'll just have to stay tuned to find out.

  11. KiddParK


    for the first time available outside our own forums.. .the Sentinel 25 point plan for squads.. Some of it is in flux due to changing game conditions but most of it is still in use today when we run focused squads. (which is not nearly as often as we'd prefer I have to admit)


  12. Nomad1

    What a cool outfit!!
  13. KiddParK


    for the next month... Heavy will be leading squads in wilderness training.. this is where you drop into a continent somewhere far away from the warpgate, hit F12 and remove all your maps, squad indicators, and even reticule...
    and see if you can find your way home...

    No Maps, No Squad indicators, no going back... can your squad make it?

    stop by our teamspeak and find out... Weeknights Prime time EST.

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  14. Nyxpip

    This is incredibly fun stuff. I tried to lead my squad from WG to WG to WG, it's a blast once you reach enemy territory. Hope you guys have fun :D
  15. Obscura

    Bring along sharp eyes, quick feet, and PLENTY of medics. Oh and it's ctrl+f10 to turn off the hud
  16. InfestedAdam

    Bumpity bump!

    Awesome folks to play with. Friendly, organize and know how to have a fun time!
  17. KiddParK

    After a long hiatus ..... we're bringing 9chat back... This week.. Mike and I discuss how to keep the outfit moving after 6 months and plans for the future...


    I'm sure my loyal soldiers will keep on my butt to continue a regular schedule.

  18. Salvex

    SGC is a pretty cool outfit.. I've played with them a good bit and they're a cool buncha peeps. However, I can't really play much anymore because of some silly little thing. *cough* signature *cough*

    Look forward to playing with you guys some more!
  19. DaMann22

    Can't go wrong with Kidd, Webad and their group. Happy 1 year belated anniversary to you guys. /SALUTE.
  20. InfestedAdam

    As DaMann22 mentioned we got a solid set of officers leading this Outfit. Can't go wrong with em.