[VS] Purple Valour (PVL) - ex Werner PS1 Outfit back in action!

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Selest, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Selest

    Region: Europe
    Gameplay Style: Drop Ship Specialists + Random Events.

    The gaming community has been around in some shape or form since 1998 with our first massively multiplayer game being Ultima Online slowly forming into cohesiveness in planetside 1 as were www.valourgaming.com inherited it’s name and following on into other games such as WoW and WAR many many others as “The Valour Legion”. But now it comes full circle and we find ourselves mobilising for for Planetside again.

    Veterans will know us as Purple Valour and will know our mettle but this is a new game regardless and we have much to prove and live upto, with a few of the oldschool vets and commanders from Planetside 1 in our ranks this seems inevitable.

    About Us

    In Brief, we are a mature English speaking community some of us are old farts now given that we have been around for 14 years now. Most of us are in full time jobs and game as a hobby or relaxation after a hard day at work so there is inevitably a bit of banter going on, but when the **** hits the fan we know when to put our gamer hats on. We aim to have fun but to do it in style and with skill (we may be old but that doesn’t mean we are ****). We also very friendly and welcoming to new players so we aim to make you feel right at home, like the bar cheers were everybody knows your name.

    Who we are looking for
    We want to invite mature laid back English speakers from Europe, who do not mind using vent. A sense of humour and a friendly attitude are most welcome and will serve you well in surviving among us until we can corrupt you to our evil ways. As mature Male and Female gamers with families and kids we understand that you cant play 24 hours a day unless you get divorced or you get made redundant then you can join up with the students and other dolies who will be playing while the tax paying men and women of the community fund you! Ahem..! If you want Banter and Fun while still being competitive you know were to come.
    We are currently reforming for PS2, we are looking for everything top down:
    • Officers (outfit management)
    • Commanders (In Field Command)
    • Pilots/Auxiliaries (Gal Pilots Etc)
    • Fighter Pilots (Air Superiorty and Bombers)
    • Covert Ops Players (Cloaker Brigade - providing Intel, Sniping and Ambush etc)
    • And as always Cannon Fod……er I mean Commando’s (Jumping out of working planes into the Maw of Hell)

    Outfit Style
    As to outfit style the original outfit were dropship specialists, which is basically akin stylewise to the Paratroopers or Special Forces but we operated in larger numbers. We were the go to guys in the Vanu Sov for dropping into extremely difficult situations and were expected to come out on top, from gen room holds against massive numbers to cracking defenses the zerg couldn’t push. With PS2 we will need to branch out into other sections so as well as the Galaxy/Dropper Combo, we are looking for people to fill additional roles - Fighter Cover, Covert Ops etc who can work iin conjunction with general ops or free roaming!

    While this was our bread and butter and also the most fun (imho) we will regularly mix it up with events every week were we would for example all armour up and have everyone running around in tanks or equally swarms of fighters and duke it out in the sky.

    If you match the type of player we want and the playstyle appeals to you, then why not give us a whirl until you find something better.

    Visit us, register an account and get involved – www.valourgaming.com

    Welcome to your Future

    Mongo [PVL]

    Head of Community
  2. FeiXue

    If you absolutely can not be saved from purple delusion this used to be very good VS cult. See you out there PVL.
  3. Selest

    Hey Feixue

    thanks for the praise - hopefully we'll be able to live up to it in the new game! If you would like to visit, you may sometimes find us at home at the Scarred Mesa Skydock on Indar. We will try not to shoot you, and may even treat you to tea and cake as we try to persuade you to see the (purple) light... :)

    Technology equals Might!

    Selest :D
  4. Lovefistt

    Bump, still going strong, events and banter every day and night!
  5. Aidante

    Training op, or excuse to mess around with the new flashes? We saw no reason why it couldn't be both. We're active and recruiting - send a tell to Aidante, IrateRedKite or Selest ingame or check us out at http://www.valourgaming.co.uk

    We'll have at least a squad on each night, usually moving up to platoon strength for the weekends and for events. We're a pretty laid-back outfit but are keen to work on anything that keeps us away from the zerg, be it organising air cav, flanking armour columns or carrying on the fine tradition of gal-drops that PVL had in PS. We hope to hear from you soon!
  6. Selest

    Check out the first link in the post above to see some fun footage from our training Event a week and a half ago, including a couple of rather nifty fast GAL pickups!

    If you're interested in joining the Outfit please post here and then go and sign up at the second link in the post above. Myself, Aidante, Irateredkite or Jamesjolly can invite you to the Outfit ingame.

    New air and ground Event this Good Friday (29/3) from 7pm GMT...
  7. HuntTheWind

    These are really cool guys!
    I was in PVL for a short while back in PS and have only good memories of the experience.
  8. AlphaRomeo

  9. AlphaRomeo

  10. AlphaRomeo

    For attention of the Terran Republic and New Conglomerate. Remember these faces well. It will be the last thing you'll ever see.


    For attention of Vanu soldiers. Do you like tactical teamplay? Do you have courage and valour? Do you want to join these hero's into battle?

    Join Purple Valour!
  11. ParaTroop

    Still rolling out Platoons every day.

    Want to know what a Kinder Surprise Sunderer is? Come play with us! :D
  12. Kazzadoom

  13. Urban-ski

    Hey Guys,

    Urbanski here, I'm in game now on Miller. I couldn't remember my log in details for the Valourgaming site so I thought I'd post here.

    I have to say I haven't seen anyone from PVL around but it is a massive game.

    I'm loving it but missing the outfit action, random squads are just that, random.

    Looking forward to teaming up with the old outfit and reliving some of those PS1 glory days.

    My toon on Miller is Urbanski11.

    See you soon guys


  14. Selest

    Hi Urbanski

    I think it's pretty quiet online atm. I haven't played very much at all recently, due to frustration at fighting over the same 3 continents without having the opportunity to properly lock them and then move on elsewhere. If they can improve the metagame I'll be back. I think Irateredkite, Noblenose, Asmo, Kazza and a few others still play, and when I get some time I hope to do a PS1 Event if there's enough interest! Also, if you've forgotten your Valourgaming sign in details, contact Mongo (Dancers) on the forum, and I'm sure he'll sort it out... There's a PVL Steam group now as well. Hope to see you soon!

  15. Urban-ski

    Hi Selest,

    Ah, that explains it. Shame you are no longer enjoying it....Yeah I noticed that we seem to keep fighting on the same bases night after night.....on Esamir the other night I must have lost and taken the same base half a dozen times :confused:

    I will get in contact with one of those other guys and see if I can get an outfit invite and I hope to see you in game soon fella.

    Take care.

  16. cassan0va

    PVL mostly play with DWG nowdays to boost their own numbers and enjoyment and so far its been working out great.
    ts.deathwatchgaming.com if you wanna jump on TS.

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