[VS] Pulsar C Or Solstice SF?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Kensharma, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. ohare3g

    Something to think about. The Solstice SF is the only gun to get under barrel grenade launcher (that I could find). I can't express how much fun I am having with it + c4 + adrenalin pump. Small groups of infantry fear me. Its a somewhat cheap playstyle, but fun when its a biolab of chaos.
  2. Davinel

    hm, then probably the best way is pulsar-c + nova.
  3. CrunchyVodka

    I prefer the Solstice SF because it has the rail grenade launcher. You can use the grenade launcher to get guys in cover or splash large groups to deplete their shields then finish them off with the main gun. Damage wise it feels the same as default gun.
  4. Rune

    my choice would be the VX6-7 / Nova for base assaults, and Nova + slugs for outside ownage. With this setup however you might want to look into ammo belt
  5. Superdano

    I really like the Solstice, even though it's the default gun. The rate of fire and fast reload is awesome. Only downside is, no soft ammo option, or extended Mag. 30 bullets goes fast, but I am tearing people up with it. Also, super accurate in full auto mode!
  6. Albatross039

    I am a newbie and thinking about the add-on on my VX6-7, which scenario is best for scope shot (Medium range?) and which for hip (short range?). Say I am right on the top of spawn room exit, should i just use hip or go for headshot using the scope? what add-on to buy if i use scope shot more often (75% scope and 25%hip) . Thanks.
  7. Rune

    I would go with laser dot + soft point ammo and reflex sight for the VX6-7
  8. Sabot

    Trust me, as LA you're going to want a weapon that can kill effectivelly at all ranges... even though your prefered engagement range is short-med, you're going to be engaging at longer ranges as well, whether you like it or not. Attacking/defending bases is a good example of this. So for this reason I have the pulsar-c with HV ammo with compensator and grip to counter the increased vertical sway of the HV ammo.. what scope you use is completely up to you.. what you feel works for you. This does make you an easier target up close, since your hip fire will suffer from it... especially when you're jumping and shooting at the same time... however I mostly just hold down the button and go for a knife kill in those engagements where you feel you have to jet pack away and shoot at the same time.

    The good thing though, is that you can have more than one load out... so for tower engagements, pick something that kills well up close with hip fire... maybe even a shotgun. Then change it up for other places... :)

    It is ulitmately pointless though... we all know that the skull mask is what makes you pro!
  9. Davinel

    Grip is useless on most carabines and almost useless on other. They have almost no horizontal recoil, do a wall test. And grip do nothing to counter HV ammo, cause grip reduce horizontal recoil, not vertical.
    And compensator is just bad, it gives away your position and lowering hip accuracy in exchange for little reduce in vertical recoil which can be easily compensated manually.

    For pulsar-c get a HV ammo, suppressor(they effectively cancel each other and you get increased vertical recoil in exchange for map invisibility) and laser sight.
  10. Scrangos

    The compensation he mentioned is what counters the extra vertical recoil.

    Im saving certs but when I have enough my plan is to go pulsar c, 6x scope for long range, compensator + hv ammo, laser sight for short range.
  11. Sabot

    Sorry I meant i use the compensator to counter HV ammo recoil, not the grip. And I'd much rather show up on the minimap and be able to do dmg at range, than use a supressor and lose even more dmg than we already do.. alternatively have to spend half a mag to kill someone then run out of bullets after 1 minute. You can't base the effectivness of the attachments based off of wall tests you twit.

    And you're completely wrong about the grip... it's not useless on any gun where you ADS rather than fire from the hip. And like I said, in those situations I kill with the knife... or if I know I'm going to be up close - use a different gun altogether.
  12. MilkMan

    I like this thread, please continue talking stats, loadouts, and attachments!
  13. AuntLou42

    Do you recommend using soft point ammo w/ the VX6-7? Is there any way to know the stats w/ the soft point?
  14. Benny Bladez

    i like the Solstice SF because of the under barrel grenade launcher.

    Some will call this a cheat but I know it really comes in handy when you round the wrong corner and are looking at 4 TR or you have a NC Max chasing you.

    i agree, i like having the Slow firing Hard hitting weapon. but you know the "ohhhh !@#$" button comes in handy in this game too.

    as far as ranged is concerned with the VS you have to be careful. even though you can hit some one at long ranges most of the time the weapon is doing decreased damage and it will take a lot more shots to kill them. if you are shooting a medic or a sniper you may just be asking for them to kill you.
  15. grin

    I haven't tested it yet and it's not on my to do list for the foreseeable future unfortunately. I have other things I want to get with my certs.

    Thorbinator did a data extraction just before launch and had this to say.

    "Soft point ammo decreases damage at 10m by 5%, increases at 25m by 15.4%, and decreases it at 50m by 11%"

    This information is only useful if it hasn't changed after launch, which several things did. Until someone tests the soft point again you would have to gamble on this pre-launch data.

    I do enjoy the underbarrel grenade enough that I switch around between the VX6-7 and the SF. It is definitely more versatile and you can get some one shot kills or serious damage to multiple enemies. It's well worth considering.
  16. Jeheil

    I went with the Soltice-F basically because I wanted the grenade launcher. All that effort to get into a nice position, 2-3 bad guys near by and I need to killz them. Found my default weapon just wasn't doing it. With the grenade launcher, pop off 2 quick rounds, spray any survivors and buzz out.

    What I dont like is that at range (I have soft ammo) its hopeless, I can put 7-8 shots into pretty much anyone and not kill them.

    I think I also struggle with the scope choice, think I made the wrong one, I took the zoomed laser dot one, which is great at longer/medium range as I can line up a headshot (and then of course not kill them with 3 hits, as I fire nerf bullets by all accounts).

    However in close range, if I pull to scope, I loose all peripheral vision and am too zoomed in. So I need to switch scopes I think.

    Is there a way to 'try out scopes' or do I have to keep buying them ?

    Also saving up for C4....anyone able to describe how it works. Can I fly over and just 'drop it' then click-click to assplode it ? or do I need to 'fix' it to target ?
  17. Albatross039

    Can anyone confirm that VX6-7 can't use 2x reflex scope ?
  18. Davinel

    You can throw it. But only like maybe 2 meters or so.

    Look ingame.
  19. ghnurbles

    The VX6-7, hands down. I haven't touched another carbine since beta.
  20. Blitzkrieg

    What this guy said.

    Standard Solstice is fine. The VX6-7 takes it to the cleaners. Very expensive though.