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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Ribby, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Ribby

    Hello, My name is Ribby and I am a member of the Purple Helmets. We are a small group of friends that enjoy casual team play primarily in the evenings and all weekend. We use Ventrilo as our form of communication but it is not a requirement.

    Alot of our players have been playing since the start of beta and we have a veteran (oldun) from Planetside. The reason for recruiting is because we have some good ideas in terms of tactics and do try when we get a full squad but you don't always get people following the waypoints/orders when in a public squad which is why i want to get enough people in the outfit to make these tactics happen while having fun.

    If you feel like this is the sort of outfit you would enjoy, Send me a Friend Request/Tell in game or speak to any of the members in the outfit. Either that or you can send me a message on the forum.


    Ribby - Purple Helmets Leader
  2. Ribby

    had a good few people join today. don't be shy. Join today. :)
  3. Ribby

    Just a little bump, we have had quite a few people join in the past few days. The Purple Helmets need you today. send me a friend request ingame and i will invite you to the outfit. :)
  4. Strongback

    Seems like the kind of group I'd be interested in, I think I could give it a shot.
    My character's name on Miller is Styphus

    I'll see if I can find you in game tho.
  5. Elia Chobanov

    Sounds good to me. I'l try and find you and if not I wish you luck with the outfit.
    BTW the name ingame is GroveST4LIFE
  6. moogle2507

    is this outfit still active? do you play often?
  7. MrKoronas

    If you looking for an outfit my Outfit EMLD is looking for new member's

    Website: www.emeraldimmersion.com