VS Outfits on Miller and Leadership in General

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  1. Strikejk

    Now you sound like NC...

    :eek: 4th FACTIONEEERRR!!!!!!
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  2. Arquin

    Playing all 3 sides is only a logical choice if you want to mathematically maximize your gameplay field in Planetside 2.

    That said, I still believe in "**** the police" and "Superiority of BR100 players" as much as I believe in needling "volunteers" for genetic experiments.
  3. Justicia


    After reviewing the case internally, it seems to have been a misunderstanding. Sometimes, DIG platoons/squads continue on without leadership. That can happen if a squad leader didn't properly disband his squad before leaving it. I am sure any outfit that regularly runs open public platoons runs into this situation. The outfit leadership that came online saw this DIG platoon run by SacredReich and assumed it was one of those platoons that had run off without leadership, because nobody leading the platoon was on teamspeak (like DIG platoon/squad leadership normally is). For this reason, they asked for leadership back.

    You make it sound like it's something DIG leaders regularly do. Clearly it's not. And we apologised for the situation. Furthermore, your characterisation of the reasons behind it (screw you because I'm higher rank) is, like explained in the previous paragraph, not accurate at all.
  4. LordMondando

    In pratice though, how indepdendent is the open platoon structure, if it comes up against an organised force (very often and likely an occurance on miller).

    I have no issues with DIG in principle, my point is simple this Justicia. DIG as a whole need to take a look at how it is functioning if this is the feedback your getting from someone. Make TS3 compulsory, doesn't suddenly make it less causal, does make it more involved. recruitment more officers, start some training sessions so the people in DIG feel they are getting value out of DIG.
  5. Strikejk

    Pro gamer use Mumble. Oh wait it's VS yea, advanced science :D
  6. Justicia

    Completely independent. We regularly run completely separately, without calling each others assistance.

    I think the issue of the OP has become overblown and this entire thread is making it sound like it's a regular occurrence while it is absolutely not. DIG being casual is advertised precisely as such. There are many outfits with compulsory TS3, DIGT being one of them. However, many players might not want to use an external program. Don't get me wrong, we advertise our open teamspeak many many times in platoons, and everyone is welcome to join it. We are always on the lookout for officers and leaders (in fact, a new leader was appointed two days ago). I am happy with receiving tips, but I don't think it's fair to think you're able to assess our outfit structure and organisation with the limited knowledge based on the content of one complaint.
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  7. Vortigon

    Great post OP

    This is the problem with almost every single outfit on Miller on all sides.

    Complete and utter lack of leadership skills and basic squad/platoon level tactical knowledge. Big outfits seem to think they are better because they are bigger - ROFL

    Give me a single squad of well trained motivated players over an entire outfit platoon of any kind and I will do more good for the faction and more damage to the enemy than any of them.

    Miller outfits are mostly a joke run by egotistical clueless half-wits with the tactical knowledge of a small hairless hamster.

    (There are some small exceptions - I can think of 3 outfit leaders who are on the ball) but mostly these people just THINK they are running a useful platoon actually they wander around wasting time and being fodder.
  8. Arquin

    And on that note, we can close the thread. There's nothing more to discuss.

    /Summon SOE-MOD-02
  9. Negator

    Did it ever cross your mind to ask if he wanted to keep it?
  10. ScottishRoss

    I think some people aren't getting why people are in outfits. When I log in, and I want to take control of my outfit platoon, I damn well will. These people who lead have been chosen by myself and PsychoZander, but we still outrank them. If we don't want to take the platoon? We won't. So I do not see a problem here with the DIG leadership taking their outfits platoon, otherwise what's the point in being in an outfit without a clear leadership structure?
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  11. Justicia

    I was not involved at all.
  12. Adukka

    Hi guys just wanted to say i play TR,NC and Vanu on Miller. None of them is in outfit, but i play in open platoons usually if theres any. I think most of the open platoons are usually just more organised zergs than normals :) I have enjoyed DIGs open platoons. Theres always been commander telling what to do when i have played.

    btw. whats that 4th faction everyone is talking about?
  13. Shinrah

    o_O There is always DWG, VC, RPS, ISK and so forth. Seen EMLD do a couple of good attacks aswell, admittedly it was a pretty huge group. So it might fall under your understanding of ZERG.

    Too bad I can´t join DIGT because I´m neither a paratrooper nor an acepilot. Sadly, I picked PodShellJetHealHeavyMaxInfiltrator -- totally OP class if you ask me.