VS Outfits on Miller and Leadership in General

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  1. DrPapaPenguin

    Sounds like your ideas are diverging from your platoon leaders'. That's good, make your own, add diversity to the game, find people younlike to play with and who like to play with you. Because as persons above me said, everyone has different concepts of "fun". Some people, myself included, are only in it for DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA, losing facilities/alerts is meaningless to us, some people actually know how to plan attacks/defences. Diversity among players is good, just dont expect them to have the same goal.

    And the fact that DIGers pulled rank on you and highjacked your squad is pretty dickish. Shameful display, that.
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  2. Justicia

    Interesting thread I stumble across :)

    I'm one of the two leaders of DIGT and an admin of the Dignity of War Gaming Community (that includes DIG and DIGT in Planetside 2, and other games like BF4 and Tera).

    I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. While we encourage active roles in DIG, most leading is done on our teamspeak. It seems from the story you were not present on our teamspeak, where I am very sure the leadership and other members of DIG were (leaders/officers are always on teamspeak, and anyone is welcome to join). The way DIG usually leads platoons is by coordinating the leadership over teamspeak and then ordering their platoons/squads around. Perhaps this leads to some feeling of a loss of communication if you just play in-game and are not present on the teamspeak. I'll bring it up and ask the leadership to communicate their orders and more importantly the reasoning behind orders to the platoon members. In PS2, communication is key.

    I would really encourage you to join our teamspeak if you wish to have a more active and leadership role within DIG. We heartily welcome anyone with initiative like yours. I'm sure the experience of asking/demanding leadership of the platoon from you was not meant harmfully, although I can see it feels like your work is being pulled away from you.

    I see there are some misconceptions being thrown around in this thread regarding the relationship between DIG and DIGT. I hope I can clear up some of the confusion.

    DIG is a casual outfit. There is no requirement to join, other than a willingness to join (we don't ninja-invite, we present ourselves in our public platoons and people can ask for an invite). Everyone in DIG is welcome to join our teamspeak and enjoy the game on a higher level with familiar voices. DIG is ran by several leaders and officers, who regularly run their platoons/squads (Samej321, Kharonstyle, FluttyMan, EvilAnarchics, etc.). Squad leaders are ideally (and usually) on teamspeak as well. This ensures proper coordination between squads and a freedom of communication the game itself does not allow.

    DIGT is a tactical outfit. Yes, the 'tactical' is often joked about, but it is what we strive for. We have strict certification requirements and require people to sign up on our forum and make an outfit application. We have mandatory trainings, and divide our members in ground forces and air forces. I lead the air force, while Maelstrome26 leads the ground force. We run a couple of operation nights per week, and have recently started to get into competitive playing as well with a few scrims. We get our members mostly from DIG members who are active on teamspeak, but also from other places.

    We are two separate outfits. DIGT does not command DIG and DIG does not command DIGT. We are both active on TVA (the VS Miller alliance with a coordination teamspeak). We have very different playstyles, since DIG commonly operates in open public platoons and DIGT operates in closed teamspeak-only squads. You cannot compare encountering DIG with encountering DIGT. Naturally though, DIG and DIGT communicate closely and help each other out. We use the same teamspeak server and communicate through server groups etc. DIG members are also free to join DIGT open teamspeak-only squads.

    In the end, the best advice I can give you is to join a teamspeak server. People always communicate much better there than in-game, and you get to know the regulars.
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  3. PsychoZander

    A "Zergfit" you say? Tell me, how does being a "Zergfit" entail working closely with the TVA? Dropping squads at multiple fights, with serious tactical defensive plays, offensive plays and deployments. How does the fact we run casual Joint Ops every night, with serious Joint Ops with the other TVA outfits once a week, work on the fact that we are a "Zergfit"? We also stay the hell away from Zergs as well as massive grind fights. There's no fun to be had there, the only time we may join one is in a supporting capacity by preparing all the bases along the zergs route to get it to the objective WE want that zerg to go to.

    It seems to me that your viewpoint is skewed, it can also be noted that no-one under the alias you are currently using has ever been a member of my Outfit; I keep logs of the membership roster at all times. Yes we are larger than some of the other outfits, but I have worked hard to take people in, train them up and get them onto our VOIP server. We regularly field 4 full squads onto whichever Teamspeak server we are using at the time. We are a retentively new outfit, yes, having been only formed in April last year. However, since then, we have been working closely with TVA from a point shortly after then to improve our leadership abilities as well as the abilities of our players.

    You also seem to think that running "Open Platoons" makes an outfit a "Zergfit", you should also then note that any player not following orders or on task within out open platoons are removed from them. We have no interest in players who cannot join in and follow on. We do also have reasonable joining requirements; we do not accept "Joe Bob Nobodyplayer". To run any outfit to a decent level there needs to be a lot of work in the background for it, there is a ton of member administration, as well as running events, the website, the Teamspeak server and the training events we also run.

    So, overall, do please get your facts straight before you pass negative comment on an outfit that; whilst it may not be the most "tactical", when compared to the smaller veteran outfits we have on TVA, is certainly nowhere near a "Zergfit". If you really want to get into a debate on this, then join my Teamspeak and I can set you straight on the facts.
  4. allattar

    I think I see what happened now..

    Not using TS. Most outfits (pretty damn near all tbh) use external voice coms.
  5. Crashsplash

    Yea, it sounded like he was not aware of the importance of it.

    Generally I'd suppose if an outfit leader of officers came online and found that the current PL was not on TS then they'd automatically ask to be promoted and then demote that person within the squad.
  6. Redzy

    Your best bet is to join ISK. As an NC and ex-VS, I can tell you they have a playerbase of very skillful players, and make up for a vast majority of the fun fights against the VS. They're a casual outfit, but quite a dedicated one at that, with extremely loyal players.

    As I was in DIG/T prior to my "infamous treachery", I would say try and play with DIGT for a bit (you don't have to apply for that). Join the Teamspeak, then ask for a squad invite. If you like it, then better for you! If you don't, but you were attracted by the premise of serious tactical gameplay, try DWG, as they have a different approach.

    Back when I was in the outfit I saw several players of your kind joining DIG, and instead of progressing to DIGT, leaving for other outfits. It is due to the fact DIG does not bear any resemblance to DIGT and does not help entice players to it. That, and the fact people aren't really encouraged to be part of the community. I can't say I see a point in DIG existing in its current iteration.

    While I would mention that it is pretty dickish to strip someone of their platoon lead for not being on Teamspeak, when it is clearly stated that DIG members have no real obligations (and I find it silly some people here are giving you flack for it), be prepared to use external comms in virtually any outfit you may join. In-game voice just doesn't cut it for most.
  7. sushiii

    Well first i m not lumix but LimeXx and i m in DIGT not DIG
    second i was on ts3 and we allways speak to each other on ts3, then we set waypoints and then speak to the rest to the platoon.
    (come to the ts3 if u wanna lead a platon.)
    3th i just joined the platoon and i was promoted to PL becouse i was on the ts3 and evil was afk for 10 mins
  8. Vanus Aran

    Oh wow I was in that first named platoon and yeah it was going well.
    Im not even a real teamplayer I guess and I felt it was all too easy but yeah it was nice and well as long as the leader talked.

    Then I had internetproblems and stopped playing for the rest of the day.
    But im not as sure that the coordinated teamplay was part of the overall success.

    I have seen some people who I see normally only in the biggest zergs ( stuff like "Fulgore" )
    nearly alone and dying quite often. You know this people who you can never really get because there are 8 people between you and them in some way or the other.

    My conclusion: The TR had no people online or just not enough.
    There was resistance but as usual, outnumbered people get just clubbed to death like pitiful dogs.
    Doesnt matter if they they use Shotgun and Aimbot or have-no-interest-in-reallife-skill-level.

    Looks like my disconnect came at the right time. Its good to stop when everything is still roses and rainbows.
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  9. Negator

    Smart outfit leaders need to recognize potential and support it rather then smother it. Let the guy run it. Convince him to hop in TS; even without TS he has the in game with which to communicate to everyone.
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  10. Ei2g

    SacredReich - I think a load of stuff has been covered already - so I shall try not to rehash it.

    The first I'd like to say is you have a point about the way that your platoon was appropriated from you. It's a point that the leaders of DIG have noted and discussed. So, on that basis I for one would like to say I'm sorry you had that bad experience.

    Equally, your guess - that the DIG leaders were on TS is almost certainly correct. The DIG leaders always are on TS, both to liaise with DIG, DIGT and often to liaise with the TVA. There is often a lot of chatter for the leaders to contend with. The TS server is normally regularly spammed in platoon chat. Also, if you had pressed O you would have seen the TS address on the MOTD for the outfit.

    Now, DIG does not force anyone to use TS - but we do encourage it and, if you wanted to communicate with the other leaders of the platoon you could easily have joined TS and done that.

    Whilst we don't ignore in game chat, and we don't insist on TS - I think there is a tendency to prioritise TS chat over in game voice. Again, probably something we should adjust in our behaviour - I for one seem to take more notice of either DIG/DIGT voices I know or of speakers shown in TS overlay than the in game voice names - I, and DIG as an outfit, are probably not alone in that.

    Also, whilst on the outfit screen you could have noted our website. It's at www.dignityofwar.com, here we also have forums that you can use to express your disapproval at our behaviour where we can debate it more easily with you (or TS for that matter we have many channels). We even have a complaints form! And, for that matter to apply to join DIGT.

    Anyway, as I said, it sounds like it all went a bit wrong in the instance in your original post and again I'm sorry about that. We shall try to do better in future.

    As for some of the other comments - well people's perceptions of DIG are what they are. As others have mentioned we are a casual outfit, we run open platoons inviting players from DIG or any other outfit, or non-outfit players to join us and play along, both using in game voice and TS. We aren't snobbish, we don't use disabling in game voice as some sort of badge of honour. Invariably we are the ones pulling galaxies, sunderers etc and trying to coordinate players who have less tactical experience than people on this thread are attributing to DIG.

    And, because we liaise with DIGT / TVA etc we often get grief from the more organised outfits (who train tactics regularly etc) that we are slow - because we are, we don't train as they do, and because we are at least trying to herd cats.

    That is one of the things I find frustrating in game, and slightly frustrating in this thread. Some of the other commenters on here are from outfits that are not doing this but instead want to bandy the word zerg around. Well, let them pull a couple of squads worth of randoms around for a couple of hours - randoms who otherwise really would be zerging. Then do it during an alert - or a coordinated ops. Feel the pressure before you give the heat.

    As for the relationship with DIGT - well one of the reasons I am in DIG is because I like playing with the DIGT guys but simply don't have time to train to achieve their tactical level. However DIG is a perfect ground for players who want to play with DIGT - since DIG players are welcome to play on non-ops stuff with DIGT - it's why we are structured the way we are. And of course a good way to determining if you want to apply to DIGT - since part of the application will involve the certification requirements you get to "try before you buy" by being in DIG.

    Right, now I am off to follow all the blue dots along that yellow line - those glowing arrows just get in the way.

  11. LordMondando

    That's not a lot different from saying DIG has become DIGT's zerg on a leash.

    Whats the value added of being in DIG as opposed to just being one of its platoons.
  12. Crashsplash


    The biggest issue OL's have is leadership and those that want to lead should be encouraged, I know this well as I was an OL for what 7 years or so.

    Bringing this issue to the forums is a definitely a sign that something is not right, DIG must have outfit forums - the way to address this would be to either talk to a leader directly or via PM or raise a discussion topic in the outfit forums. Maybe he's tried this previously, we don't know.
  13. Strikejk


  14. Maelstrome26

    Hey folks,

    I know Justicia has already had his say, however I would like to extend my apologies to you ScaredReich if you had a bad experience.

    However, DIG LTs, Majors and Leaders have every right to ask you to resign from platoon leading, because they are the leaders of the outfit. If you, or any member of DIG wish to have a go at platoon leading or squad leading, all we ask is that you come on Teamspeak (ts.dignityofwar.com:9988) .

    Ingame VOIP is not the place to discuss tactics, it's the place to order people around, as the game intended.
  15. Justicia

    I don't really understand how you got that from my post. DIG is not on DIGT's leash. Like I said, they are separate command structures and one does not take orders from the other. We communicate more than we do with other outfits, naturally, since we share a teamspeak and can mix into each other's squad/platoon if we want to.
  16. Redzy

    "Hey, since I am a higher outfit rank than you, screw all your efforts, just give me the lead of the platoon you worked hard to maintain and get over with it."

    My response would have been much more straightforward than his, albeit not on public forums.

    Let's just say that said higher rank player can just go on with their lives and make their own cool kids open platoon with blackjack and hookers, without bothering anyone.

    Naturally most, if not all outfits have this often unwritten rule that "chain of command" also means that in-game the Platoon Leader is "God" and Squad Leaders are the "Hand of God", regardless of outfit ranks. It's a basic rule of respect and if I'm correct DIG Code of Conduct is against the insulting behaviour perpetrated by your DIG high-rankers.
  17. Arquin

    I'm BR100 you scrub. You do what I say, or court marshall, bans and public humiliation.

  18. Strikejk

    Wait wait wait! Keep your role guys, this is copyright infringement! That clearly belongs to TR.
  19. Negator

    does it really matter if its not official outfit ops? This is a casual outfit we're talking about here that doesnt have muchin theway of standards.
  20. Arquin

    Screw yo' copyrights! **** DA POLICE!