VS Outfits on Miller and Leadership in General

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  1. huller

    Everything in the TR is tactical, even the donuts.

    As to the OP, either you should aply for a leadership osition in DIG, stop using their name for your platoons or go to Tactical.
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  2. SacredRay

    Thanks for the responses guys, it was very constructive. Me and my friend are looking through the list of Outfits and we like the look of DWG and ISK.
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  3. Mastachief

    Join ISK
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  4. Zapon

    I am a person who runs tons of Random platoons on Waterson- i am not with a outfit, and have taken some serious heat from outfits who feel pub platoons are worthless and only outfit-only platoons make a difference on the map.

    I also have been in platoons where outfit people ONLY use teamspeak, and so everyone else who isnt on TS has no clue what to do, ever almost.

    A lot of people in this game think the only serious gamers are those who signed up to an outfit- I ill tell you this- don't give up on platoons with randoms in them- sometimes they will surprise you

    I will also say this "zerging" is underrated, if it means what i think you mean by it here. it really varies- moving 2 platoons at once together can be useful as a blunt enemy platoon smasher.

    if that sort of thing keeps happening, you might want to raise the issue with the other leaders that you feel they don't use tactics that everyone can follow because they're on teamspeak only , and that hurts randoms.

    ---------------One of the Sovereignty's few, Platoon Leaders who feels that randoms are the keys to winning often
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  5. LordMondando

    1) Team speak is free, not hard to download or set up. Its hardly some giant barrier to entry. Gives good modularity, shows that the leadership is committed enough to get a server for it, and is much better than the garbo ingame coms.
    2) Winning with superior numbers is nothing to be impressed about. Having the organisation to win against equally organised people on equal or unfavourable terms is.
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  6. Zapon

    #1. I dont forsee outfits running platoons making a large scale effort to get every single person in their platoons on TS, though.
    #2. i mean large ops- as in there's nothing wrong with running very large numbers. I didnt say superior numbers because I'm talking the larger battles consisting of more numbers, not necessarily superior ones. Like, having two platoons defend against two attacking platoons.
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  7. LordMondando

    Well I added three other points I think are important, to reiterate.

    -having a TS server shows commitment from leadership.
    -Allows you to segregate coms, REALLY useful for PL/SL interaction
    -in game coms are ****.

    And frankly as I've said, being in an outfit that nightly gets platoons on TS3. I don't rate an outfit that doesn't bother much. Sorry. We manage it, WASP is not comprised of super-human god men.

    An outfit without VOIP is not much beyond the tag.

    Every victory you win because you were the larger blob is a hollow victory.
  8. Zapon

    We're getting away from the original points- I was addressing when Outfits don't speak to the people in the platoon much due to communication on TS, and less time spend coordinating - that's what the issue is.

    #2. I dont have a real opinion on this one way or the other- because in this game it's inevitable there will be some fights where you are the larger blob. But, you know I wasn't talking about fights where you win because you're the bigger blob, right?
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  9. Dalek

    I think you may have been caught up in 'false success'.

    Whereby you think you will actually succeed with your objective after something out of your control ends the opportunity prematurely.

    The reasons for why I believe you were caught up in 'false success' is as follows:

    1. Holding a bio lab during an alert that is under attack requires more than one outfit to respond. Bio labs are heated business and any half hearted attempt will result in overwhelm and farm at the spawn within a few minutes.

    2. It sounds as if the people who took over knew that fighting at a bio lab with 'semi-trained' casuals during a bio lab alert would be disastrous. In fact, I was part of one such platoon yesterday and we took all the surrounding lands quite easily. We got into the bio lab and were obliterated by a clustermuck of experienced players in experienced platoons. Our platoon fell to pieces within a few minutes. Morale and determination are not high enough in these sort of platoons to pursue main facility alert objectives.

    3. You overestimated your leadership abilities. Most experienced players know that defending small facilities against large numbers of players (on the whole) is not worth it because it requires effort and can end up being a disastrous stalemate whereby both parties build up bulk behind the front line and the whole thing stagnates quickly. What does this mean? It means that random players/semi-trained casuals get too much of a false morale boost when they take the places that you listed in your original post. Not realising that the best way to get a decisive result is to take you on directly in the main facility and crush you then counter attack while the initiative is theirs.
  10. LordMondando

    Fair enough that can be an issue, but thats more an issue when your running public platoons, and the issue there is 'ok why are you running them'.

    Too many are recruitment tools and not prue pro-bono work. WASP arn't running any on a regular basis atm, and is a point of discussion. Generaly position though, is if you want to run with WASP, write a descent application.

    IF your blob is too big, break up. Standard operation from us.
  11. Lonny198

    The main mistake was made by you. You didn't understand what kind of outfit you joined. DIG are a bunch of players who play casually and just want to have some fun. Their playstyle reflects this.
    By forcing them into a strategic and tactical try-hard-mode you simply acted contrary to what their outfit stands for.
    This comes from a Miller/TR player.
  12. SacredRay

    All squads were meant to meet up at the Bioland and it would have been pretty obvious on the map that the Biolab was a serious objective. It also happened that had things not been messed up, both Alpha and Bravo/Charlie would have met up at the Biolab at the same time.

    I'm sorry but they had no clue what they were doing. I can say this because I've unfortunately been part of their zergtoons on several occasions. This was not a hodge podge team of random casuals, 90% of of the platoon was DIG with a nice smattering of DIGT and some other outfits. If you're part of an outfit, you're expect to follow orders and to have a sense of awareness. Taking a Biolab (minus the farming and corridor camping) should be no different than taking an outpost.

    I'm not sure where you're going with this or what point you're trying to make. We got warpgated, therefore we were in the position to be decisive about our current mode of action. I think I stated previously that I knew I wasn't the best leader, but I envision a good game where everyone is rewarded and that was exactly what was happening before it went pear shaped.

    Nothing to do with a 'false sense of success'... Success in this game is measured by point score and the progression of territory assimilation. I think both those boxes were ticked.
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  13. SacredRay

    I understand, but please define 'fun'..

    Anyone can join a game, dick around, lose the objective and then say to an angry team mate "Its just a game I was playing for fun". But really is that the concept of computer games? Really? If you want to have some fun, go outside and socialize. Computer games have always been another way of 'working out' in a virtual world. Even Super Mario World, as fun as that game was, you had to put in work to at least get past the Forest of Illusions or Find the Red and Blue Switch Palaces.

    In PS2 terms, zerging whilst maintaining a kdr of 0.3 and getting barely 1 cert per 30mins is not fun nor is it even playing the game properly.
  14. ScottishRoss

    Excuse me, the VCBC are not a mass conscript army. We run constant public platoons, yes. But this is so people who do not have active outfits, outfit platoons currently running, or just general publics can have organised gameplay. We have higher requirements to join than some of the best outfits in on the VS.

    Now, simply because I as co-leader of the VCBC am actually quite insulted at the concept of being called a "Zergfit", want to ask the Miller VS something: Do you want us to continue running public platoons so we can have larger organised platoons, or will I simply tell everyone in my outfit that we will only play with members of the outfit, like some VS outfits do.

    Also to you SacredReich, you must never have been in one of our public platoons once because you would know we do not do any of the stupid **** you've posted in this highly inaccurate post.
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  15. Bvenged

    FTFY ;P
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  16. tekknej

    nah, please continue. your open platoons are the only ones that make sense out of different open platoons i have been in.
  17. Lonny198

    I can't define "fun" on a general level. Everyone enjoys different things.
    For me: I'm your typical infantry-player that loves to improve his personal gameplay, relies on other outfit-members in a firefight, enjoys winning, good leadership, fighting outnumbered, "try-harding" and "winning".
    So I found an outfit which caters to my style. I believe if my outfit would change towards a more casual direction I wouldn't experience the amount of "fun" I'm having right now.
    Basically you tried to push your outfit into a direction it's not meant to be. By that you lessened the "fun"-level of your outfits major part.
    Accept the fact, that your outfit is not catering to your playstyle. Deal with it or search another one.
  18. Arquin

    I'm not going to take any side since I don't know the entire story, but I can say for sure that DIG platoons are meant for fun casual playing & giving some direction (and aid) to people who want or need it.

    The entire concept that a "zergfit is bad" is ******* ludicrous, because without those the entire empire would collapse.
    Trust me, before EMLD, DIG and VCBC came along, Miller VS had the IQ of a ******** goldfish.
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  19. SacredRay

    On the contrary, I used to be in VCBC before I was coaxed into DIG. The only thing that separates the VCBC zerg and the DIG zerg is that at least the VCBC commander talks often and barks orders. Its just a shame that most of the orders abuse the concept of ramming the enemy via superior numbers and arms (MAX crashes, Tanks swarms etc etc all aimed at one spot) and that quite frankly, too many people in the outfit were too stupid. Your leader (he is British and from the South of England by the sounds of him) was at least charismatic.

    Lets not sugar coat the issue, VCBC is primarily a zergfit and nothing except purging 75% of your member count and organizing Ops will change that.
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  20. ScottishRoss

    Well, I guess we'll have to disagree. We generally run a platoon of VCBC members at primetime, co-ordinating with TVA and other leaders. We do not follow the zergs, and instead create our own fights with the better outfits from the TR/NC (NCTO and TRAC). You especially have not seen the VCBC only platoons where we use squad tactics that are fairly advanced. It's just unfortunate that we struggle doing this with the publics because they either don't listen, or aren't as disciplined.

    I find it rather hilarious that you think we're a zergfit, and you joined DIG.