VS Outfits on Miller and Leadership in General

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  1. SacredRay

    So I'm BR 27 and I'm in the DIG outfit. Until recently, I tended to stay away from Miller because most of the time I log on, I just see DIG brainlessly zerging across the map until they meet a larger Zerg and get forced back. Half of the players in the Zerg don't get anything from it, there is no cohesion or coherent leadership and all in all just a big clusterf***. This is not fun.

    So today, I decided to take initiative with my friend and we formed 'DIG OPEN TACTICAL PLATOON'. This open squad/platoon was meant to reinforce teamwork, tactical awareness and in general getting the most out of playing the game with combined arms. I started it on Esamir as we were underpopped globally and it seemed as if we had just been warpgated there. TR was still trying to camp our warpgate, but I figured we needed to be decisive. It was only Alpha squad at the time, but I ordered everyone to grab tanks and take Northpoint as there was TR presence there and the only other territories we had were Silverwater and Grey Heron.

    We pushed our way and took it. I then ordered a redeploy to Nott Amp station and secure the Amp and Substation so that we had a launch pad to expand as far away from the warpgate as possible. By this time, Bravo was full. We took that also. Then the alert came (capture and hold 9 Biolabs). I had the simple idea:

    Alpha squad + public will take Mani fortress and push to towards the Biolab. Bravo and Charlie will redploy to Silverwater and link up at the Biolab by pushing through Apex genetics.

    It was going so well. Bravo and Charlie were just about to capture Mani Satellite and Alpha had finally formed a foothold just underneath a well fortified TR Mani Fortress.

    Then the rest of DIG leadership came online and started crying for platoon leadership. Now me being a reasonable guy, I gave platoon leadership to evilanarchy and lumix. Once I did that, I had squad leadership stripped from me and I found myself as just another moron part of a brainless zerg - again.

    We then lost mani satellite, we then had mani fortress taken from us by a TR tank counter attack and we lost our momentum and got pushed back to the Esamir warpgate again. There was no way we were going to take the Biolab and win the alert now. None of the leaders were giving orders or talking, maybe they were on TS but whatever. They redeployed to Indar and started zerging there as usual - WITH MY PLATOON.

    If not because I was playing with my friend and we usually do well in our Liberators, I would have ragequit there and then. I'm not the highest ranked player nor the most charismatic leader. But I talk alot, I present objectives to everyone and I try to get things done. Why do people just ruin things?

    I would have left DIG long time ago but I really wanted to join DIGT as I assumed they were more intelligent. I'm not so sure now.

    So to conclude, it doesn't matter how high ranked you are.. If you don't use a mic or you don't have even a brain cell to look at the map and decide what needs doing - DO NOT LEAD OR ASK FOR LEADERSHIP.

    I will be running these platoons on a daily basis with the same name 'DIG OPEN TACTICAL PLATOON' and I will not be relinquishing platoon leader to anyone. I learnt my lesson.

    /crying post
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  2. LordMondando

    I actually think the VS have been going extremely well on Miller recently.

    DIG vanillia and Digteeck are two quite different beasts though. Might want to ask some of the Digteeck upper echalons what they are still getting out of dig vanillia at this point.

    Used to serve the purpose of training new people in the game, but from the sounds of it, not doing that much anymore.
  3. Winfield

    The way I've seen it DIG are always a mess when it comes to tactics, not even remotely comparable to DIGT/FU/INI/WASP/RO etc.

    If you can give these guys a bit more cohesion, I say keep it up. It does sound sad that the "leadership" screwed you over like that, if they have no intention of properly leading a platoon they shouldn't take the lead in the first place.

    Stay strong and lets meet on the battlefield. :D
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  4. Skrylla

    Looking forward to meet u at the battlefield, under your Leadership of course.
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  5. Ruvan

    DIG are a zerg and always have been. Don't expect good strategy or tactics from their leadership.

    If you want good strategy and tactics join DIGT, because all/most of the good players in DIG left and joined the T branch.

    There are also many other outfits to join if you want leadership that has a clue...
  6. SacredRay

    And sorry if this seems like 'COOL STORY BRO' or Whine thread material, but this actually really irritated me. The game isn't that easy to learn and play and people ruining it further compounds the issue. In fact, almost all of my bad sessions are caused more by stupid allies than 'good' or laming opponents.

    I just want to play the game the way its meant to be played and the one time I was properly able to envision this amongst my team mates, the 'more experienced' but brainless players came online and ruined it. My fault for being gullible though.

    And no, there is absolutely no training that any of these large outfits give. DIG and VCBC are just mass conscript armies and I do not get how it gratifies players or prolongs the lifetime of the game. People say that CoD is a brainless shooter, try being part of a infantryside zerg where:

    • Noone can fly <-- Yet forumside players will come on the forums and cry imba against lolpodders and liberator pilots
    • Noone can tank properly to compliment the infantry <-- Check the latest stupid thread "Vehicles are overpower" rofl
    • Noone takes out key targets
    • 20+ players in the same place to get shelled by AoE
    • Noone talks
    • Sunderer is getting shot, noone changes classes to phase out the threats or repair the sundies
    • Just a couple of Engineers with their skill turrets as an exception to picking a stock gun and running out to die
    • etc etc etc etc ect
    And I can't join DIGT because I'm simply not high ranked enough. I would have to spend about another 1300 certs in key locations to meet the requirements. I guess its time to buy membership!
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  7. LordMondando

    I know quite a lot of DiGt and speak with them often, DIG pretty much never.

    As I understand it, DIG functions as a training ground for DIGT.

    Looks like that needs to be looked at.

    As it appears to the NC, its the random ramshackle millita that zergs over and provides DIGT with more bodies. If its internally also just not providing any meaningful leadership and/or training then its purpose needs to be seriously looked at.
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  8. Ruvan

    Most of the rest of the tactical outfits on Miller VS do not have a minimum rank requirement. Look them up.
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  9. Ruvan

    I believe DIGT refer to DIG as a gaming community, i.e. the social branch.
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  10. JonboyX

    A leader of public randoms? Sounds like you should start your own outfit! The game is crying out for people who can herd 4th empire players.

    And... well, it's always worth remembering of course that no-one ever thinks of their outfit as being a zerg outfit, nor as their tactical choices as being influenced by proximity to the mass of other players. ;)
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  11. Ruvan

    There are always going to be casual players that just want to zerg. I'd rather see DIGT be associated with them, and therefore have some influence over where to point them, than them just milling about in random outfits that are associated with the tactical outfits in no way whatsoever.
  12. LordMondando

    AT the same time though, the game (or at least Miller) needs less outfits, not more.

    THat being said, 3 smaller outfits with 60 people max that can effectively cooperate are far better than 240 people in a single zergfit with no meanginful organisation or direction.
  13. LordMondando

    I don't think you really need outfits for that, and outfits will only serve to make a zerg an unstopabble force by blobbing up so many people it can't be opposed = ****** gameplay for miller as a whole.

    IF your going to have an outfit, you need to be organised in some sense, or else your doing your members a disservice, and they should leave and look elsewhere.

    IF you want to see a good example of a competent casualfit (or rather drunkfit) look at fight club on NC. I'd like for them to do more Ops with the rest of us, but they are a social community first and foremost, have outlasted plenty of other outfits and don't just mindlessly zerg at things.
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  14. Kurohagane

    Well, DIG is kind of infamous on Miller. DIGT is a totally different thing, though. I remember how on TS when Maelstrome came over to us, someone referenced him with DIG instead of DIGT and everyone went *GASP*
  15. Ruvan

    The trouble is that the VS Miller zerg, for the most part, really really doesn't listen to /orders at all. Furthermore, VS Miller rarely users /leader because most tactical outfits are on TVA command comms. If they aren't in DIG then we have no method to communicate with them.
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  16. JesNC

    Sounds like you're not at home in your current outfit. Sorry to hear that.

    Is DWG still around? You might try applying there, as far as my memory serves they played pretty well in the past.

    Tbh, with the amount of armchair generals populating the game it's no great surprise that hardly anyone bothers to read the /orders channel.
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  17. Winfield

    Yes, DWG are around and are fun to fight against :)
  18. LordMondando

    Sounds like VS have a similar problem NC had a few weeks ago.

    Solution is to bully people to joining your alliance.

    We even have Zukhov's magical zerg adventure working with us on coms sometimes now.

    IF people aren't organising and cooperating, they should not be putting on the pretence of being leaders at any scale its as simply as that.

    If you can't step up to that, you shouldn't be leading or making outfits.

    Otherwise. You have a duty of care to your players and your letting them down. 'You' should feel bad.
  19. blampoet

    yeah... drama that isn't TR for a change. :cool:

    also... surprisingly few people accusing you of being a whiny person... that means some of the things you said about DIG seem to have a grain of truth in them :eek:

    curious... ist the term "open tactical platoon" something you saw somewhere? maybe during your TR days? :rolleyes:
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  20. allattar

    If you dont fit in an outfit, or dont like their style it is best to find one you can enjoy. Different outfits work in different ways, some are happy being the casual zerg. But then we have other outfits.

    Sometimes new outfit creation can be useful to pull new players into outfits. There are still those out there who are not in an outfit and may not join a preexisting one.
    I would also say there are several outfits, some in the TVA, who will give you the style of game you are looking for.

    You dont have to leave your current outfit in a storm, but there is no harm in admitting that you dont fit in with the way they want to play.

    I will nominate my current outfit as a good group, ISK, who in prime will be organised. So have a look at the different outfits and I am sure you will find a group who will suit your playstyle.