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  1. Liewec123

    It VS victim complex ;)
    NC and TR are sooooo OP, Despite VS being the dominant faction on my server (cobalt) lol
  2. Towie

    ...good job you've got Allaccess - most NC on Cobalt spend the vast majority of their evening in Koltyr ! It's been especially bad lately.

    Ironically I think this hurts NC unless they've managed to hold on to an overpop (ie. the other factions leaving) due to the difficulties actually getting your outfit together on one continent. VS can just redeploy an entire platoon to wherever they want and be general pains in the a$$...
  3. Liewec123

    yup i've noticed the NC have a pretty huge overpop for this double xp week!
    luckily i don't mind what faction i'm playing for the most-part :)
    (you can bet your butt that i'll be maining tomorrow though for the stupid crazy xp stacking :D)
  4. Vancerman2

    Come to connery, and no. They do not need buffed.
  5. Jubikus

    Honestly the differences between factions has pretty much always been minor. The only thing that has remained constant is faction popularity more new players join NC>TR>VS. In general battles will be determined by population, coordination, skill of combatants, and the base itself in that order.

    Most OP threads are generally down to a side by side comparison of faction specific weapons meant for a similar job where the one is a bit better than the other and in the end when all weapons are factored in the factions are basically the same so it doesn't really matter.
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  6. pnkdth

    Most OP/nerf threads lately also look more like ragequit moments. Like someone runs in as say they got "INSTAGIBBED" by X, Y, Z.

    We don't seem to get any proper forumside battles anymore. :(