"VS OP" Why?

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  1. Nuggz

    Hitscan weapons, little to no recoil and no bullet drop. All those things make it FAR easier to put more shots on target which in the end is how you survive a fight. VS weaponry is all around easier to use and requires less skill to produce optimum performance or nearly optimal. I've played all 3 factions extensively since the beginning and my VS character has ALWAYS been easier.
  2. pnkdth

    The last two posts perfectly illustrate why the devs does not take these forums seriously.
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  3. Warboss Thrakka

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  4. Blam320

    You're complaining about the Beetlejuice? It's literally the default Orion with heat ammo instead of magazines! You can't even put attachments on it beyond a scope, making it objectively worse than the Orion in that regard.

    As for your statements about what I assume are Vortex MAXes, oh boy, you would have hated the Lancer back when it had longer range. Also… why didn't you pull any air support? Over on Connery you can barely fight the TR without at least one groundpounding Mossie ruining everything with Banshee+LOLpods+Fire Suppression or Flares.
  5. Gooyoung

    Disfranchised, that is the guy I'm talking about in vanu connery that's a bit far too OP. No idea is that subtle cheat or just pure outworldly skills but that guy rips a whole squad solo and mainly uses beetlejuice. Yes I do realize it's a reskinned orion but somehow I get killed more by that than the original orion. Prolly because users of that are mostly long time players?

    Also yes it's the vortex im talking about with the ridiculous range. It was in emerald though, in a 96+ armor and infantry fight. Connery is getting weird so I just decide to move slowly to emerald. I don't think people in emerald spam mossie cancer that much tho. Also how bad was the lancer before? The current range and accuracy isn't even that bad.
  6. TwwIX

    Come to Connery and play against VS during prime time. You'll have your answer.

    I take a break every few months and every time i come back it's the same ****.

    Why? A number of reasons which have been discussed ad nauseam over the years.

    What have the devs done to address any of it? Not a ******* thing.
  7. UberNoob1337101

    Seems like we're back to the "classics" after the SW update shenanigans :p
  8. Botji

    Lancer used to have longer range, now it just kinda stops after a certain distance I cant remember atm. It also used to have a higher velocity when charged and just in general(?) as well as no damage fall off I think? I cant even find the patch notes when they nerfed it because I think it was one of those 'silent' changes we all know and love.

    It was hit overly hard with the nerf-bat, only thing I have seen people complained about was organized squads deleting vehicles with focus fire. Which you obviously still can do so the nerf didnt help with that problem but it was rare to see in the first place and now I dont think a lot of people ever bring out the Lancer and new players dont get it. When I see another VS with the Lancer its like, wow mom, look! a Unicorn!

    Im not sure if im the only one but I thought the "Lancer nest squads" was more of a meme, kinda like when outfits take +50 Harassers or whatever and drives across the continents for a few laughs. Sure it worked and killed vehicles but what doesnt when you have 12-30+ people all shooting the same target?

    I mean we dont see "Archer nests" even though all factions could use them, Archer has very little bullet drop, higher velocity than the Lancer and even against a MBT you only need to hit it 3 times to do slightly more damage than a fully charged Lancer shot does(both doing minimum damage aka long range). You would only need 10 people with Archers and they would kill MBTs with two shots, more than doable but still no Archer nests.. and before anyone even thinks of talking about bullet drop, have you seen it on the Archer? its almost as non-existing as it is on the Lancer and you can easily plonk vehicles out to near render range, something that isnt even possible with the Lancer anymore.

    Weird how things are like that, a lot of people complained when it was a faction weapon but no one uses it when everyone can have it and all we have now is a overly nerfed Lancer for it. Though I do admit it is still a nice AA weapon and only reason why it still has a place on almost all my HA loadouts, tasty tasty 2000+ damage on low flying infantry farming ESFs is hard to give up and I wish more VS used it even if it only was to keep the air away.
  9. Liewec123

    i remember those days and it definitely wasn't just a meme!

    back when "lancer squads" were a thing the velocity increased with charge level,
    a full charge was 800m/s (thats faster than almost every weapon in the game besides railjack.)
    and back then vehicles rendered further away, and there was no limit on how far a lancer could fire.
    a squad of lancers would set up on a cliff and nuke down any vehicle that they want within seconds.

    archer had about a week were it was actually capable of doing some decent dmg to vehicles,
    but it was quickly nerfed to the junk that we have today, you'd need a large number of them to get anything done,
    whereas the lancer squads of the past only needed a small number of lancers to be effective.

    but i agree that current lancer is pretty underwhelming,
    i still always have it slotted on my HA loadout because i like how versatile it is for AA (actually VERY good against libs),
    sniping snipers, and also dealing with harassers.
    if they're too afraid to allow it to hit after 300m anymore then they should atleast give it its velocity back.
  10. Botji

    Not sure what you consider a small number but if you wanted to one shot vehicles you still needed a full squad to get it done and im not sure I would say that ~12 people is a small number when they are used to all shoot a target and I never saw a succesfull Lancer squad smaller than that, most were larger to make sure that things died since it didnt take a lot of ESF to quickly ruin things and even with the original Lancer ESF were not easy to hit when they were going for you(not just flying straight forward) so numbers were definitely much higher than what was needed to actually kill most vehicles, otherwise the Lancers were not there for long.

    But yeah the Lancer needed a nerf, just not all of them. A range nerf would have been enough as that is what I think made it less popular as a Lancer Squad thing. The lower damage would still not be much of an issue with the numbers I was seeing in the Lancer squads at least, so im assuming its the fact they can only damage things closer to them now instead of across like two hexes like before.

    Would be nice with a bit higher velocity and a bit of a bump on the minimum damage, 350 damage against vehicles is... not much for a 3 second charge up to be super polite about it.
  11. Liewec123

    I remember smaller groups of around 5.
    And those groups could kill pretty much any vehicle within 2-3 shots
    But yes I do also remember larger outfit groups camping the warpgate,
    notably they liked the cliff at the south east warpgate on indar.
  12. Trebb

    I saw one on Esamir a few weeks back. I think I ran over 12 of them with my invis ANT. They put down a ton of land mines in their next, but ANT mine guard is kind of OP, they only do like 150 damage, but at least they can hear me coming at that point :p

    "You're complaining about the Beetlejuice? It's literally the default Orion with heat ammo instead of magazines!"

    I realize this is an old post, but this is just straight up ignorance. People are loving the ectoblaster because of the same heat mechanic. Now put it on something way more accurate, and only give it to 1 faction! LOL
  13. Peebuddy

    You think the Orion/ Beetlejuice is bad now, it used to also have a .75 ads to it.
  14. Johannes Kaiser

    This is the first time I hear someone saying they like the Ectoblaster, actually. :)
    But I'll say it here like I said it for the Mass Effect Trilogy: Heat mechanic may not be inherently SUPERIOR (even more of a situational thing in ME because some weapons there reload in 0.5 sec), but it sure feels more convenient. No need to reload, no animation that you get stuck in, being able to do stuff and your weapon still refills. It's just more fun to run.
  15. Liewec123

    I thought the same but it's secretly been MASSIVELY buffed this year, it's kinda OP at the moment!
    The splash has been silently changed from 25 to 125, so direct hits (which are easy with the massive projectile)
    Now deal 250 dmg! (4 body shots to kill), just hipfire and go wild!
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  16. Demigan

    Oh yeah that, and when they removed it from the Orion and Beetlejuice (and a lot of other weapons, it was aimed at a specific type of LMG, that these weapons belonged to but people prefer to ignore that for some reason), their statistics suffered massively! So massively it was around 1% drop in their performance! All that hype over 0.75 ADS and it actually meant barely anything at all!
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  17. 4EMODAN

    TR is the most offended faction in arms, the only thing that is normal is a volcano. Tanks are generally worthless garbage
  18. InexoraVC

    I play VS and NC mostly
    My personal opinion:
    NCs have the best default LMG: SAW. Devastating when properly used. 3-9 kills perone spawn. I love it.
    NCs have the best sniper rifle: Railjack. The fire delay just adds some flexibility - you can press fire before your aim is on enemy's head.
    NCs have the best ESF (potentially). Reaver has the highest thrust and a very high damage output. But it requires high skill.

    VS has the best default camouflage.
    Scythe is good in 1v1 pure A2A combat. But is the worst option when you fight 1v2 A2A or in crowded air.
    VS "no bullet drop" isn't that useful. Phaseshift isn't good compared to other sniper rifles. Other rifles have bullet drop.
    VS Magrider "bullet drop" is higher than Vanguard's one. But it doesn't really matter.
    Strongly personal: Betelgeuse is good only in close-to-mid combats. I use it very very rarely. For example Flare or LSW with extended mag will offer much more than betelgeuse. And the one of the best LMG is NS-15 available for all factions. It has great accuracy and the very low reload time.

    I personally think NC and VS are equal in general. I can't agree that VS is OP.
  19. InexoraVC

    2 Demigan:
    I don't want to discuss is this or that OP or not (betel, magrider, some other stuff).
    Just general note below.
    It is not correct to constantly refer to general statistics. For example, ~99% do not know how to use Aphellion correctly. Accordingly, statistics of this weapon will not reflect its real potential.
    The same is true for other types of weapons. ~80% don't know how to properly use Saron. ~40% can't release the fire button when using LMG.
    The most used weapons are the easiest to handle, not the most effective but requiring skill. That influences the statistics. Remember Vulcan Har, that can be easily destroyed by Aphelion Har on mid range.
  20. JibbaJabba

    THIS is why VS are more powerful. Because misinformation gets dropped into an echo chamber and doesn't die.

    It becomes tedious to argue about it so people get tired and quit and the misinformation persists.

    One example, quite cherry picked...

    They are not render range. Period. That's a lie.
    At 300m they still do damage. At 301m they do zero. Zero. No hitmarker.
    They cannot lockon and chase a target beyond the 300m.
    They are also not hitscan. For tanks and sunderers they hit easily. For harassers, flashes, and aircraft it's going to take player skill.
    A single full-charge triple shot won't even kill a flash. It take two triple-charge shots (that hit!) to even set an ESF on fire.

    It is by far the worst of the three empire specific weapons. It only has effectiveness in groups, and then when compared to it's counterparts in groups it falls even further behind.

    People subjectively feel it's powerful because it's a surprise when it kills you. No screaming phoenix sound, no 6x lock on warnings.

    I've got an ASP 100 on every faction. VS are no more powerful than any other. If I had to pick a faction for say lane smash.. I'd pick TR. Most other imbalances are a wash but the Striker is actually a fight altering weapon.
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