"VS OP" Why?

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  1. InexoraVC

  2. JustGotSuspended

    Yeah I noticed your infantry KDR is closer to 0.7, while mine stays around 1. And as I mentioned, this is a char I revived, so my in session KDR is higher, as I've been slowly raising it from the .6 it used to be a few months ago.

    Again, a 150 round mag on a 143 damage model weapon with near perfect accuracy should net you more than 3 kills per mag. Although you don't seem to be aggressive or great at infantry play.
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  3. Anantidaephobia

    Have a look at NC stuff before saying anything VS is OP. What can you do with an MBT that can cross water when there's absolutely no water in PS2 and the guy shooting at you has bigger hitting ammo and a SHIELD ! What are we supposed to have that balances shields ?!?
  4. JibbaJabba

    Disengaged for 8 seconds and lolz that he wasted it?
  5. JustGotSuspended

    A shield that reduces damage for a bit, and makes 0 impact in the fight unless you charge into vanguard like a moron. And even then, their shield doesn't do much.

    The vanguard doesn't have bigger bullets. The shots are easily dodged by the magrider. The magrider can scale mountains, flank, enter terrain/bases other tanks can't and turbo away when in danger.

    I'm not sure if you've played other factions and how you play, but seriously if you think that TR or NC get better stuff than VS, especially when it comes to mbts....LOL
  6. InexoraVC

    LOL. Read previous pages. This myth has been discussed.
  7. JustGotSuspended

    you haven't assimilated or read anything properly if you still consider it a myth.

    the magrider can dodge more shots than the shield can absorb - end of story.
  8. pnut

    I find the lancer is pretty useless and just use the annihilator. 50-100 / hit. 650 from annihilator and it locks on.
  9. JustGotSuspended

    as someone who's auraxed it post nerf for my launchers directive, I can confirm the lancer is extremely situational. It's got super accuracy, but the 3 second charge up and the little damage it actually deals means that unless you're trying to scare away vehicles (notably air), or steal a kill, you're not going to accomplish much with the lancer. Sure, it works in squads...but what doesn't?

    And sure, you can use it as a makeshift rifle against infantry, but again, with the charge up and the little damage output, you're going to go insane before you finish auraxing the thing that way (trust me, I speak from experience).

    This isn't particular to the lancer, all launchers that stray from the decimator damage model are complete trash. The deci itself isn't even that great, it's just the gold trash in a pile of trash. In terms of launchers, the decimator is the only one worth equipping, unless you're trying to unlock the kraken, which I really wouldn't recommend for the sake of keeping your sanity.
  10. InexoraVC

    I'm a vehicle guy. Please no myths here. End of story.
  11. csvfr

    What, is the Magrider's dodging advantage become a myth now? It strafes faster than 1 m/s you know:
    • Magrider strafe speed (w/ combat chassis) = 26KPH = 7.2 m/s
    • Magrider width ~6-7m
    • Titan AP projectile speed = 275 m/s
    This means, that at 275 meters distance, the magrider can strafe its entire width by the time the an AP projectile has arrived. A vanguard would have to lead the magrider by ~3.5m to secure a centre hit on the assumption that the strafing continues. At the pinnacle of skill, the magrider would change strafing direction at random, and the vanguard would guess correctly half of the times.

    At 137.5 meters distance, the magrider can strafe half its width, and the vanguard would still have to lead the magrider to secure a centre hit, with a 50% chance of guessing correctly if it continues or not. Alternatively, the vanguard can aim for the sideskirts of the magrider ensuring a 100 guess chance if it can hit the smaller hitbox (yes the magrider has a slim frontal profile on the sides similar to the scythe).

    At 68.75, the magrider can strafe 1/4 of its width ensuring that this part of the hitbox will only be hit 50% of the times as above.This is where aiming for the regular sized centre portion of the magrider becomes possible without risk of missing due to dodging. Nonetheless it still has less than 90% of its hitbox 'effective' in the sense of average damage with equiprobal aiming.
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  12. JibbaJabba

    Why do we need to secure a center hit again?

    I don't have a stake in this discussion, just curious about that.
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  13. csvfr

    It gives the same damage as the rest of the front, but (ofc. depending on the cicumstances) might be easier to hit:

    As can be seen, the magrider has a =O= shape, where only the "O" part has a similar height as the other tanks
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  14. JibbaJabba

    I think that diagram shows the floating tank not floating, The lower part of the Vanguard and Prowler are rarely visible as is the non-hitbox air that is below the Magrider.

    They are indeed harder to hit. That's sort of why they are nerfed elsewhere though yes?
  15. csvfr

    Yep it looks like the magrider is put on the ground. Did not create the picture myself simply took it from an image search so can't say anything about the accuracy of the frontal hitbox proportions. But from the looks of it, assuming the "NS art" is indeed faithful, Magrider does have a rather small frontal hitbox compared to the other tanks, a fact which must be considered in judging its power.

    As an NC main, I was shocked by the series of buffs the magrider received the last couple of years as I think it was balanced before. These one-sided buffs include:
    • December 13, 2017 Hotfix - Supernova FPC from 700 to 750 damage equating to one less shell needed for sunderer/MBT kill
    • November 13, 2018 - Magrider speed increased by 5 to 10 kph depending on chassis and angle
    • August 28, 2019 Update - Magburner became a passive feature, freeing up a slot for fire-supression or the new insta-recharge. Additionally a multi-directional exhaust was added allowing some strafing while boosting
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  16. pnkdth

    Just wanted to drop an accurate size comparison instead of the mini-Magrider images.


    In addition to being a thicc boi (VS traits are important), shot at from any side angle the raised cockpit creates a larger frame too.

    Also, terms of dodging you should also account for acceleration/deceleration + reaction time + if you do dance around/ADADAD you are going to return to the original position thus negating your evasive driving. That said, yes, a Magrider is more difficult to hit but it is neither "super hard" to do so or super easy to dodge. Plus, it shares the least HP with the Prowler and nearly identical DPS of a Vanguard.
  17. JustGotSuspended

    It was balanced before, until it swapped reloads with the prowler, and wrel starting buffing it a little bit now and then.

    However it's not really these little buffs that changed the gameplay significantly, it's the fact the other 2 mbts got nerfed for literally no reason, while the magrider kept it's fairly balanced position. The result is that the other 2 mbts are trash and borderline useless, while the magrider kept its spot, and is now the best of the bunch.
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  18. thed1rt

    Why do people keep herp derpin this around like its a fact? If you are using single shots on the lancer something is definately wrong with the head. If you charge it up to the x3 burst it makes a full health ESF do black smoke in 1 hit. So a fully charged x3 lancer hit does over 2700 damage because ESF's have at least 3,000 hp and 1 full charged lancer shot gets and ESF to black smoke immediately.

    Why would anyone single shot the lancer?!?! wtf it does over 2,500 damage with a x3 charge shot.
  19. csvfr

    I don't think really think it makes much sense to consider reaction time in Magrider dodging. It is similar to ADAD in infantry, no-one really has the super human reflexes required to reactively dodge bullets after they have been fired. The trick is to start evading before that. This means random movement vectors which can be timed by pro magrider drivers who know the titan AP refire time, leading to the 50% guessing game described. This is also why acceleration/deceleration are neglected as the only possible choices are "keep direction" vs "change direction".

    While it is true that the magrider eventually must change direction regardless, and that the vanguard may wait for that, this costs precious DPS and becomes akin to fighting without reload time upgrades on the canon. Even when the magrider does come to a halt it is not straightforward to reactively fire and hit at long distances, as the magrider might decelerate then re-accelerate in a fake out move.
  20. pnkdth

    ADAD for infantry works because there is an on/off switch on movement + clientside . This is not how vehicles work or at least not quickly enough to achieve the same effect.

    I do not dispute that the Magrider can avoid shots, that's why it has the same-ish DPS of a Vanguard and the same HP of a Prowler, but I am disputing the apparent ease of which the Magrider supposedly achieves it. You SHOULD miss some shots otherwise it be plain worse.

    I mean, if we're assuming the Magrider is a pro then why are we assuming the Vanguard driver is a complete numpty who will happily drive into every unfavourable situation imaginable? I mean, there has to come a point where you do not get bamboozled by a Magrider showing up in a place it can show up.
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