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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by VanuSShooter, May 31, 2014.

  1. VanuSShooter

    Seriously .. VS Medics need better weapons ... currently you've basically got only two choices on which one to go a long with ... HV-45 or NS-11A .. we don't get the other options that the other factions get
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  2. Michel

    Equinox Burst? Corvus? Pulsar? I heard the Terminus is also not bad. And the H-V45 is just so good, you don't need any other Assault Rifle.
  3. VanuSShooter

    Not worth using. What I'm saying is that if we're going to buy a good rifle, our only two option is basically hV and NS
  4. Kulso

    I agree. I feel the Cycler TRV is leagues ahead of the H-V45.

    Side note: I wish the Shield Generator should be Purple.
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  5. Epic High Five

    Terminus is pretty great, but not 1,000 certs great. Pulsar is workable in most respects though generally you'll almost kill people then die during a reload.

    Past that it's a bit of a graveyard. The rest are just NS-11A reskins and even that gun is pretty bad
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  6. WildCatNL

    Apologies for saying this, but we have got plenty of Assault Rifle variants for VS and depending on your play style and your aim there should be a variant to fit your play style if there isn't one and you keep finding the weapons from other factions better suiting your needs, you simply picked the wrong faction to fight for.
  7. NDroid

    It's true that the VS AR selection isn't great, but right now I would recommend the Terminus as it provides a good balance between TTK, accuracy and reload speed. The recoil is a bit high but once you're used to it it's a very nice weapon to use and one that the VS arsenal really needed.
  8. Flying Mug

    I need to consider the Terminus.

    I need to take a minute to ***** about the Corvus. I hate it. This is bizarre to me. The Pulsar C was the first gun I auraxiumed, and it's great. I just unlocked the Flare, and I think it's solid. I am one of the tiny minority of players that have taken the time to use and auraxium the Battle Rifle, and I even like the Battle Rifle. It's my primary gun on my Engineer. Lasher? Fun.

    I endorse every high-damage low ROF Vanu gun available.

    Except the Corvus. I loath the Corvus.
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  9. dezusa

    I use NS-11a and NS-7 PDW on my medic, and it was great.
    currently gaining kills with my terminus,
    the only problem with it is its bad after-shot audio where it sounds squeaky (and its still quite audible at medium sized battles)
    its random horizontal sway also affects my accuracy while ADSing, eitherway it was really worth ditching my HV45 for it.

    Might try the CME though, used it once on the VR and its very low recoil seemed ideal for me
  10. vanu123

    HV45 and the Corvus are our best two weapons IMO. Our other weapons are just meh at best.
  11. lNeBl

    This is so strange :p I find the Corvus to be the absolute easiest weapon to accurately headshot people at a distance with. If is far more controllable than the Flare or Pulsar C. I can consistantly get multiple headshots from crazy distances with that thing. One thing I found strange though was that using the iron sights made it way easier to control than the 1x or 2x or any scopes. With that the first 8 or so shots literally just go straight, like you are using some recoil cheat :p
  12. Epic High Five

    The Terminus is pretty much the hands-down #1 choice for VS medic now. Just unlocked it on my Connery VS and it's great. Pulsar -> Terminus is the way to go
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  13. Xrkr

    As others above me have said, the Terminus is damn good. For me, it's not just "1k-certs" good, it's "700-station-cash" good.
  14. Goden

    For the price the Corvus is really nice. It was my second Auraxium medal and I still use it once and awhile. If your good at hitting heads then it rewards well with its stronger shots.
  15. wuffar

    Corvus is amazing, if used correctly.
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  16. SharkSpider

    As a VS Medic you really only need to think about two weapons, the Terminus and the HV45.

    The HV45 is a clear pick for CQC because it's got 0.75 ADS speed and 800 RPM. The fast damage dropoff makes it specialized but with a 1x and forward grip it's a very potent weapon even out to 30+ meters, simply because it does a lot of damage very quickly. Sure, it's a dowgrade to the TAR, but not by much. Don't bothing comparing this one to the TRV, because (perhaps unintuitively) the TRV suffers a pretty big weak zone in the 10-20 meter region. The hipfire's not cometitive there and the slow ADS speed makes it tough to fight someone using an 0.75 ADS weapon.

    The real king of the arsenal, though, is the Terminus. It trades a little bit of damage and the 0.75 ADS speed from the HV45 for a better profile (only one damage tier dropoff), easier recoil, and much quicker reload. It doesn't sound super good on paper, but the reality is that the damage trade is very minimal and it's also the fastest TTK in the VS arsenal once the damage dropoff kicks in, something that other carbines and ARs tend not to have (CQC ARs and all carbines drop two tiers, while CQC carbines drop three). Combined with the lightning fast quick recoil, this gun gives you the ability to kill people quickly at every range. In the 3000+ kills I've gotten with this gun since release I've used it for everything. Hipfiring people within hugging distance and using that lightning reload to be ready for the next engagement quickly, quickscoping myself some solid 1v1 wins against all sorts of classes, HA included, all the way to clientsiding people at 80 meters without needing to burst fire. As far as learning curves go this gun is one of the hardest (if you don't get enough headshots to down someone in your first 10-15 bullets the gun becomes useless until you let it steady itself), but it's extremely rewarding and easily one of the best guns in the game.

    For the other guns, don't bother. The Corvus is kind of fun but it's basically junk now. The Terminus kills faster at almost any range, and the Corvus' range of effectiveness is so limited that I'd only recommend it for people with certs to blow on guns they'll never use, or for someone wanting to complete the AR auraxiums. The Pulsar has everything going for it except RPM, and the lack of some other defining feature makes it an okay all rounder but ultimately outclassed by the Terminus. Same story with the CME. The NS11 is always an interesting gun (it trades damage for literally every other desirable quality), but when you're a medic you really want something that drops people faster. Finally, don't even think about SMGs. For every SMG there's an assault rifle that's a straight upgrade.
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  17. CJ2DaRescue2

    I'm interested how the TAR is a better weapon than the HV-45. On paper they look almost identical. The TAR gets 10 more mag but the HV45 gets semi faster reloads and better vertical recoil. I don't have any experience with either. I'm genuinely interested in how it is better. Thanks
  18. CJ2DaRescue2

    That's because it has the lowest recoil and ADS accuracy by a mile.
  19. Loeffel

    Just another forumside QQ-post... I play both NC and VS medic main and all weapons are a good situational choice. What I understand is that not all VS weapons are as easymode as most other VS weapons are. Just learn to use your gear and I promise youll love it!
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  20. Plunutsud pls

    I wouldn't use any other VS assault rifle except the H-V45.

    It has the dps to compete and is pretty deadly out to 50m with a grip, soft point ammo and 3.4 scope. Plus 0.75 move speed and good accuracy for close range.

    The Terminus is ok but it's drawn back by slower move speed than the H-V45 - that will get you killed a lot because ADAD is key to survival. The Terminus also emits the most annoying sound in the game.

    Keep in mind that TR can all get a free 845 rpm assault rifle with a 40 round mag from the quiz, so yeah VS need to compete with that and a lot more.