VS MAXs and shiny high heels.

Discussion in 'MAX' started by MaxDamage, May 26, 2013.

  1. MaxDamage

    I love playing in MAXs.
    So here is another reason you will never see me on a Vanu character:

  2. Fumblewatt

    Thou are jealous of our metro-sexual crabman aspect, i c
  3. Naithe

    The Vanu are a race of Hermaphrodites, and the VS are just trying to copy that!
  4. Jkar

    Nothing wrong with having options I say.
  5. MarthKoopa

    As if there is anything for the Vanu that doesn't look like a complete joke.

    If I weren't such an ardent VS player of 10 years, I would have joined the NC.
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  6. GImofoJoe

    That is some huge *** stripper heels! :eek:
  7. Calisai

    Gotta admire those shapely thighs as well. ;)

    Guess some people are just more secure in themselves... I play VS because of my outfit. A little spandex, shapely booty, and stripper heals won't deter me from playing with a great kick-*** outfit.
  8. DeltaGun

    I will always wonder why T-Ray gave our MAXes "stripper heels".
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  9. MaxDamage

    I think the idea was to make them look more otherworldly, like demon feet or something.

    I am a secure heterosexual male.
    Which is precisely why I am not interested in looking like a cross-dresser.
    For those that are, or enjoy that, good for them.
    It is someone who is insecure in their sexuality that compromises to suit others.
  10. MartianDiscoFish

    These high heels were originally designed for Max jumpjets from in PS1
    Kind of like how there are hooks on TR max for lockdown (even though they're not used)
  11. Cryptek

    Because running in heels is apparently easier than in boots, especially when you're glowing hot pink ;P

    Now if you dare insult the VS design again I'm afraid I'll have to give you with the:

    So yeah!..
  12. MaxDamage

    I have a skinhead cut, I stopped fearing blow dryers a long time ago.
  13. Separatists

    the shoes give them the speed boost. Stats>Looks =O
  14. Nyscha

    Because its to balance out the weight of the MAX.

    Imagine how clumsy the VS max would be without its weird legs?
  15. MrForz

    So we've got a homemade conversion of a large industrial worker suit, a war adapted one, and... a metrosexual version. >_>
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  16. ih8Darian

    Eh, at least we don't have the Commissioner hat.
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  17. Jkar

    Just wait until VS get their faction hat, it'll probably look something like this:


    Of course we'd also get matching armor later on:

  18. ih8Darian

    I would spend 3000 SC on that for the lulz
  19. MaxDamage