"VS MAX has the biggest range"

Discussion in 'MAX' started by patrykK1028, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. RyanGUK

    You're arguing against VS's AI effectiveness at range by quoting how one of NCs AV weapons has a longer range.

    That is pure comedic gold. Try checking the range of NC AI weapons against VS's AI weapons and then, only then, may you have a cookie.
  2. DatVanuMan

    Wrel has suggested that idea in a video regarding the new "BALANCED" ZOE, and I totally support that idea:D
    Damage is very negligible on VS weaponry, and ZOE is VERY ineffective now. But a 100% bonus in accuracy might make it the perfect long range ability, which is what the VS are all about.
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  3. DatVanuMan

    BUT, BUT, BUT... DAD! Those shotguns can have slugs which barely ever get near the target! INSTA NERF, 420MLGPRO.
  4. RyanGUK

    NO BUTS SON, you've got a science project that Grandpa Vanu needs help with tomorrow!
  5. DatVanuMan

    Oh, you mean the science project he turned over regarding a good VS pistol? Yeah, he turned it over:(
  6. RyanGUK

    Must've been watching The Lazer Collection too much.

  7. \m/SLAYER\m/

    Quasar VM1 is Anti-Infantry
    NCM2 Falcon is Anti-Vehicle
    Just yesterday i saw VS MAX raging at hilltop, it was an Esamir base, and bunch of infantry was suppressed, he did a lot of kills, and it was about 30 meter range - NC MAX cant do it, you can try with Falcons, but you need to land 2 of them + reloading, you can't suppress infantry as VS and TR does.
  8. Noppa

    Falcons are great when you learn how to use em, it takes a bit time and a lot of skills, but yeah 100m+ aint the range they are best, more like 5m to 50m!

    MattiAce is a bad example when comparing infantry gameplay, he is kinda good pilot but as infantry only average and sits on longer range most of the times!


    So yeah there is the Falcon stats for you, ain't that hard to get over 10kills / hour if you know what you are doing!

    And yeah i had ranking of S or U(Dasanfall ranking system) with everything before i started to use em outside of Biolab for longer ranges so.. they are pretty damn good if you got the skills to use em!

    About the VS / TR Range, yes as AI weapons they have the biggest range of 50m with Blueshift / Mercys and NC has Range of around 15 to 18m with Mattocks!

    Every factions first gen AV weapons perform good at range on AI duty, Pounders being the easiest to use!
  9. Xocolatl

    My best AI weapon---my Aegis Shield.

    Walks out, hold up shield--let 3 HA and LA behind me fire with impunity.

    As an Engy, we have always asked for a deployable shield. Now I'M the mobile shield. Sweet stuff. Just gotta get more people to stand behind me.
  10. ShadowyN

    So what happens when somebody throws an EMP grenade? Or just any kind of grenade, really? :)
  11. Runegrace

    The bloom per shot is also offset by the fact that the Mercy has a higher RPM. If my 2 am math is correct they actually bloom at almost the exact same rate, but the Blueshift has better starting accuracy.
  12. AISkander

    We all know that the most powerfull max in CQB is the NC

    Don't nerf the other one on the long range please...