VS MAX ability should be MAX sprint

Discussion in 'MAX' started by SuperXtream500, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. SuperXtream500

    Since nobody on the VS use their actual ability which is the ZOE MAX (Except for a handful of players I've seen)
    they should get the MAX charge as their actual ability. After all it matches their MBT ability which is a quick boost getaway from danger, ZOE just didn't seem to mirror that at all, but the MAX charge really does.
  2. LordKrelas

    Wasn't Max charge removed for a reason?
  3. asmodraxus

    What it should do is instantly respawn the player at the nearest spawn point with the nanites cost for the max removed, oh wait it almost does that by providing a nice shiny target WITH NO F'ING UPSIDES (well 1 less bullet to kill within 10m on a unit with 2 guns, otherwise its more and slightly faster movement speed, still slower then running infantry) but a serious downside of 20% less health.
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  4. Crow T Robot

    Remove the increased damage received effect, because no one in their right mind would ever use an ability that makes them die 20% faster and there is nothing balanced that would make it a worthwhile tradeoff, and just give ZOE MAXes the same movement speed as infantry for a short duration increased with rank. At least it has some utility and isn't literally suicidal to pick nor blatantly OP.
  5. Mantridd

    for the same reason factional weapons was made similar - noobs was uncomfortable.
    and it applies to all updates after daybreak got the game, they are just like EA, doing everything to destroy a good game.
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  6. Ziggurat8

    Zealot Overdrive Engine.

    I've always felt the damage should scale with the damage taken. It's a mechanic you find in lots of other games. The more damage you take the more deadly you become.

    Leave everything else the same but scale the damage bonus. At 100% HP you get +5% damage. Every 10% health lost you gain 5% more damage up to 50% more damage. The glowing effect starts out a lot more subtle and becomes brighter the more damage you take. Also there could be an audible effect that increases in loudness the lower your health becomes.

    I dunno. Maybe it still sucks. Would have to tweak the damage but that's the idea. The closer to death you are the deadlier you become.
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  7. Pondera

    Now, this might be an unpopular opinion, but I tried out ZOE the other night and I....

    I kinda like it :) I can dodge tank shells with this thing! And it makes my guns light up in different colors, doing increased amounts of damage. With Twin Vortexes firing as fast as possible, I can tear a sunderer to shreds by myself.

    I call it Disco Death Mode.
  8. InexoraVC

    It has been much better 6 years ago. With ZOE Max I could attack Lightning tanks in close combat with very high chances to win. But ZOE is nerfed much. Now it is more weapon of deterrence and fun.
  9. TR5L4Y3R

    mbt and maxes have different roles though .. i mean it´s in the name "Main Battle Tank" ... a battle tank is supposed to be on the frontline when it comes to vehiclecombat ... in case of the magrider it isn´t just to get out of combat but rather to dodge fire ..
    the max is not nesseccarily a frontline unit .. at least it´s not one that can easily survive on its own ...
    it needs primarily suport from engineers keeping it alive .. it´s a squadbased forcemultiplyer .. and putting something like maxcharge on it is imo entirely against what the max should be ... worse a max that is under fire and bails leaves the squad that suported it alone to die ... not very teamplay oriented ...

    some people have this wierd idea that the max should be a oneman juggernaut that stomps over puny infantrymen but it´s rather more a bulletsponge at least when it comes to small arms fire that diverts enemy fire from the supporting infantry while offering firesupport itself .. ...

    when it comes to ablities the max should gain such that not just help itself but the squad it´s part of ..
    sooo i´m rather against ZOE becoming just a simple charge ... or the max just getting a general "screw you guys i´m going home" button ...

    imo ZOE kinda makes sense as a last ditch effort option
    it might be more intresting that while it does harm yourself more while using it that it could boost your stats the more damaged the max is ..
  10. TR5L4Y3R

    none of what you say makes any sense whatsoever ..
  11. nagibator

    vs max ability should be jet as ps1.
  12. Liewec123

    Because it actually allowed maxes to breach rooms as they're supposed too,
    without getting blown up by rockets and c4 2 seconds later.
    (You could breach the room, kill a few guys and then charge back out before they melt you.)

    Clearly that had to change! Can't have a 450 cost unit actually fulfilling it's role!

    I'd say we just scrap the useless emergency repair junk and bring charge back, for all.

    And rework ZoE into something other than a suicide button.
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  13. nagibator

    zealot need rework. off duration, increase damage 8%+3%Xskill lvl and more speed when run mode
  14. BARBAK

    they should be able to fly for 5sec :)

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