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  1. Johari

    Faction: VS
    Server: Mattherson
    Tag: [HAYA]

    The Tale

    Hayabusa first found it’s grounding in Planetside circa 2004. Shortly before Hayabusa was created a few of its core members were part of the outfit Yakuza Vanu. Our specialties in Planetside came in the form of CC, Gen and staircase holds. We were also very adept at taking towers by using phantasm drops as our primary method of choice. The outfit played Planetside pretty heavily up until 2006.

    In 2007 Hayabusa reemerged in the realms of Azeroth. The outfit’s (guild) purpose was to develop skilled PvP players so that we could dominate in BGs. Unfortunately guild grouping for BGs did not yet exist and after a year or so of getting thumped by Horde except in AV the guild decided to re-roll as horde. Again the outfit suffered a bit from this decision with some members moving to WAR:Online while others chose to remain playing their Alliance toons. (Yakuza for a short time reared its head in WAR: Online)

    2008-10 Had a recursion of players as free time from SOE came up and members were willing to come back spurred on by rumors of a Planetside sequel. Fun times were had as outfitmates who haven't seen each other in a long time reminisced about the good ol days while killing elmos and smurfs.

    Finally in 2010 a new challenge was issued to our members to come wage war in Global Agenda. It was during this time that the outfit saw its greatest successes. With the help and drive of a new skilled player base Hayabusa managed to level all opposition and globally colonize the entire Alliance vs Alliance map Sovereign in season 1. This took months of dedication and after the final triumph the outfit needed a break…

    Fast track to late 2011, the outfit has once again reformed into a small group (10-15) casually PvPing in Star War: The Old Republic.

    Come 2012 and we have reformed in Planetside 2 ready for action looking for those who want something more than individual play or zergfits.

    The Way
    Anywhere from single squad battles to platoon action. Being the fast movers and specialists who can take points and accomplish goals that the empire needs that the zerg might take too long or never accomplish.

    The Who
    Anyone from casual to the hardest of hardcore who want to fight together in a tightknit community that has had years of experience fighting together and accomplishing goals.

    The Offerings
    Dedicated forums and Mumble server.
    Understanding of past Planetside tactics and newly formed PS2 tactics.
    Caring leadership that understands prior commitments.
    Maternity leave.

    The Expectations
    No specific age requirement. Just maturity and knowing when to calm down.
    Mumble is a requirement. Mic is optional but HIGHLY recommended.
    A formal application is requirement for any advancement past recruit.

    The Joining
    Either drop an application off at our website, let us know here on the forums, send a PM to Johari, or ingame at "VDX" if you're interested. We'll pick you up ingame to see how you mix with us and if everything goes well we will send you that outfit invite.

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  2. Johari

    Had to remake since thread title was out of date.

    Other list of officers to contact include: Ralek, Timealude, and Nexium.
  3. Johari

    And have a happy Thanksgiving.
  4. Johari

    Congratz and welcome to our newest recruits. One returning player from old and a totally new face.
  5. Johari

    Welcome to our 5 newest recruits.

    Raiste, CaptainKosher, Ganso, Cerin, and Shawnaroo.

    Great to have you on and we welcome any others to apply.
  6. Ralek

    We regulary have a platoon squad open to non-outift members. If you like to check us out before hand look at the squad listing page for HAYABUSA.
  7. MetalHead734

    Hey guys, if you ever wanna team up with another clan so we can do some Ops together and lock down some maps look us up Razor Gaming www.rzrgaming.net were always looking for allies to work with
  8. Johari

    Thank you for the offer MetalHead. We'll be in contact.

    We welcome back returning member MechaSmurf and our brand new recruits Starving, Bruta1, and Cavedog90. Keep an eye open for the open HAYABUSA squad if you'd like to see how we operate or drop us a tell in game or on the forums.
  9. Johari

    We welcome AluminiumZeppelin to our ranks. Glad you had such a great time tonight.

    Anyone looking for an organized group of guys to run around with while having a great time be sure to inquire. We're up to running two fulls squads a night. All on comms and all kicking ***.
  10. Johari

    First page here I come. Really wanting a server/region specific subforum so outfits looking for members don't get buried after 30 minutes.

    Every day sees all the outfits getting larger and more organized and we're no different. Being in an outfit is what makes Planetside truly an epic experience so we welcome everyone to apply.
  11. Johari

    It's prime time, servers are maxed, and fights are breaking out everywhere. Join HAYABUSA and make a difference.
  12. Johari

    Get out of here page 5, we want front page coverage.
  13. Johari

    To the top! Always active and always rocking.
  14. Johari

    Why settle for anything less the the purplest-purple dudes around?
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  15. Johari

    Air raid complete. Thanks for the show guys.
  16. Johari

    We welcome JorgitisPR to the ranks of HAYABUSA.
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  17. Johari

    We welcome back scrubversive back to HAYABUSA. We are proud to have so many former players searching for us and coming back into our ranks. Join today and keep the skies clear of the unclean.
  18. Johari

    We welcome back Mindspam into HAYABUSA and new recruit Porktornado into our ranks. Looks for our squads in the listing and give us a contact if you're interested.
  19. Johari

    We welcome SneezeAttack into the ranks of the HAYABUSA.

    Come join a team with a history rich in fun and success. Plus we're just all around awesome dudes.
    HAYABUSA - Tastes like purple, if purple was a candy.
  20. Johari

    We welcome BlueBawlz into the ranks of the HAYABUSA.

    Slowly but surely we are growing into a new game that offers so much room to expand, grow, and mature.

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