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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Melicalol, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Melicalol

    New to game clueless about how to play Light Assault, basically get my *** kicked back and forth, Have starter pack.

    With a heavy assault I can go like 5-1 K/D

    Light assault 1-3

    Any tips on how to play them, weapons etc. Please help out and post !
  2. VKhaun

    The light assault is pretty straightforward. You get a jetpack and not much else lol...

    You need to use it to reach an elevated position and shoot down on people with a carbine, or use it to fly to an area they're not expecting attacks from like onto a balcony, over a rock they think of as a barrier, or in through a window and shoot people in the back. You are right there with the squishiest of them and you're playing at the closest of ranges. If you're having fights, you're doing it wrong. You should just be assassinating and blitzing people. If you can't make use of your jetpack in the current situation, you're better of playing another class for a bit until you see an opportunity to use a jetpack.
  3. Sobieski14

    Ignore this fool, the NC are well known for their suicide tactics.

    The role of the "Light Assault" is to approach the enemy from different angles.
    * Tho this might sound not much, it can be game changing.

    For example there is a small outpost buildings with two doors and a couple windows.
    * The enemy will more than likely guard those doors.
    - Flank the enemy going from the rooftop, or the windows.

    Use the jetpack to the best you can.
    * Outsmart your enemy and it will really pay off.
    * I'd say its probably the best lone wolf class out there.
  4. Lavalampe

    Fly on rooftops and aim down sight. Play a bit sneaky and shoot the hell yout of enemies with short blasts.
  5. VKhaun

    Yes, ignore my post and follow the advice of the guy who repeated it in different words.
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  6. Sobieski14

    Did you actually take what I said seriously?
  7. Corruptlol

    Buy a VX6-7 and life is good, carbine in the game
  8. Ack0n

    They are both correct, especially the NC guy. 3 words.

    GUERRILLA WARFARE is their style

    dont get it? Think of those war movies. Where you see a convoy or platoon of soldiers going thru a ravine and all of sudden 100 of men appear above from each side and they rain bullets/rpgs down at their enemy. Or like vietnam war movies, us convey on the road and all of sudden VC pop out of the trees and gun them all down.

    Even during the times when you don't have great high ground, you should be fighting guerrilla warfare type style. Your not going to survive against a HA 1v1 at close range, especially standing still. Best to take quick shots and hide (like counter strike) over and over. If the heavy decides to take it CQB, then you could try and take advantage of your jet jack, and jump above and go for a death from above style.

    Also if your a squad leader, you can place your squad beacon on hard to reach places.
  9. Spiffmeister

    That's 2 words.
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  10. Ack0n

    Yea... i first started writing about "Death from Above" then decide to change it as i went on. And since my examples were about guerrilla warfare i decided to change it. Forgot i wrote that part. its tooo early.
  11. MatthiasK

    Another use of the light assault: get to the top of some higher building and start sniping people. It's doable with the ironsights, but I recommend a 4X scope (I use the CSZ).
    Remember: The B key is your friend. You use it to switch to semi-automatic fire, because you'll be running out of ammunition very fast if you decide to "snipe" on full auto.
  12. SenorPancake

    As everyone says, its a really good class to flank with.

    Experiment with flanking routes. You can climb buildings - find ledges to stand on as you go up. You can approach from directions no one else can, and can escape in directions no one else can follow. This works especially well when assaulting tech plants: you can climb the tech plant and assault through the roof, past their shields.
  13. Imperialus

    I am kinda leaning towards the select fire solstace. It has a lot more versatility in it's underbarrel attachments, you could put a UB grenade launcher or smoke launcher or even a shotgun on it to free up more space for suit attachments. It can also flip between automatic, single shot and burst fire to make things more versatile for sniping.
  14. Dixa

    i have the vx6 on my engineer.

    i don't think the little bars on the description are accurate nor the spreadsheet info on the gun. apparantly it was changed near the end of beta.

    the vx has horrible, horrible ads spread. even burst firing it the spread becomes unmanageable quickly, meaning it can take you a full clip to down anyone.

    the pulsar c has tighter grouping, and the base pulsar/soltice tighter still.

    have not played around with the weapons with underbarrel options yet.
  15. derito

    I don't think there's all that much to tell about LA. As I see it, it's a class about tricking your opponents. We can give you a few basic recipes for you to start with, but the thing you need the most is a mindset you can only acquire through trial, error and self-criticism.
  16. Babylon Rocker

    postet this in another thread but hey....

  17. Chocobo

    Get a VX6-7 and cert it with advanced laser sight (200 certs), soft point ammunition (100 certs), and a reflex scope (30 certs). Use this when you are fighting in interiors/close quarters. It will outgun just about anything in close-med range (only outgunned by solid shotgun hits).

    Get a Pulsar Compact and cert it with an advanced forward grip (200 certs), high velocity ammunition (100 certs), a compensator (100 certs), and a 2x reflex scope (30 certs). Use this when you are doing anything outside of close quarters. It will outgun just about anything in medium range engagements.

    I played TR in the beta, mostly light assault, and until I got both of these carbines certed I felt like I had made a mistake in rolling Vanu. Now I absolutely prefer the Vanu weaponry, but they're cert dependant.
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  18. Albatross039

    May i ask what carbine and scope were used in the video ? :)
  19. CombatWeevil

    Tips for Light assault:

    1) If you ever got in a front door. You're playing the class wrong. You will get most of your kills by both shooting down on the enemy and sneaking in behind enemy squads or sunderers. Massive points can be racked up by picking off enemies as they spawn at a sundy provided you can get in unnoticed.

    2) Grenades are your friend. Fly up to aircraft pads, toss a grenade in a doorway or window and then move to a new location. A grenade gets enemies moving (The smart ones) and kills the slow ones. It's also a big indicator that **** has gone down, and they'll likely start looking for you. Don't stick around to let them find you.

    3) C4 is totally worth saving for, but if you're going to go for it. It's a decision to play light assault as your main. Flanking and dropping a couple bricks to waste an MBT is such a satisfying feeling. If you're in a small squad holding a tower your quick dispatch of enemy armor could mean the difference between losing that tower or holding it. Especially since it frees your HA players to focus on enemy sunderers rolling in.

    4) Do your best not to hipfire, a laser sigh will help you out but ADS is really the way to fire.
  20. Wallonthefloor

    learn how to flank. one time I was in battle with a heavy and noticed I was loosing so I ran around a tree out of sight and flew into the branches. he circled the tree about 3 times as i syringed myself and my shields recharged then I jumped down and ****** him up.

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